How to Fix Messenger Not Sending Messages iPhone

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Fix Messenger App on iPhone

  • Get iOS System Recovery tool by AceThinker and save it on your device.
  • Connect your iPhone device to the computer using a charging wire.
  • Select a recovery method to download firmware to repair your device.
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Facebook Messenger has become an important communication app for many users worldwide. It offers a straightforward way to stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues, allowing users to share text, photos, and videos and even make voice and video calls. One of the main key features of Facebook Messenger is its ease of use. Users can quickly send messages and connect with others in real time with a simple interface. Additionally, Messenger offers a range of features that make it a valuable tool for communication. However, Messenger has its challenges. With the constant usage of this tool as a means of communication, errors are frequently seen with its system. One of the major issues we continue experiencing today is Facebook Messenger not showing messages iPhone. This error is too inconvenient for users who frequently use this app. Fortunately, there are easy fixes and solutions to resolve this problem. We have gathered them in this article to assess and check their effectiveness.

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Why Facebook Messenger Not Showing Messages iPhone

If you are experiencing issues or problems with Facebook Messenger, there are a few potential explanations for why it might not work. Firstly, it could be due to a poor internet connection or a temporary outage on Facebook. In this case, check your internet connection and wait a few minutes before attempting to use the app again. Another possible reason Messenger is not working is a software update that must be installed. Ensure you have the newest patch or version of the app installed on your device; if you still need to, update it as soon as possible. Additionally, clearing the cache and data of the app can sometimes resolve issues with Messenger's functionality. Moreover, system glitches and software issues are common reasons your iPhone Messenger is not giving your new messages. The next part of this article will provide a list of solutions you can use to fix this issue; you can check and read them thoroughly.

why facebook messenger not working

Methods How to Fix Messenger Problems on iPhone

1. Reset Facebook Messenger Efficiently

As stated above, one of the reasons why Messenger on iPhone is not working is due to system glitch within the app. Bugs and glitches can lurk on your Facebook and Messenger app that may cause issues including Facebook feed not updating, message not sending, and more problems that will hinder you from using your social media accounts. Luckily, a simple restart will provide a quick fix on your Messenger app which will eventually remove the problem. This process is a safe procedure on fixing your Messenger as it does not delete any messages, files, and group chats within the app. Top learn how to reset Messenger on iPhone swipe on your screen from the bottom part until you reach the middle screen. There will be a list of background apps running on your system that will show immediately. Search for the Messenger page and swipe up to remove the app on your background apps. You can relaunch the app by clicking its icon and see if your new messages are updating.

reset messenger app

2. Update Your Messenger App

When you constantly use mobile devices, you will always come across updates on your device's applications. This process allows users to improve the app's performance, fix bugs, and give a stable operation. The update aims to provide users with a quality experience that keeps them using the app. For the Messenger app, new features are always implemented, security and privacy are constantly updated, and Facebook developers are trying to minimize the issue that users experience with their usage. These solutions are always implemented via software updates. This process allows Facebook users to get Messenger updates without installing new apps or software. App updates also give proper compatibility on your device, which will follow through with the requirement of your iOS software. So, suppose you fail to update your Messenger app, and you upgrade your iOS version to the new one that Messenger does not support. In that case, errors will most likely happen. To learn how to fix Messenger not sending messages iPhone errors, you must update your app to fix bugs, optimize its performance, or provide better system compatibility. You can always do the update on your App Store, which this store application will offer a suitable Messenger version for your device to prevent further issues.

update messenger app

3. Restart Your Mobile Device

If you're experiencing issues with Messenger on your iPhone, resetting the device may help resolve the problem. This process is favorable for users experiencing errors on their devices, not just the Messenger app. The errors this troubleshooting can fix are iPhone dictation not working properly, iPhone apps crashing, and other system-related issues. This process is also a safe option to fix this error as it does not delete important files on your Messenger app or iPhone. Resetting your device can also optimize the performance of your device, and you can use Messenger faster than usual. To reset your iPhone, simply press and hold the power and home buttons simultaneously until the Apple logo appears. Once the device restarts, open Messenger and see if the issue has been resolved.

