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feature sites like netnaijaThe internet provides many entertainment media you can use to relieve stress. You can choose to watch sports, movies, cartoons and more. The options and flexibility of the internet are unrivaled. The internet's variety is so great that navigating it may take much work. Switching from different platforms to get videos, news, or music can be confusing. NetNaija is a site that allows users to view all sorts of media. The site acts like a hub for news, sports, and more, creating an environment for easy navigation. You can see the latest updates with one click. The biggest feature of NetNaija by far is its ability to download content. However, Its biggest feature is also its biggest con. It is illegal to download copyrighted content without permission. That is why having a safe alternative is a must for a consumer. Remember that it is up to you when to use these types of services. It is best to weigh all options and choose the legal and safe way. Read more below to find the best NetNaija alternative sites for you.

5 Best NetNaija Alternative Sites You Can Use

1. NaijaLoaded

NaijaLoaded is a great site for music recommendations and sports news. NaijaLoaded offers a quick navigation of content with their filter system. Users can browse the latest sports, music, and music video updates. The biggest feature of the site is the "Talk Zone." Talk Zone acts like an open forum for people to voice their opinions. A place for civil communication is necessary for a peaceful and effective debate. Users can also view the top artists and discover their discography. When choosing a song, you can read a brief but informative summary. You can also quickly view the music video through the YouTube link provided by the site.

naijaloaded homepage


  • Users only experience limited ad interruption for easy viewing.
  • You can quickly navigate through trending posts and songs in their "trending" section.

  • It is harder to find sports videos and highlights on this site than NetNaija.

2. Bema.TV

Bema.TV is the best among movie sites like NetNaija regarding downloads. Bema.TV focuses on movies and TV shows, unlike NetNaija. You can find trending movies and TV shows of the week and month. The site consistently uploads the latest and most popular films for an up-to-date selection. You can see shows by genre: Horror, Drama, Action, and more. Bema.TV offers two links for downloading, one with subtitles, SRT, and one MP4 download. The limited file format is constraining, but the fast download speeds compensate. Burma. TV offers a great service for downloading movies and TV series. homepage


  • Movies have a quick plot summary and overview for you to analyze.
  • The site offers an advanced search feature for a more specific search.

  • The site's interface may be outdated.

3. Nkiri

Nkiri is a great site for Drama and Asian tiles. Nkiri offers a great experience to download TV shows. Users can quickly select the download link per episode of your series. What makes this site unique is its selection of drama titles. You can find popular titles from KDramas and Chinese titles through their sections. Users can also scroll through titles by download popularity. Popular downloads are often the best choice, as many have tested the link. The site also has a genre filter for a more specific genre. Once you find a show, you can read a quick synopsis before watching it. Nkiri is among the best sites for watching KDramas and other Asian titles.

nkiri homepage


  • The site has a guide to downloading shows and series.
  • Users can filter by Bollywood, Korean, and Philippine movies.

  • You can expect to experience mild ad interruptions.

4. NaijaSet

NaijaSet offers a decent selection of popular movies and music. NaijaSet is an easy-to-navigate site using a minimalist design. You can quickly navigate through videos and music to find your titles. You can view the file size to ensure your storage can handle it. Unfortunately, the site does have a limited selection. The titles that are on the site are the latest and most popular. The site lets users view watch length, age rating, and more for a quick overview. The best part about the site is how fast you can download music on MP3. You can listen to your audio offline in a few minutes.

naijaset homepage


  • The site has a "Gist" section for the latest celebrity news.
  • Has a great music selection for popular rap music.

  • The site has no specific filter system like genre or release date.

5. SwiftLoaded

SwiftLoaded is among the best websites like NetNaija, for music videos. SwiftLoaded boasts a professional look similar to popular news sites. Users can read a small summary of the music along with the lyrics. Lyrics are great, especially when you want to sing along, as they can act as a guide. The site lets you download either the raw music or the music video. Of course, you can pick both. You can find similar music through their "you may also like" section. Along with the music news, there is also relevant celebrity news. Swiftloaded is a great site for people looking to download music videos.

swiftloaded homepage


  • Users can also find articles about tech as well as educational ones.
  • Find recommendations through the "music of the week."

  • Their filters on the sidebar are unavailable.

Quick Overview and Tips

Sites Best For User Friendliness Extra Tips
NaijaLoaded This site is best for people looking to discuss and read about relevant news. Its interface is cluttered and may feel outdated. Its navigation is okay, but some people may need help with the interface. You can visit their "Jokes" section to find hilarious articles and memes if you want a laugh.
Bema.TV This site is best for people looking for movie websites like NetNaija to download from. Its interface uses recognizable icons and a red and black colorway. Because of its design, the navigation is smooth and consistent. You can utilize their advanced search if you still need help to look for movies in 1080p or films released in the current year.
Nkiri The site is best for people looking to watch drama series and Asian titles. Its interface is plain and straightforward, though there is no option for a dark mode, so some users may find it uncomfortable to look at. If you want to scroll through Hollywood or Western movies, you can use the "International" filter found in the movies tab.
NaijaSet This site is best for people looking to download MP3 music files. Its interface is as basic as possible and uses no clutter or ad banners. In terms of navigation, people who need to be internet literate can still navigate through it. You can use AI voice removers to remove the vocals of your music and only listen to the beats.
SwiftLoaded This site is best for people looking to download music videos and read relevant news. Its interface boasts a look similar to a professional news site. Unfortunately, some of its menus do not work or are unavailable. The unavailability of some functions may need to be clarified among new users. For people looking out for updates on music, news, and sports posts.

Another Way to Download Video Entertainment

You can use a video downloader if you want a place to download all your entertainment videos. Video downloaders allow you to view video content offline with no ads. A good video downloader enables you to download HD movie in different qualities and formats. CleverGet is a video downloader that allows you to download videos with ease. CleverGet lets its users download videos in 1080p, 720p, and 480p HD. If you want the greatest quality downloads, CleverGet also allows UHD downloads. You can pick the proper FPS for your downloads in either 60FPS or 30FPS. Save your videos in MP4, a widely popular file format compatible with most platforms. You can also download audio in M4A. Read more below for a simple guide on CleverGet.

Try it for Free

Free DownloadWindows 8/10/11

Secure/Safe Download

Step 1 Install CleverGet

You can click the link provided to be redirected to CleverGet's download site. Once on the site, click the "Free Download" icon to download the app quickly. Proceed with the installation process and open the app.

cleverget interface

Step 2 Download Your Videos

After opening the app, you can search your favorite sites or use the provided links on the homepage. Select the video to be downloaded and wait for the download icon to appear. Click the download icon to open the download tab and select the video quality and format.

cleverget download tab

Step 3 Check the Video Download Progress

You can view your videos' download percentage on the app's right tab. If you downloaded the wrong video, click the "x" icon to stop the download. You can check the file in your file explorer or open it immediately by double-clicking.

cleverget download progress


NetNaija offers a hub for multiple content forms, though their methods are unlawful. Their methods constantly get them in trouble shutting down domains. A list of alternatives removes the hassle of continually checking for new domains. The list's other options can help you find specific sites for your needs. For music, you can try Naija set or SwiftLoaded. If you want to watch some dramas or series, try Nkiri. Movie enthusiasts can use NetNaija.XYZ which is the best among websites like NetNaija to download movies. When using services like NetNaija, you must know their consequences. You must consider all options and opt for the legal and safe way. As content evolves, people evolve. In a way, what people watch reflects the situation they're in. Remember to consume content responsibly and, most importantly, have fun.

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