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Do you need to extract pages from PDF?

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Do you often face the need to extract pages from PDF? This usually arises when you have a larger file containing various topics and need to send only the relevant ones to someone. Extracting pages from a PDF file is a simple yet powerful approach that allows users to select specific pages from a large PDF document and save them separately. This means that users can easily extract only the relevant pages they need without saving the entire document. The benefits of extracting specific pages from PDFs are numerous. It saves time, resources, and effort. For instance, sharing only a specific section of a lengthy document with your colleagues is helpful. Moreover, it also helps reduce the file size, making it easier to share and store. However, users might face challenges while extracting pages from a PDF file, such as not having the right software or technical expertise. Fortunately, this page will introduce the best solutions to extract pages from PDF files. Dive in to explore detailed steps.

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Why Extract Pages from PDFs?

Extracting pages from PDFs is a common practice for many reasons. One of the most common use cases is when creating new documents, reports, presentations, and other materials. Instead of starting from scratch, one can extract relevant pages from existing PDFs and incorporate them into the new document. Additionally, removing those specific pages can save time and effort in scenarios where only detailed information is needed from a lengthy PDF. This is particularly important in finance, legal, and healthcare industries, where time-sensitive information needs to be accessed quickly. For example, a financial analyst may need to extract financial reports from a company's annual report to create a presentation for investors. In the legal industry, a lawyer may need to extract specific sections of a contract for reference. In healthcare, medical professionals may need to extract patient information from a lengthy medical record. Across the board, extracting pages from PDFs is a practical and convenient tool for a variety of industries and purposes.

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Manual Methods of Extracting PDF Pages

Anyone can use a few manual methods to extract PDF pages without any special software. These manual methods of extracting PDF pages are quick, easy, and do not require any special software. While they may not be as sophisticated as some online tools, they are perfect for those who need to extract PDF pages occasionally or do not want to invest in expensive software. For that, we will be discussing them in detail below.

1. Copy-Paste Method

The copy-paste method is one of the easiest ways to extract PDF pages. This method involves copying the content of the PDF page and pasting it into a new document. This method is usually used when the formatting and layout of the extracted content are not complicated. Also, it is suitable to use for simple text-based documents without complex formatting or graphics. Here's how to use this method:

Step 1 Open your PDF File

Open the PDF document in your available PDF viewer or editor software. Then, navigate to the page you want to extract. Find the desired page to initiate the extraction process.

open your pdf file

Step 2 Highlight the Desired Content

Next, highlight and select the content on the page you like to extract. Move your mouse pointer to the beginning of the desired content. Then, press and drag the cursor to select all the text you want to extract.

highlight the desire content

Step 3 Copy and Paste to Extract

Right-click on the highlighted content and choose "Copy" from the context menu. Open a new document, such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs, and right-click on the document. Choose "Paste" from the choice menu to paste the copied content into the new document.

copy and paste to extract

2. Print-to-PDF Method

You can use the manual print to PDF method to extract single page from PDF document. To do this, open the PDF file and select the pages you want to extract. Then, go to the Print option and select the Print to PDF option. Moreover, select the range of pages you want to extract and choose the option to print to a new PDF file in the print dialog box. This will create another PDF document with only the selected pages. It is important to note that this method may not be compatible with all PDF viewers and may result in some formatting issues. It includes extracting the PDF pages in a new file without graphics, annotations, or interactive elements. As an alternative, there are various third-party applications available that offer more advanced PDF extraction features. You can check out this list below to choose the best option for your needs.

print to pdf method

3. Screenshot and Image Extraction

One option you can use to extract one page from PDF is the manual method of taking screenshots of the desired pages and converting them into usable content. The first step is to take screenshots of the selected pages using the built-in screenshot tool or third-party software. Once the screenshots are taken, they can be saved in a suitable image format. The next step is to convert the images into a usable format such as Word or Text. This can be done utilizing OCR screenshot tool or software that scans the screenshot image and converts the text into an editable format. However, this method has certain limitations, such as the quality of the screenshot, which can affect the accuracy of the OCR. Additionally, some PDF files may have restrictions that prevent screenshots or copying of the content. Despite these limitations, manual screenshots and image extraction can be useful for extracting pages from a PDF file, especially for small tasks or when other extraction methods are not possible.

