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How to Download Jet Li Movies for Offline Watching

download jet li movies featureJet Li is one of the sought-after versatile actors when speaking of Chinese movies. Though he also does another genre, the Asian actor really excels and is known for his roles in adventure and action films. The Chinese superstar is a Chinese-born Singaporean film actor, film producer, martial artist, and a retired Wushu champion. Thus, with all of these, no wonder that each of his films is full of realistic stunts and fast-paced fighting scenes, besides having great storylines. And due to his incredible performance, he has given a break to portray some roles in Hollywood, turning him to be an international artist. And if you want to watch his movies again, then let us show you how to download Jet Li movies that you can watch offline in HD quality.

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How to Download Jet Li Movies to Watch Offline

Countless Chinese movie sites offer different films, including Jet Li. However, not all of these websites allow you to download the film Jet Li. Good thing, there’s this best downloader that lets you download Jet li movies full movies for free⁠ - AceThinker Video Keeper. This app works both on Windows and Mac and gives you the fastest movie-grabbing experience with its advanced multi-thread technology. Moreover, you will surely enjoy watching your downloaded movie since it supports HD 720P, 1080P, and even 4K video resolutions, which are perfect for viewing on a large-screen. To add, you can have limitless movie sources since it supports more than 1000 video-streaming sites, like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and more. And all you need to do is generate the movie links on the apps, and from there, you can finally start Jet Li movies download free. Read further and check the step-by-step guide below.

Additional features:

  • You can search Jet Li movies directly on the app's built-in browser with relevant keywords.
  • You can reformat your output's quality to specify what resolutions you need based on the device.
  • And if you find a channel on YouTube that gives you a library of movies of Jet Li, and you can download Jet Li movies in batch.
  • Free Download Secure Download
    Free Download Secure Download

    Step 1 Download and Install the Movie Downloader

    First things first, download the app by hitting the download button above. Make sure to choose the right installer for your platform. Next, follow the installation guide, launch the app, and familiarize yourself with its interface.

    download animefreak vk interface

    Step 2 Find Jet Li Movies

    Go to YouTube to start grabbing Jet Li movies full movies. On the search bar, type the title of your desired Jet Li’s film and copy its link from the address bar. Once done, go back to the app’s interface.

    download jet li movies vk step 2

    Step 3 Configure the Quality of the Jet Li Film

    Paste the link on the Paste URL field. Then, click the “+” sign. By hitting the Plus sign, the tool starts to analyze the URL. It’s ready for download once the movie thumbnail appears. To select the video quality, click More and choose your preferred resolution.

    download jet li movies vk step 3

    Step 4 Start to Download Jet Li Movie

    After selecting your preferred video quality, you can proceed to the next step, downloading the movie. To do so, click the Download button and wait for seconds. The movie automatically transfers on the Downloaded tab once done.

    download jet li movies vk step 4

    Step 5 Watch and Enjoy the Downloaded Movie

    To watch your downloaded Jet Li film, go to the Downloaded tab on the right side of the app. Point out your mouse cursor to the film and right-click. Select “Play Video” to preview your output and to check if the download is successful. If it is, now, you can enjoy streaming it offline anywhere and anytime.

    download jet li movies vk step 5

    Best Jet Li Movies You Should Not Miss

    After finding the best tool that helps you with Jet Li movies download free, you must know what movies to watch at least once. With that, here is a chart that gives you the Top 5 Jet Li movies of all time based that are download-worthy. Feel free to download and watch them and see them for yourself.

    Movie Name Release Date Rate Genres Gross Incomes
    Hero 2002 8.0 Action, Adventure, History $177.4 million
    Mulan 2020 7.9 Adventure, Drama, Family $261 million
    The Shaolin Temple 1982 7.5 Action, Drama $250 million
    The Fist of Legend 1994 7.5 Action, Drama $11 million
    Once Upon A Time In China 2 1992 7.4 Action, Adventure, Biography $3 million
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