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Top 10 Best Sites to Download HD Movie for Free

download hd movies featureMovies are incredible, especially if you are a movie lover. But since it is a time of the pandemic, we all got no chance to watch movies in theaters or malls. But today, we prepared ten of the sites that will let you watch and download HD movies for free. You can also learn how to download them using the AceThinker Online Video Downloader that suits for downloading movies for you to watch offline over and over again for free whenever you are bored. You can also watch them with your family without spending a penny. This site will be the way to watch your favorite movies of all time whenever and wherever you are.

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Top 10 HD Movie Sites to Download Movies in HD

1. The Private Bayp

User Friendly: It caters to wide choices of movies with size.
With Subbed or Dubbed: No

Want to watch an HD movie without hassle? You can try streaming movies with The Private Bay. It has almost all movies that you can watch for free. Not just movies but also other kinds of videos online like gameplays, series, and even porn. This site is known for its excellent service to its streamers for the past years up to the present. It gives entertainment to people whenever they wish to watch movies in their own houses.

download hd movies theprivatebay

This site has more to offer than movies.

2. Open Culture

User Friendly: Although it has lots of advertisements, it still has more features that you can freely access.
With Subbed or Dubbed: No

Open Culture is like a book but a digital type where you can find lots of information. Such as movies from history and up to present that will give people knowledge and entertainment. This is popular between students and professionals since it is more for the educational side or platform. You can still find classic and indie films divided into categories since they have vast collections for free from different cultures around the world—for example, American and Korean films.

download hd movies openculture

While scrolling through the site, you can learn a lot of things from different cultures.

3. Movies Found Online

User Friendly: The site might bring you to other sites and tabs by clicking some part of its interface.
With Subbed or Dubbed: Yes

With this following HD movie site, you can find a lot of movie and series collections from Hollywood movies to Korean series and short films. Some of the award-winning movies are also available to watch and download with Movie Found Online. With their categories of movies, you will be entertained without spending a penny. Their movie collection is from different moviemakers from western cultures and beyond.

download hd movies moviesfoundonline

There are many movies that the site could offer to you for free you have to choose the perfect one.

4. My Download Tube

User Friendly: It has ads around its interface including irrelevant banners.
With Subbed or Dubbed: No

This tool was designed to download movies in HD; it has a feature to view related information about the movie. The top movies are found on this site as it allows you to watch them for free. You can either watch them online or download them on your device to watch them offline. You can find your movie by using their search bar located on the top right of the My Download Tube interface.

download hd movies tube

Most of the movies are of good quality. You can see their latest uploads to their latest updates.

5. YouTube

User Friendly: This platform could give you up to HD quality videos.
With Subbed or Dubbed: Yes

YouTube is known for videos around the world. Since it is pandemic, people are entertained by YouTube, from vloggers to moviemakers and movies themselves. There are lots of available movies on YouTube. You have to find the perfect one, and then you can download it on your device. There are also movies on YouTube that can be rented, or you can purchase them. YouTube has a lot of movies to offer.

download hd movies youtube

Try to enter “full movies” in the search bar after that the queue of full movies will show.

6. VH Movies

User Friendly: It offers day and night time mode.
With Subbed or Dubbed: Yes

With VH Movies, you have the chance to watch movies and TV shows online. By copying its link, you can also download them with another tool designed for downloading videos. This HD movie site has an intuitive interface where you can have a movie streaming effortlessly, and it also has a feature that when you find a movie to save on your list, you can bookmark it, and it serves as your saved movie list.

download hd movies vhmovies

You can view the information about the movie by pointing your cursor to the movie.


User Friendly: It sometimes causes lag to your device but it has great movies to watch.
With Subbed or Dubbed: Yes

YIFY is another movie site to download movies in HD. It consists of numerous collections of movies categorizes with different movie genres available. It is one of the best sites when it comes to streaming and downloading movies online. Aside from that, there are also available movies in YIFY that are currently pending a full version. You can also message them to request a movie you want to watch that is not currently added to their collection.

download hd movies yify

You can download movies at the smallest file size with this site.