screenshot and image extraction

If you're interested about the best OCR screenshot tools, learn more here

Tools for Efficient PDF Page Extraction

Extracting pages from PDFs using Adobe Acrobat Pro is an easy and efficient tool that makes it simple to handle any document. This software allows users to easily extract pages from PDFs, making it a great tool for individuals and businesses. In addition to its basic extraction capabilities, Adobe Acrobat Pro offers several additional features that enhance the extraction process. Users can select pages from PDF or extract ranges of pages, as well as extract pages into a new document. Adobe Acrobat Pro also includes the ability to extract pages as images or text, giving users greater flexibility in how they want to work with the extracted content.

Step 1 Add the PDF File

To extract pages from a PDF document, the first step is to open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Pro. This can be achieved by selecting the "File" menu and choosing "Open" or by using the "Open" button on the toolbar.

add the pdf file

Step 2 Select the Pages to Extract

Once the PDF file is open, users can select the pages they wish to extract by ticking on the "Pages" tab on the left side of the screen. They can then select the pages they want to extract by clicking on each page while holding down the "Ctrl" key.

select the pages to extract

Step 3 Extract the Selected Pages

After selecting the pages they wish to extract, users can extract them by clicking on the "Extract" button located on the toolbar at the top of the screen. They can then choose whether to extract the pages into a new document or as images or text. Once the extraction process is complete, users can save their new document and close Adobe Acrobat Pro.

extract the selected pages

Export Pages from PDF using AcePDF

AcePDF is a top PDF solution for beginner and professional users alike. It is known for its wide range of features for editing, converting, and manipulating PDF files. One of the tool's best features is its ability to extract and export pages from PDF files. This software is highly regarded for its exceptional features that assist in the organization of PDF documents. Additionally, it includes a "Page" tab that allows for the modification of PDF pages. You can extract or replace page in PDF file with just one click. It also allows users to split, merge, and compress PDF pages to optimize the file size. Furthermore, the tool has a built-in OCR function that extracts text from scanned PDFs and converts them into editable formats. This feature makes the tool a great choice for achieving accurate results for your PDFs from other solutions.

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Step 1 Launch the PDF Page Extractor

Download the installer by clicking the above "Download" button and launch it on your PC. Make sure you have a fast internet connection for a smooth installation process. Once saved, open the installer and follow the prompts to access AcePDF. Then, open the software and verify that you have the correct version.

acepdf main interface

Step 2 Add your PDF File

You have a few options to import the PDF document. Hit the "+" icon in the upper-left corner to access your file menu and search for your PDF, or you can click the "Open" button in the left section or the "Open PDF" button in the center to import the PDF.

acepdf open pdf file

Step 3 Access the Extract Tool

Go to the "Page" tab in the top menu to access the page features. Select the "Extract" feature menu to access the option of extracting pages. A dialogue box will be shown where you can enter the page number you want to save as a separate file. Make sure to check the "Extract page as a separate file" option.

access the extract tool

Step 4 Extract and Save the File

Press the "Extract" button to initiate the extraction process. The extracted file will be saved on your local device. Open the extracted PDF file to review it. Double-click the file to open it in your preferred PDF viewer.

extract and save the file

List of Popular Online PDF Extraction Tools

1. iLovePDF

When you don't have the installed desktop software and need a quick online solution, we suggest iLovePDF. This tool is a web-based program that is suitable for users who need to save specific pages of PDF documents. Using the tool, you can easily extract the desired pages in PDF format and download them to your computer or save them to cloud storage. It offers the "Split PDF file" feature that is designed to separate one page or a whole range of pages to create an independent file. In this feature, you can select the option to extract pages. It gives two extract mode options: Extract all pages or select specific pages to extract. Additionally, it supports various languages, such as English, Spanish, French, German, and so on, to ensure the accuracy of the content during the extraction process. Moreover, the tool is committed to ensuring user privacy and data security by using encryption protocols to protect user information.

