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Feasible Way to Download Movies from Putlocker

download putlocker movie feature imageA film, also known as a motion picture, is a piece of visual art that stimulates stories, perceptions, feelings, and atmosphere through moving images. Nowadays, films have become the most relevant aspect of our lives; it stimulates feelings of relaxation, sense of relief, and as our cope-up mechanism in times of despair. Online movie marathons are now relatively popular these days; thus, many web developers have invented and adapted new techniques to alleviate the number of web users. These are online streaming websites. One of these sites is Putlocker. Putlocker is an online streaming service that provides a list of movies and TV- series that web users can watch. Back in the day, this site lets users download movies and TV series with high-quality output. Sadly, this feature has been removed by the developer. But worry no more; this article will provide you the most anticipated solution on how to download Putlocker videos without clicking any download button.

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How to Download Putlocker Movies to MP4

Since Putlocker removed the option to download any movies and TV series on its servers. The best option that we can do to download Putlocker movies for offline use is by recording them fully. AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium is a reliable and most trusted screen recorder software. With its comprehensive and easy-to-understand navigation, even new users of this tool can easily take control of this software. Additionally, it enables users to record full screen or only a portion of the screen to capture Putlocker movies. Furthermore, it can save the recorded video into different flexible formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, and more. In line with this, the output video is compatible with the most popular media platforms and devices such as Android, iOS, Windows Media Player, Mac, etc. More so, it can record all activities on a specific window or exclude some unwanted windows; thus, users can record and do something on their PC simultaneously.

Task Scheduler: Yes, it can record screens at a predetermined time.
OS Supported: Windows 8, 8.1, 7, and 10 and Mac OS X 10.10 and above.

Below are the detailed walk-throughs on how to download Putlocker using Screen Grabber Premium.

Step 1 Install Screen Grabber Premium

Before we can acquire Putlocker to MP4 videos, we need to install the AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium first. Go to the tool's official website and download the software on your device. Or click the download button below to continue. Then, pass through all the installation prompts and wait until the system fully installs the tool. Once done, open the software and familiarize its navigation and functionalities.

Free Download Secure Download
Free Download Secure Download


Step 2 Optimize the Settings

After that, go to the Menu button and click the preferences. Then, configure the parameters of the video, such as the output format, the output quality, framerate, video codec, and more. Once it is all settled, click the Ok button to save the optimization.

sgp settings

Step 3 Locate your Preferred Putlocker Video

Next, go to Putlocker's official website and browse through its page. Select your preferred movie or TV series by clicking the thumbnail poster of the film. Then go back to Screen Grabber Premium to prepare the recording process.

download putlocker movie sgp step3

Step 4 Record and Download Video from Putlocker

Then, once you have selected your video and play the video according to your preferred server, it is better to choose the server that can easily play the video. Then on the Screen Grabber Premium’s interface, click the video recorder button and click the “Rec” button to continue. A new pop-up bar will appear to provide a pause and play option, putting annotation, and a stop button to save the recorded film.

download putlocker movie sgp step4

Step 5 Play the recorded Putlocker Video

Finally, once the movie has been finished, click the stop button to save the recorded Putlocker movie. Then, a pop-up media player will appear in front of your screen to preview the video. To save the video, click the “Save” button, then locate the video file on the output location. Click and play the video. Suppose you want to record a film that is not uploaded on the Putlocker’s servers. There are different movie streaming sites that allows you download and record online videos from websites

download putlocker movie sgp step5


  • It can be navigated using shortcut keys.
  • It can include annotation while recording.
  • It can insert audio tracks in the recorded video.

  • Not available on mobile devices.

FAQs About Putlocker Movie Download

1. Why can't we download movies on the Putlocker website?

Putlocker's official website was shut down a couple of times before. With this, its web developer focuses on the online streaming feature rather than adding an option to download movies. Servers of this website are only limited to two working servers; the main server and the backup server. Even utilizing a video downloader won't let you download a movie.

2. What is the best tool to acquire Putlocker movies?

You can check and review on what tools are that can record full screen Mac to acquire Putlocker videos. But AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium has it all. With its intuitive and limitless functionality. Recording at the highest quality will do with this software.

3. Is the quality of movies good on Putlocker?

Yes, various movie copies are uploaded at the highest resolution of 1080p on Putlocker. Also, it offers over 5 000 movies that are categorized into 25 genres that range from action thriller, comedy, horror, sci-fi, and more. More so, it offers the latest movies and newly released tv series.

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