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7 Reliable Cartoon Sites like KissCartoon

kisscartoon alternatives featured imageThanks to cartoons and anime for being around when we are bored and stressed out. There are various sites to watch cartoons, but what are the ones we can browse and stream without paying? KissCartoon is one of the free online Anime streaming sites among dozens of sites that offers loads of Cartoon as well as Anime. You can browse to KissCartoon with any device and browser possible. The website is easy to get used to and has lots of features. If you're an avid cartoon lover, you will be interested in finding out these sites like KissCartoon, where you can stream your favorite anime video for free.

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Top 7 KissCartoon Alternatives You Shouldn't Miss

1. AnimeToon

AnimeToon is likely a legit website, not a scam to watch Cartoons online. This website has already built a solid reputation for its contents. As children mostly watch these materials, the contents are easy to browse for all ages. Millions of users visit AnimeToon; most of them are from the United States and the United Kingdom. Family guys, Gravity fall, Justice League, Tom and Jerry Show, and X-men are the most popular searches in AnimeToon.

animetoon webpage

Key Features

  • This does not look like a fraudulent website, and we suppose it’s legit.
  • Easy to browse as it features Cartoon lists, movie lists, popular series, and all.
  • Option to ask queries with ‘contact information’ if any error occurs.
  • Have millions of online users daily.
  • Users can request for new series if not available in the site

What makes it the best

  • Enrich in materials, includes;
  • Anime,
  • Koran Drama,
  • Manga,
  • Dubbed Anime

  • Every Cartoon is of HD quality and better sound quality too.
  • Legal website to browse contents are it does not host any video files
  • Free to stream

  • A pop-up appears on the screen whenever a page loads with the content
  • Multiple mirror sites to stream
  • Explicit advertisement after being redirected to another website

2. WatchCartoonsOnline

WatchCartoonsOnline is one of the best sites similar to KissCartoon website. You can find loads of Anime, Cartoons, manga, and other content for all age people. The place never disappoints with the video and audio quality.

watchcartoononline webpage

What is it for and the key features

  • Better filter tabs; Newest Episodes, Most View, Most Favourite, Most Rated
  • A great time killer as it has a large library to watch Cartoons online.
  • Multiple mirror sites to stream.

  • WatchCartoonOnline has full episodes of any Cartoon and Anime.
  • Unlimited sources of materials to watch for free
  • Free of cost
  • User-friendly interface

  • Annoying ads while paying videos
  • Some users claim the site injects malware and viruses in your computer

3. Cartoon Crazy

Cartoon Crazy is a competitive website to view Cartoons and Anime. If you have children at your home, they need to be occupied, and nothing keeps them busy other than Cartoons. It can sometimes be flinty to find a good website that relates children's quality, and Cartoon crazy is the site you need to try.

cartoon crazy webpage

What is it for and the key features

  • High-quality Cartoons and Anime
  • Offers first 25000 Cartoon episodes for free
  • A simple and interactive website to watch favorite contents
  • Built-in the video player

  • It can be added to Kodi with the ad-on.
  • Clean and interactive website similar to KissCartoon
  • CartoonCrazy Provides free service.
  • Features popular yet high rated Cartoon shows

  • CartoonCrazy is known for pirated content, so parents need to be aware while handling it for their children.

4. CartoonExtra

CartoonExtra is one of the high user rated free Cartoon streaming sites. CartoonExtra means extra fun. Contents in Cartoon extra are available for free and are rated for being an excellent sites like KissCartoon.

cartoon extra webpage

What is it for and the key features

  • CartoonExtra Features Cartoon genres like; animation, comedy, action, adventure, Sci-Fi, Drama, Horror, Short, Mystery, etc.
  • This does not look like a fraudulent website, and we suppose it’s legit.
  • Easy to browse as it features Cartoon lists, movie lists, popular series, and all.

  • Provides popular yet high rated Cartoon shows
  • Provides blog posts on ongoing, newly released and upcoming Cartoon show

  • Sometimes shows advertisements and pop-ups while hitting the play button.

5. Nyaa

Nyaa is a torrent based service hosted by the Japanese to provide free Cartoon and Anime services. It is one of the largest Anime dedicated public torrent index. It is a site like KissCartoon, but you can only save them on your computer and play offline.

nya webpage

What is it for and the key features

  • Has a great number of audience
  • Nyaa torrent has full episodes of any Cartoon and Anime.
  • Youtube embedded trailer is available to allow users to view before downloading content.

  • Unlimited sources of contents to watch for free
  • Ratings, release date and duration pieces of information are provided
  • High Definition quality to download

  • It is usually targeted for the DOS attack and several other attacks to hack the site.
  • People generate various fake mirror sites and try to inject viruses and malware in users' computers.
Connect your device with a VPN so that you can browse more Cartoon contents. Ad-blocker ad-on in the browser will remove ads and pop-ups from the website being loaded while streaming.

6. YouTube

Believe it or not, YouTube also has Cartoon videos on its website. You can watch Cartoons from 144, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p. It has a massive library where you can search and cartoons online for free. In fact, it has an app for kids that contains safe-for-child content such as lullaby, Anime, and cartoons videos. Just by searching the specific name of the Cartoon, you can then start watching it.

sites like kisscartoons youtube

What is it for and the key features

  • It is best to watch any video in HD quality.
  • There are no limitations for watching Cartoons, even in its free trial version.
  • There are lots of cartoons from other countries can be found on YouTube.

  • It streams videos faster than other video sharing sites.
  • You add the Cartoon video to the watchlist of your YouTube account.

  • Ads are appearing, especially for most viewed videos.

7. Cartoons On

Cartoons On is one of the most reliable cartoon sites like KissCartoon where you can watch your favorite cartoon series for free. You can watch cartoons from Disney, Hanna Barbera, and other animated TV shows online. Not just cartoon videos, but also Anime series are available in Cartoons On.

sites like kisscartoons cartoonson

What is it for and the key features

  • Best for watching Cartoons wherever and whenever you want because it is accessible on mobile phones.
  • You can watch series from fictional characters like Mickey Mouse, Tom, and Jerry, Bugs Bunny, etc.
  • Best for finding series from Warner Bros, Marvel Comics, and more.

  • You can request cartoon on this website.
  • You can also report errors.

  • There are no trailers for each videos.

How to Identify a Good Cartoon Video Site

A cartoon is a thing that all age people enjoy watching. One of the primary websites to view Cartoons for free is KissCartoon. The primary thing you need to consider while searching for the site is legal or illegal. The ads and pop-ups may download viruses and malware on your computer, be concerned about the ill effects in your system.

KissCartoon website is by far the good pirated streaming service for Cartoon and Anime; there are various other alternatives to kissCartoon you would like to try. The sites mentioned below are compatible with any devices and platform, Mobile, Mac, Windows, Linux, and many more.

kisscartoon webpage


  • It has a massive database of Cartoons and Anime
  • The site is free to access, where you don’t need to pay any penny.
  • Every material on the website come in HD quality
  • It has an appealing user interface and interactive search engine

  • KissCartoon is unsafe cause it has been found the website anonymously inserts malware and virus in users computer
  • Loads tons of advertisement while trying to watch any content
  • Since they are hosted in Vietnam, there are not enough Cartoons available worldwide.


Not only KissCartoon, now you can view and stream your favorite Cartoon with the sites mentioned above, but these are also the sites as similar to KissCartoon. All the websites mentioned are free to browse and have content more than KissCartoon. In case if you are wondering to download materials from these sites, the answer is yes. Downloading or buffering online will depend on your internet connection.

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