Step Guide:

  • Go to iLovePDF homepage and click on the "Extract PDF" tool. Click "Select PDF file" or drag and drop your file onto the page.
  • Once your file is uploaded, select which pages you want to extract by clicking "Select pages." Enter the page numbers or each page range that you want to extract.
  • After selecting the pages, click "Extract PDF" to start the process. Once the extraction is complete, you can download your newly extracted PDF file.

ilovepdf extract pages from pdf

2. SmallPDF

Another well-known online PDF extraction tool is SmallPDF. It is a reliable online platform that can extract, split, merge, and compress PDF files. Utilizing different web browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox, you can access the tool and use the extraction tool feature to save certain pages of PDF. Users can also rotate, delete, or reorder pages before extracting them. Moreover, SmallPDF supports multiple file formats for exporting the extracted PDF page. It includes formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint or JPG. Otherwise, you can download the extracted PDF page to your local device or save it to cloud storage. However, the tool does not offer advanced features such as the OCR feature for extracting text from scanned PDFs. There is also a limitation in the number of pages, up to a maximum of 20 pages that can be extracted at once. The tool also ensures that user privacy is protected. It adheres to strict security protocols with encrypted connections and secure data storage.

Step Guide:

  • To extract pages from a PDF using SmallPDF, go to the SmallPDF website and select the "Split PDF" tool from the list of available tools. This tool enables you to split a PDF into multiple individual pages.
  • Once you have accessed the "Split PDF" tool, upload the PDF file from which you like to extract pages. To do this, hit the "Choose File" button and select the file from your device. You can also drag-and-drop the file into the upload area.
  • After uploading the PDF file, select the specific pages you want to extract by clicking the checkboxes next to each page. You can also select all the pages by clicking the "Select All" checkbox. Once you have selected the pages, click the "Split PDF" button to extract them. The extracted pages will be saved as individual PDF files.

smallpdf extract pages from pdf

3. Sejda

Another solution you can use for online PDF extraction is Sejda. This online tool has a straightforward interface and provides a range of PDF manipulation features. It includes editing, converting, and extracting text and images from PDF files. Sejda is a popular choice among users who need to extract specific content from their PDF documents. Unlike the other online tools mentioned above, Sejda provides a particular option of extraction for quick and accurate page extraction without downloading or installing any software. It ensures a private and secure extraction process. Moreover, its free service is sufficient for documents up to 200 pages. The option for page extraction can be from odd to even numbers or from specific page ranges. Plus, the tool takes user privacy seriously by using encrypted connections and secure data storage.

Step Guide:

  • To extract pages from your PDF using Sejda, you must first upload your PDF file to Sejda. To do this, open the Sejda website, click the "Upload PDF files" button, and choose the PDF file from your computer.
  • Once your PDF file is uploaded, select the pages you want to extract. To do this, click the "Extract PDF pages" button and choose the "Select pages" option. In the "Pages" field, enter the page numbers you want to extract, separated by commas. You can also use the "Range" field to extract a range of pages.
  • After selecting the pages you like to extract, click the "Extract pages" button to extract them from your PDF file. Sejda will create a new PDF file with only the selected pages. You can then download the new PDF file to your computer.

sejda extract pages from pdf


To sum up, taking out pages from PDFs is an advantageous practice that can significantly improve the management of digital documents. By eliminating only the relevant pages, users can decrease the PDF file size and improve the overall structure and accessibility of their content. Various methods are available for page extraction, such as manual techniques and desktop and online tools. These methods are adaptable to user preferences and requirements to make 2 pages into one with ease. Regardless of the technique, extracting pages is somewhat simple and can be achieved quickly and efficiently. As digital documents become increasingly important, individuals and businesses need to take advantage of page extraction to optimize their digital workflows and enhance their productivity.

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