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A Detailed Review of the Best Secret Video Recorder (2022)


Monitoring one's screen activity might sound terrifying and creepy to some, but it could be a precautionary measure when you care for someone's safety. If you are a guardian, you would want to do all the possible ways to protect your child from whatever can hinder their growth holistically. Especially in this time when they are the most vulnerable and exposed to the growing influence of the media. By tracking the performed activities on their devices, you can know the inappropriate contents that may mislead them. But is there any way you can do it? Of course, there is, thanks to the invention of the secret screen recorder. That's why you must stay tuned with us for a little while. In this guidepost, we will reveal the highly reliable tools that can help you track a computer and a phone screen.

Screen Grabber Premium
AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium

Record computer screen with audio in high quality.

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Screen Grabber Premium

Outstanding Feature: This program can record your screen activity without time restrictions.
Pricing Plan: Freemium service includes basic editing tools. But, if you want to take all the recording features, it only costs $29.95, suitable for two devices.

Screen Grabber Premium is your uttermost solution for recording a computer screen in the background. Aside from the various recording areas you can choose from, it allows you to capture even the system sound and microphone on your device. Plus, this program lets you record in 720P, 1080P, and 4K resolution. But what we like about this tool is its task scheduler feature. If you are away from home and there’s no way you can monitor your child’s screen activities, the tool got your back. You only need to input your target recording date on the program, and the tool will automatically perform the task. See the guide below on how to pull off this activity using the best background video recorder.

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Step 1 Launch the Program

Begin by locating the program file on your device. Click the download buttons above, run the program and follow the installation process accordingly. When the program launches on your screen, hit the “Task Schedule” button to put your recording task in the queue.

screen grabber premium interface

Step 2 Specify Recording Requirements

Once the Task Schedule window appears, it’s time to input your schedule. On the Start Time panel, tick the exact day of the recording and the specific time on the day. If you know your child's estimated hours of screen time, you can set the recording length. Or, you can specify the “Stop Time.” Once done, hit the “OK” button to schedule your task.

record in secret with screen grabber premium

Step 3 Watch the Recording

Once you’re done lining up our recording schedule, trust that the tool will automatically do the job without your manual supervision. To check on the recorded file, you only need to go to the “ Recording History” panel of the program. Your files are arranged from the current project, and you only need to double-click on the file to play.

play screen recording with screen grabber premium

Hidden Secret Recorder

Outstanding Feature: The program can capture microphone sound to track your child’s verbal responses.
Pricing Plan: The program is free, but you may occasionally have to deal with pop-up ads.

Hidden Screen Recorder, as your secret video recording app is a great program to track which social media platforms, game, and more. Henceforth, it will be easier for you to find out which thing your child is getting addicted to. This program has more than 1 million downloads on Google Play, which is a good number for proving its usefulness. Before you can give the device to your child, you can set recording parameters first on this program. It can record without a time limit of 60fps and 1080P quality. Once you find out the inappropriate sites or applications for your child, the tool's next feature is Lock App. Your child cannot open the program unless they ask your permission first.

hidden screen recorder interface


Outstanding Feature: It has a browsing monitoring feature where you can access the recent searches of your child on their browsers.
Pricing Plan: It costs $34.99, and you can track one Android device.

One of the famous parental control applications today is TheOneSpy. Since the younger generations spend the most time on their phones, this program helps you to monitor what goes in and out of your child’s screen. It lets you track text and voice conversations on Viber, WhatsApp, Instragram, and Facebook. You can remotely block messages and calls of a stranger whom you find leading inappropriate discourse with your child. Moreover, you can monitor the phone details of children, such as the GPS, Battery, and memory status of your child’s phone. If you find anything suspicious on your child's screen, you can use the tool to block sites and program or, set a screen time limit.

blurspy secret screen recorder

Spy Monitor Screen Recorder

Outstanding Feature: It has a task scheduler feature that allows you to record at a predefined date.
Pricing Plan: The program is free to use.

Spy Monitoring Screen Recorder is another tool you can use to record your child's PC screen. Compared with other programs that rely heavily on a scheduled recording, this software plays the game differently. This secret screen recorder iPhone can start capturing right at the moment the user logs in on their device. What's more, your child will not notice the recording progress since there will be no control bars or notifications that will pop-up on their screen. As for the output formats, you can save your file in WMA or AVI, which is protected by the password you set. With that, you are the only person with complete access to watch the recordings.

spy monitoring screen recorder interface

SP Camera

Outstanding Feature: It offers a motion detector sensor where the tools automatically capture the screen if the users maneuver the device.
Pricing Plan: The app costs $9.99-one-time payment.

