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Best 10 Website to Watch Tamil Movies Online

tamil movie sitesTamil movies have brought lots of fun and entertainment to people's daily life, especially in India. Are you also a fan of Tamil movies? Do you want to watch Tamil movies online for free in high quality? Now there are a number of websites that provide free Tamil movies for you to enjoy. However, some sites are not secure. Here we have listed 10 of the best sites to watch Tamil movies for free; some even don’t require you to register and sign up. Check these Tamil movie websites and watch your favorite Tamil movies in a hassle-free way!

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Top 10 Tamil Movie Sites to Watch Tamil Movies and Videos

1. MXPlayer

Distinctive Feature: Changing Language preference in subtitles and audio is a unique feature that is not seen in most online movie sites.
Price: Free/ No pop-up ads.

Mxplayer is the first best site to watch Tamil movies online. This site holds a huge collection of Tamil movies with HD quality. As you visit the site, you will see how many films and TV shows are being posted every day. Website interface wise, it is is interesting to use the light and dark version of it. If you have bad eyesight, you can switch to dark mode. Also, when you click the gear icon at the upper-right side of the interface, you can choose between the languages to set your desired preference in language.


2. Tamilian

Distinctive Feature The site has a fast video loading speed. To be specific, it's three seconds upon click.
Price: Free/ No limitation

The second free Tamil movie site is As the site's name implies, it is a haven for Tamil movies, and it can download Hindi TV shows effortlessly. You will see a list of films from different centuries with subtitles. As you click the movie, the video loads as fast as 3 seconds, and you will see the player in a clear video resolution. Also, the site is not restricted to some countries. Unlike MXplayer, that is only available in some countries. By the way, you will also see a review of the movie written above the player, so you will have an idea of what the movie is all about.


3. Metareel

Distinctive Feature It is not concentrated on Tamil movies only. You can also find different movies in different genres.
Price: Free/ Limited some are paid and for rent

Metareel is also a site that holds a vast collection of Tamil movies. What makes it different is that, here, you cannot just stream movies. You can also rent or buy online. Instead of keeping open links from the server, this site is connected to different video streaming sites likeZee5, Youtube, Jio, PrimeVideo, Hotstar, iTunes, Eros Now, and many more. That is why it is easier to find movies because it concentrates on Tamil movies and almost all films in a different genre. As per the interface of the site, it is simple and straightforward. There is also a floating bar where you can easily sort the most popular and most applied movies.


4. Hotstar

Distinctive Feature : The interface of the website is clean and HD in quality. From photos to slideshows and players.
Price: Free/ No limit

As you may tell, the site is as good as other prime movie streaming sites like Netflix and others. The main interface to the tiles and Slideshow shows that the partnership with Disney is a good thing. As soon as you click on a movie or a TV show, the site immediately responds. The responsiveness on clicks and the video loading speed has a maximum of 4 seconds. However, the site has only one server. If the player does not work, the least you can do is try again later. As per the video quality? It is a 1080p resolution, so it is excellent!


5. Dailymotion

Distinctive Feature: This site is very versatile. That almost all movies and TV shows from different countries are found here.
Price: Free/ No limitation

You might have seen this site often over the web, and it is quite popular with many. Aside from Youtube, this is also a haven for movies, documentaries, and other random videos that you will see online. Compared to the sites reviewed, this is a little low in video quality. Although it has a huge catalog of videos, the video quality is something you should have to bear. Since it is a community where you can share and upload videos, the quality differs on how and what video quality was uploaded. No way to change it even if you have a more stable connection. No way to change it even if you have a more stable connection.


You can read this article if you encounter Dailymotion not working issues.

6. Pycker

Distinctive Feature: The video quality it provides is HD with a maximum of 1080p
Price: Free/ No limit

Watch Bengali, Bollywood, TollyWood, Kollywood, and Mollywood with Pycker. Movies are categorized by Genre, from Fun, News, Reviews, Movies, Articles, Gallery, Birthdays, Releases, Celebrities, Trailers, and a lot more. Besides being a movie site, you can also find songs from India, Malaysia, Kodambakkam, etc. Also, you do not need to sign-up to access any of these videos or songs. Before watching the video, you will briefly review the movie and the rating and other user experience review. So this is a great alternative to watch Tamil movies online sites.


7. YoMovies

Distinctive Feature: It offers thousands of movies from other countries.
Price: Free/ No limit

As you know, Yomovies is already making a name when it comes to being one of the most used websites to watch free movies online. Well, that is a fact. Aside from providing service to the western part of the world, there are also movies from Asia pacific, including southeast Asian films, and you can watch Hindi movies online. This alone shows how versatile the site is. Plus, the app's legitimate service provides HD quality Ads before, in between, and after watching. It is a great way to watch movies without being disturbed by annoying ads. So it is one of the best Tamil movie watch online website.


8. Bolly2Tolly

Distinctive Feature: Movies are organized alphabetically, which makes it easier for you to find the movies you are looking for.
Price: Free/ Unlimited use.

Watch your favorite Tamil movies in Bolly2Tolly. As the name is saying, the site only supports movies in Tamil and Indian Movies. Although it is a movie site, you will see more TV shows being posted here. That means the site holds more TV shows than movies. Although the movies are in Tamil and Indian languages, you can use the subtitle to understand them. For native speakers of the language, you can also choose not to use it. From the main webpage, you just have to hover your mouse over the tiles to see more information about the movie.


9. YouTube

Distinctive Feature: This video-sharing site holds a huge number of videos, music, and shows for kids.
Price: Free/ Premium account is also available.

Probably the most popular video streaming website and a good source of Tamil movies. It is listed as one of the best Tamil movies watch online websites because it has a large community. People around the globe have the ability to share videos by uploading and make their videos seen around the world. Going back, so guaranteed that you will also see a section for Tamil movies. You just have to go to the search bar and type Tamil movies. This site is also often seen on different social media networking sites. If we are to ask, it is a great option to watch Tamil Movies.


10. meWATCH

Distinctive Feature: The movies are in HD quality.
Price: Free/ requires sign-up

Mewatch is not originally a Tamil movie site. This is like a Youtube in China. It is one of the most popular video streaming sites that have the same purpose as Facebook. Why is it added to our list? It is because the site also has some movies and TV shows from different countries. Although it is not that much, there is a reasonable amount of shows you can watch. However, to fully maximize the site, you have to register for an account. You may access the videos without registering, but you cannot watch them in full if you do not register.


Comparison Chart of Tamil Movie Sites

Website Price Subtitle Availability Video Quality Recommended Browser to Use
MXPlayer Free Multiple Languages SD/HD Google Chrome
Tamilian Free No English Subtitle HD Google Chrome
MetaReel Free Multiple Languages SD/HD Google Chrome
HotStar Free Multiple Languages SD/HD Google Chrome
Dailymotion Free Native Language Subtitle SD Internet Explorer
Pycker Free Multiple Languages SD/HD Google Chrome
YoMovies Free Multiple Languages SD/HD Google Chrome
Bolly2Tolly Free Native Language Subtitle SD/HD Internet Explorer
YouTube Free Multiple Languages HD/UHD Google Chrome
meWatch Free Native Language Subtitle SD Internet Explorer
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