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How to Register iPhone Screen Recorder

AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder is a perfect tool for iOS users to completely mirror and record your iPhone using your computer or Mac. This is one of the few iOS mirroring applications that lets you record your iOS device’s screen activity and the audio coming from it. This is a very advantageous tool because it lets you mirror your screen in your computer wirelessly. You just have to simply connect both devices to the same wifi connection.

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Register AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder on Windows

In case you developed an interest in trying out these features, you can get and register the tool in your Windows OS by following these steps.

Step 1 Download the program

First of all, you can download the program from the official AceThinker website at by clicking on the download button, which automatically chooses the right version for you, whether you use Mac or Windows computer.

Step 2 Open the interface and click on Login & Sign up

Once you downloaded and installed the iPhone Screen Recorder, you can open the program. When the program's interface opens, a window comes up that tells you that you need to sign in and register the tool. Click on Login & Sign up.


Step 3 Register an AceThinker account

After you clicked on the Login & Sign up button, a new window pops up, asking for your email and password to log into your AceThinker account. At the point, at the bottom of the window, you can click on the Register an account button, which takes you to a new Register window. You can put in your email address and password to create a new account.


Step 4 Enter your verification code

After you entered your registration details and clicked on the Signup button, you will receive a new email to your chosen email address within some minutes, which has a verification code. After you received your verification code via email, copy it and paste it into the Enter Verification Code window in the program, which appeared after you clicked on the Sign up button. Afterward, click on the Next button, so your AceThinker account is verified. Now, you are logged into the iPhone screen-reorder program. However, this was a different step from registering the software with the registration keycode, which will be done at a later step.


Step 5 Go to the My Account window

After you are logged into the program, firstly click on the My Account button on the top right side of the interface (this button looks like a person). Afterward, the My Account window comes up, where secondly, you can click on your username. Thirdly, a drop-down window will appear, where you can click on the Activate button, which will open the Activate window.


Step 6 Activate your software with your keycode

After the Activate window opened, in the last step, put your registration keycode into the field you purchased before, and click on the Confirm button. Now, your iPhone Screen Recorder program will be registered, and you are ready to do some recording with all of its premium features!


Register AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder on Mac

In case you developed an interest in trying out these features, you can get and register the tool in your Mac OS by following these steps.

Step 1 Get the application and do the installation

Before anything else, download a tool to record iPhone and iPad screen, which is the AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder in your computer by visiting After that, start the downloading process by clicking the “Try it Free” button. Once done, you may safely install the tool on your computer. You can also do the installation by simply clicking the download buttons below.

Try It Free

Step 2 Launch and Register

After successfully installing the application on your computer, simply launch the application. After that, locate the account settings in the main interface and click it to begin the registration process.


Step 3 Sign Up an Account

Once you are on the account settings, you may click the sign-up button to create an account. Fill up the information needed. Another option is to use your existing Facebook, Twitter, or Google account.


Step 4 Activate your Account

Once done registering an account, you may activate it by clicking the button beside your account name. Paste your generated code in the code box and click the “confirm” button.


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