SP camera is an intuitive phone application that lets you "capture without notice." It's easy for your child to turn off the recording when he sees the buttons on the screen. But with this iOS-compatible tool, you can leave your agenda undiscovered by using static or moving backgrounds, clocks, webpages, and slideshows. Moreover, the program has a built-in gallery without letting the files appear on your general album. And if you accidentally deleted a recording that you have not yet watched, worry not. SP Camera keeps your files in te trash folder for seven days before it completely disappears from your storage.

sp camera interface

KidsGuard Pro

Outstanding Feature: It allows you to view incognito history to view the browsing history, sites, and other information visited privately by your child.
Pricing Plan: The app costs $9.99-one-time payment.

KidsGuard Pro is an application that is best for parents who need to constantly check on the call history of their children. Moreover they can monitor what's going on with their social media accounts without the need to root their Android phones. With these outstanding feature, you will never remain clueless whether your child is in potential harm to strangers. Moreover, you can set sensitive keywords that children may often hear whenever they watch videos online. Once the program detects inappropriate language and content on TikTok and YouTube, you will get a notification alert.

kidsguard pro interface

TapeACall Pro

Outstanding Feature: You can upload your files directly on cloud computing storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Evernote.
Pricing Plan: It also contains in-app purchases. But the price starts at $10.99.

TapeACall Pro is a secret video recording app trusted by more than 30- countries like the US, Italy, and Hong kong. This tool also allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls without fees. Checking on our kids is utterly essential. Because as much as we want to be with our children to protect them from the people they interact with, we can't be their tails all the time. Once done recording the calls, you can send your files to e-mail with a format of MP3. On other hand hand, you can install the program on your child's phone and do the monitoring on your computer.

tapeacall secret video recorder


Outstanding Feature: It lets you track your kid's social media usage and activities like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.
Pricing Plan: The program costs $49.95 per month.

MoniVisor is a professional hidden screen recorder for your Windows device. Not only suitable for tracking your children's PC, but is also helpful for remotely inspecting the monitors of your employees. With the tool, you can read your employees' sent and received e-mails from different platforms like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo. Moreover, the program can take a screenshot of the computer screen at the set time interval. Lastly, the program can also record the log-in and log-off time activity on their device.

monivisor interface

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder

Outstanding Feature: A diverse program that lets you save your recordings in formats like MP4, FLV, AVI, and more.
Pricing Plan: It costs $59.00

AnyMP4 Screen Recorder by Blu-ray Master lets you capture your child's PC anywhere between 480p and 1080P resolution. It can also take audio sources such as the system sound and microphone. In this feature, you can track your child's discourses and even the unwanted words they hear from the things they watch or subscribe to. Moreover, this tool can help you with recording screens at a schedule, so you will not have to be beside your child 24/7 while using their device. However, you need to grab the premium version of the tool to avoid the three-minute time recording limit. To learn more about recording your child's PC screen ahead of time, click the guide here.

anymp4 screen recorder interface


Outstanding Feature: This program lets you scan your child's internet browsing history.
Pricing Plan: One-year plan costs $128.00 with technical support.

Onemonitar is a popular parental control application in India. The program lets you record WhatsApp call and view chat the history of the one you are monitorinh. Aside from whatsApp, it also supports Tinder, Instagram, Facebook, and other more messaging apps. On the other hand, Onemonitar can also record video secretly on Android without getting caught. Moreover, the program can show off your child's contacts and block any suspicious connections. But what is commendable about this tool is the GPS tracker. With this advanced technology, you won't have to worry about the whereabouts of your loved ones. Things get more convenient for a parent to know whether their child is at the right place or attending the class regularly.

onemonitar interface

Comparison Chart of the Secret Video Recorders

Hidden Screen Recorders Task Scheduler Installation Size System Compatibility
Screen Grabber Premium Yes, you can set a specific time and day of the recording for screen monitoring. 61.53MB Windows and Mac
Hidden Screen Recorder Not available. You need to run the program first before letting your child use the phone. 10MB Android devices only
TheOneSpy Not available. You need to synchronize everything on the monitoring app first. 28.94MB Android devices only
Spy Monitoring Screen Recorder Yes, this tool supports the feature. 5.1MB For Windows only
SP Camera Not available. The feature is not supported by the program. 32.7MB For iPhone and iPad
KidsGuard Pro Yes, this tool supports the feature. 14MB For iPhone and Android
TapeACall Pro Not available. The feature is not supported by the program. 338.6MB For iPhone only
MoniVisor Yes. The program supports automatic recording at a predefined time or upon opening the device. 31MB For Windows only
AnyMP4 Screen Recorder Yes, this tool supports the feature. 2.06MB Windows and Mac
Onemonitar Yes, this tool supports the feature 35.3MB For Android only

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Will somebody know that I track his device?
Knowing whether someone is spying on your phone is subtle when you are using an offline screen recorder. Usually, these programs has an automatic screen recording feature without notifying someone's screen.
2. Can I also record one's voice while recording their screen secretly?
Absolutely, yes! Recording someone's screen using a screen recorder requires you to specify first the needed information, like the date and time when the program will start to record. Along with that, you can also turn on the microphone recording to capture the voice of the one you are monitoring.
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Record computer screen with audio in high quality.
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