8. Ant Movies

User Friendly: It has a nice feature where you can see great movie suggestions.
With Subbed or Dubbed: No

With Ant Movies, you can see their top viewed movie of the day and the most favorites also; they have top-rated movies. They have their movies in movies for a better experience. Watching and downloading movies with Ant Movies is free. This will entertain you and even your whole family by watching movies together without paying anything you can have the chance to watch full movies in HD quality.

download hd movies antmovies

You can keep the movie by adding it to your own favorite list on the site.

9. The Internet Archive

User Friendly: This site is a library that offers lots of resources for free.
With Subbed or Dubbed: No

The Internet Archive is known because of its informative and functional videos from different countries around the world. You can find many videos, including movies and historical videos, perfect for historians and researchers, mainly students with history classes. The best part of this site is watching videos such as movies for free anytime and anywhere you want. They are classified based on their categories and year produced.

download hd movies theinternetarchive

It is a good source for studies and theories.

10. Watch Movies Free

User Friendly: You can easily find a movie based on the country where it is produced.
With Subbed or Dubbed: Yes

You can find lots of movies with Watch Movies Free. With the site's name itself, you can watch movies and other types of media, including TV series and country movies, for free. You can also find English subtitles to download. It also has a portion wherein you can find popular news and movies of today. They have newly released movies with all types of genres you can access and download in high definition.

download hd movies watchmoviesfree

The search bar is useful to find your movie in the fastest way.

How to Download Movies for Free Online

AceThinker Online Video Downloader

This tool will let you download any video from different types of websites. You can utilize this when it comes to downloading movies for free online. With its comprehensive source of the video, you can watch your favorite movie by downloading it here. It is capable of download movies in HD. With some easy steps, you can have your HD movies download on your device. You will need two things to download first is the link and, of course, the internet connection since the tool is web-based. You can also download Netflix movies with this tool.

Step 1 Visit AceThinker Online Video Downloader

You can open AceThinker Online Video Downloader on Windows and Mac with any browser you have; as long as you have an internet connection, you can access it all the time.

fovd interface

Step 2 Copy and Paste Link

The second thing you need to do is copy the link and paste it to the URL bar of the tool located in the middle of its interface.

fovd copy paste link

Step 3 Download

After pasting the link, you can start the downloading process; to begin that, click the arrow down button, and then finally, you can click the “Download” button. After that, you can start the downloading process it will be automatically saved on your device. If you want an application designed for downloading videos and audio, you can download Video Keeper.

fovd download

Comparison Chart

Websites Genres Available Ads Video Quality
The Private Bay Comedy, Tragedy, Romance, Action, Gunfight, Crime, Terror, Suspense, Animation, Family, Magic, etc. No 360, 720p
Open Culture History, Action, Romance, Comedy, etc. No 360p, 540
Movies Found Online Comedy, Action, Romance, Tragedy, Gunfight, Magic, Terror, Suspense, Animation, Family, Crime, etc. Annoying pop-up ads 240, 360, 480, 720, 1080
My Download Tube Actions, adventure drama, Comedy, Sci-fi, Anime, etc. Annoying pop-up ads 360p, 540
YouTube Actions, adventure drama, Comedy, Sci-fi, Anime, Romance, Thriller, Suspense, etc. Ads are in between the video 144, 240, 360, 480, 720, 1080
Websites Genres Available Ads Video Quality
VH Movies Comedy, Action, Romance, Tragedy, Gunfight, Magic, Terror, Suspense, Animation, Family, Crime, etc. Yes 360p, 540
YIFY Comedy, Action, Romance, Tragedy, Gunfight, Magic, Terror, Suspense, Animation, Family, Crime, etc. Ads are tolerable 144, 240, 360, 480, 720, 1080
Ant Movies Romance, Action, Comedy, Tragedy, Gunfight, Magic, Terror, Suspense, Animation, Family, Crime, etc. Yes 240, 360, 480, 720, 1080
The Internet Archive Actions, Adventure Drama, Comedy, History, etc. No 144, 240, 360, 480, 720, 1080
Watch Movies Free Actions, adventure drama, Comedy, Sci-fi, Anime, Romance, Thriller, Suspense, etc. Annoying pop-up ads 360, 720p

video download vk videos

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