Top 5 Best Tools Similar to HelloSign: Complete Review

Add Signatures to Your Documents in three easy steps!

  • Open the AcePDF software on your device and import a PDF file.
  • After that, move to the "Protect" tab and select your preferred signature settings.
  • Then, add a handwritten or digital signature into your PDF and save it.
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In a world where digital signatures and document management play an increasingly pivotal role, finding the perfect alternative to HelloSign is more important than ever. HelloSign, with its reputation for streamlining document workflows and electronic signatures, has become a trusted name in the industry. However, diverse needs and preferences often lead individuals and businesses to explore alternatives that offer unique features and pricing structures. In our comprehensive guide, we've scoured the digital signature landscape to bring you not one but five remarkable HelloSign alternatives. Whether you're seeking a solution tailored to small businesses, enterprise-level features, or specific integrations, our list has you covered. These alternatives not only offer electronic signature capabilities but also boast additional tools for document management, collaboration, and more. If you're ready to discover the perfect HelloSign alternative that aligns with your specific requirements, read on and explore the world of innovative digital signature solutions. Your next favorite document management platform might be just a click away!

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Brief Background: What is HelloSign?

HelloSign, now known as Dropbox Sign, is a leading electronic signature software by Dropbox, specializing in simplifying signing and managing documents digitally. It empowers individuals and businesses to streamline paperwork workflows, reduce manual processes, and enhance document security. Furthermore, HelloSign offers various pricing tiers to cater to different needs, including a free plan for 30 days with limited features and paid plans starting at a $15 monthly fee but is billed yearly. Also, it has a standard version for small teams with 2-4 members for $25 per month. With this tool, you can digitally sign documents, removing the necessity for traditional paper-based signatures. You can see the listed details below before we compare e-signature solutions.

  • Customer Support. HelloSign offers customer support through email, chat, and a comprehensive knowledge base. Paid plans often come with priority support options.
  • Customizable Fields. You can add signature and form fields to documents, making it easy for recipients to complete the required information.
  • Integrations. HelloSign seamlessly integrates with popular business tools and platforms. That includes Google Workspace to connect HelloSign with Google Drive, Dropbox, Salesforce, HubSpot, and more, enhancing its versatility and usability.
  • Audit Trails. It provides comprehensive audit trails for tracking document history and activities.

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Why Consider Using HelloSign Alternatives?

Consider alternatives to HelloSign for several reasons, including pain points and drawbacks related to pricing, limited functionality, and customer support. We gather the most common reasons to gain more insight into why you need to use apps similar to HelloSign. So, read below some of the key reasons you might explore HelloSign alternatives:

  • Cost-Effective Options. One of the primary reasons users seek alternatives to HelloSign is cost. HelloSign's pricing can be relatively high for users with limited document signing needs. Users may find an affordable e-signature option that offers similar functions at a more competitive price point. This is convenient, especially if they don't require the full suite of features HelloSign offers.
  • Limited Functionality. HelloSign primarily focuses on electronic document signing, but users often require more comprehensive document management and automation features. Alternatives may provide a broader range of functionalities, such as document automation, version control, and advanced workflow capabilities. This makes them more suitable for businesses with complex document management needs.
  • Customer Support. Users who have experienced issues with HelloSign's customer support or require more personalized assistance may seek alternatives. Tools that offer better customer service, including faster response times and dedicated support teams, can be considered.
  • User Interface and Ease of Use. While HelloSign has a user-friendly interface, some users may prefer alternatives that offer an even more intuitive and streamlined experience for both senders and signers.
  • Customization. Users seeking more customization options regarding document templates, branding, and user permissions might explore alternatives. Users might look for the best e-signature solutions that offer more extensive customization capabilities.

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Top 5 Recommended Software Like HelloSign

1. AcePDF

Salient Feature: It has a “Mark ciphertext” feature, allowing you to redact essential and sensitive details within your PDF files.
Interface Language: English, Japanese, Spanish, Mandarin, Portuguese, and more
Scalability: It can be used by individuals, family users with up to 5 members, and business teams with up to 6 users.

AcePDF is a more versatile tool than HelloSign, which excels in PDF software and electronic signatures. What sets AcePDF apart is its support for two signature settings: handwritten and digital. You can draw, type, or import signature files with handwritten signatures, offering unparalleled flexibility. This HelloSign alternative stands out by allowing extensive customization on the digital front. For instance, you can add details like organization name, email address, region, and more to your signatures, ensuring a professional and personalized touch to documents. Another standout feature is adding a password to the signature or white out PDF, restricting its use to authorized individuals only. This enhanced security feature sets AcePDF apart, making it an ideal choice for businesses prioritizing document integrity and confidentiality.

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2. DocuSign

Salient Feature: It has a “Notary” feature that equips your notaries' public with the digital resources necessary to facilitate remote online notarization (RON) transactions effectively.
Interface Language: English, Italian, French, Mandarin, Dutch, and more
Scalability: It is recommended for sole proprietors, individuals, small to medium teams, and large groups with more than 10 members.