reset iphone device

4. Reset Network Settings

Another factor that can affect why your Messenger is not working is due to a poor internet connection. However, suppose you access your internet from another device, and the network is robust. In that case, the issue might be on your iPhone Network settings. The Network settings cover WiFi connections and any wireless connection on your device. Any modifications and changes applied to your network settings will affect the connectivity of your device on WiFi, Cellular Data, Bluetooth, VPN, APN, and more. So, when there are recent changes on your network settings, and you are unaware of what you have changed, the best solution is to set your Network settings to default. Resetting network settings can be a useful solution to various connectivity issues on your device. It can help you troubleshoot WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular data connection problems. By resetting network settings, you can clear out any corrupted or outdated network configurations that may be causing issues with your device's connectivity. You can see the guide below to learn how to fix Messenger not working iPhone by resetting your network configuration.

  • The initial guide on configuring your network settings into its default setup is to unlock your iPhone device. On the home screen page, locate the iPhone Settings and hit its icon to launch the app. Then, the app will provide a list of menus where you can identify each function of your device.
  • Next, scroll on your screen to access the General option. Then, on the new set of menus for General settings, swipe until you reach the Transfer or Reset iPhone. Tap on this function to locate two modes to reset your iPhone.
  • Lastly, hit the Reset option to locate the Reset Network Settings. Tap on it to follow through the prompts to delete changes made on your Network settings. Afterward, your device will restart, and you will need to connect your iPhone to your WiFi network. Access the Messenger app if the error is already fixed.

reset your network

5. Use Third-Party Software

What to do if my Messenger is not working? Suppose you have exhausted the solutions above, and errors still linger on your Messenger. In that case, you can use a third-party tool to fix your device or its apps. AceThinker iOS System Recovery is a reliable system recovery software with two options to improve your iPhone device and its system. Standard Mode is a great method to fix your iPhone without deleting Messenger files such as photos, videos, and messages. Advanced Mode is a more straightforward way. It can improve your iOS device; however, there is a catch. It will wipe out your files on your iPhone and delete them permanently. Therefore, it is necessary to back up your files before using this method. Nevertheless, this process is recommended to fix your iOS device caused by malware intrusion, jailbreaking, or updating to the Beta version. You can check the detailed guide beneath to learn about fixing Facebook Messenger not showing messages iPhone.

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Step 1 Install AceThinker iOS System Recovery

Getting AceThinker iOS System Recovery is the first step to fixing your Messenger app effortlessly. You can tap or select the download button or icon prior to this step to get the file installer easily. You can also access the app's product page on your web browser and directly get the app by ticking the Free Download icon. Afterward, immediately run the file installer on your PC to get the tool.

acethinker ios system recovery

Step 2 Connect Mobile Device

The next step is to connect your iPhone device to your PC. Use your lightning charger to get a stable connection and launch the tool. Let the app analyze your iPhone and hit the Fix option to access your iOS system.

connect iphone device

Step 3 Choose the Mode to Recover Device

Afterward, on the new prompted page on the app, you can select the recovery method for your device. It is recommended to use Standard Mode for this error to preserve the files of your iPhone device. Select the Standard Mode and hit the Confirm option.

choose standard

Step 4 Get Firmware For Your Device

The following stage of the process is to download firmware for your device. You can get it by clicking the download menu beside the file. Then, install it by selecting the Next button below the list of firmware.

download firmware

Step 5 Finalize the Process

The last step in fixing your device to get Messenger properly work with its system is to wait for the indicator to finish by installing the firmware. Please hold until the process reaches 100 percent. Your device will reboot and see if Messenger is working on your newly fixed device.

finalize the process

When fixing your device suddenly removes photos on your Messenger or Photos app, you can always retrieve them immediately. See and read this linkas we unravel the proper process for those solutions.

In Conclusion

Facebook Messenger is essential for anyone looking to stay connected with others. Its ease of use, features, and security make it an invaluable resource for communication in today's digital age. There are several potential reasons why Messenger may need to be fixed, including poor internet connection, software updates, and cache issues. Following the above suggestions, you can resolve any problems and get back to using Messenger normally. When you have additional tips or recommendations not included in this article, you can write them below, and we will assess them immediately.

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