Maximize the efficiency of your document processes by choosing DocuSign, one of the top-notch alternatives to HelloSign. It is also an impressive tool similar to PandaDoc. This tool seamlessly incorporates electronic signatures, ensuring the security and legal validity of your contracts, emails, proposals, and other files. Also, you can tailor the signature's placement, size, thickness, and other attributes to your preferences. Additionally, DocuSign meets some of the strictest global security standards of ISO, PCI, APEC, and more. Besides, this tool allows you to store and create reusable agreement templates that you can edit and access anytime. So, if you compare DocuSign vs HelloSign, DocuSign empowers you to revolutionize your document management with efficiency and confidence.

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3. SignEasy

Salient Feature: You can simplify sending files for a signature, like assigning a signing order, collecting supporting documents, or importing from your cloud storage.
Interface Language: English, Dansk, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and others
Scalability: The tool is suitable for single users, teams with five members, or businesses with unlimited users.

SignEasy is another impressive alternative to HelloSign, which caters to various industries such as legal, insurance, real estate, healthcare, and sales. There are a lot of details you need to know about SignEasy vs HelloSign. Its compatibility ensures seamless use on mobile phones, computers, laptops, and more. The tool's exceptional user-friendliness sets SignEasy apart, allowing businesses to close agreements more efficiently and reduce file turnaround times. Then, you can acquire modern, fast, and highly secure eSignature APIs for crafting tailor-made processes to either sign or dispatch contracts through your application or website. SignEasy allows you to streamline document workflows and accelerate the signing process compared to HelloSign, whether on the go or at your desk.

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4. Google Drive

Salient Feature: You can draw your signature or import a pre-made digital signature and insert it into the file.
Interface Language: English, Filipino, German, Arabic, Thai, and more
Scalability: It can adapt to complete the needs of various sizes of individuals, businesses, and organizations.

If you want a free electronic signature tool, you can utilize Google Drive. Google Drive offers a compelling alternative to HelloSign when it comes to signing documents. You can import your documents to Google Drive and use the built-in tools to add digital signatures quickly and efficiently, including Google Docs. In using this tool, ensure that your digital signature is in a transparent background. Plus, Google Drive offers collaboration features, making it easy to share, edit, and sign documents in real-time with others. With its accessibility and versatility, Google Drive is a reliable option for basic document editing and signing needs. Meanwhile, you can extend your reading here for more details about how you can combine PDFs in Google Drive and other editing tasks.

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5. Wondershare SignX

Salient Feature: SignX further streamlines workflows with reusable contract templates, simplifying sending frequently used documents for signature.
Interface Language: English, French, Deutsch, Spanish, Italian, and more
Scalability: The tool is available for individual users, small businesses with 2-10 members, or huge businesses with 11-50 members.

Wondershare SignX is one of the great HelloSign alternatives for small business, offering diverse, customizable electronic document signing and management features. With SignX, you enjoy the flexibility to create signatures through drawing, typing, or uploading, all with various customization options. Some of the extensive options available are positioning signatures precisely, choosing colors, and specifying which pages they appear on. Also, it strongly emphasizes security, allowing you to apply two-factor authentication to your files, ensuring document integrity and privacy. Additionally, it offers a bulk send feature, making it a favored option for businesses that require efficient, high-volume document processing. With its comprehensive feature set, Wondershare SignX lets you enhance your document signing experience to meet your needs.

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Detailed Comparison of HelloSign Alternatives

Tools Other Features Pricing Plan Customer Support Integrations
AcePDF It has an editing feature that allows you to modify contracts and other files before signing them. $19.95-monthly for personal license/ $199.95-lifetime license for family plan/ $399.95-lifetime payment for team plan AcePDF provides responsive customer support to promptly assist users with their inquiries and concerns. It is an independent software that allows you to only save documents after signing and editing.
DocuSign You can create, insert, and save customized fields to all our files. $10 per month for the personal plan/ $25 per user monthly for the standard plan/ $40 per user monthly for the business pro plan If you're a new user, you can rely on their responsive customer support for timely assistance. TMobile, Salesforce, Dropbox, Zoom, etc.
EasySign It lets you create a public signing link for instant recipient access. $10 per month for the essential plan/ $20 per user monthly for the team plan, $30 per user monthly for the business plan/ $50 per user monthly for the business plus plan You can contact their customer support hotline or email them for inquiries with quick response. Salesforce, Google Workspace, Outlook, MS Teams, etc.
Google Drive It offers 15GB of free cloud storage to place your files in one place. Google Drive is free to utilize. Google Drive offers customer support through its Help Center, community forums, and email support, providing you with resources and assistance to address your inquiries. Hive, Slack, WordPress, Evernote Business, etc.
Wondershare SignX You can receive alerts in real-time whenever your document is opened, signed, or read. $6.99 monthly for personal use/ $154.34 for a lifetime license for an enterprise plan with 2-10 users/ $756.60 for a lifetime license for an enterprise plan with 11-50 users It manages and monitors emails 24 hours to ensure swift and exact answers for every inquiry. Google Workspace only

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