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Top 10 Websites Like WorldStarHipHop

Websites Like WorldStarHipHopWorldstar HipHop is best known for its massive HipHop content. From HipHop news to the music video premiere, this site sure has it all. Ever since the site was released in the year 2005, it has helped a lot of aspiring HipHop artists make it big in the industry. Some even went big as releasing their record label, and even reaching Hollywood. Truly a life-changing experience, many aspiring hip-hop artists choose to release their compositions on WorldStar HipHop. We are hoping that they will get the same attention and break as their predecessors did. Truly one of a kind stepping stone for HipHop artists, WorldStar HipHop is an institution in developing and producing word class hip-hop talents. On the other hand, this is not the only site that has a lot of HipHop content. There are also other ones worth mentioning that come close with WorldStar HipHop. Some of these sites like WorldStar HipHop have even produced popular hip-hop artists as well. Read on to learn more about some of these amazing websites listed below.

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The Best 10 WorldStarHipHop Alternative Sites

1. Xxlmag

Xxlmag is one of the most refreshing hip-hop websites like WorldStarHipHop, where you can find hip-hop videos and news. It is indeed an American hip-hop magazine founded in 1997. The well-known Eminem and XXL released a special issue known as the XXL Presents Shade 45 in the very month of August year 2005. It aims to provide maximum exposure to the popular Shade 45 as a radio station. It means that the label Shady Records in its entirety and the artists of the radio DJ, as well as G Unit records, are known to the maximum. If you want to find information about hip-hop artists, Xxlmag can be the best hip-hop website you can visit to enjoy. If you wish to stream this site on your mobile phone, you may refer to the steps given below to know how to use its mobile app.

xxlmag image

On your Android device, you need to go to Google Play Store to download. Type in "XXL Mag" on the search bar and click the "Install" button. Launch it and stream your favorite hip-hop videos and read the latest news. Or you can check this post to learn on how to download WorldStar videos.

2. VladTV

VladTV is one of the world's leading sources for celebrity interviews and urban news. Vladtv's exclusive daily content offers shocking interviews with your city actors, artists, athletes, and popular cultural creators. When it makes a noise in the culture, we offer information, enlightenment, and commentary on unique voices in the community, in the past or the present. If you're looking for a WorldStar alternative to get updated with all the latest news, videos, and interviews related to hip-hop, VladTV will not disappoint you. You may also take advantage of its mobile app if you want to stream conveniently using your mobile device. Here's a simple guide on how to use it.

vlad image

3. Hotnewhiphop.Com

Hotnewhiphop is one of the best alternatives to WorldStarHipHop that allows artists to show their great music to real hip-hop followers. Meanwhile, their very own members enjoy the hottest as well as the most popular mixtapes, singles, videos, and hip-hop news. The HNHH is proud to offer new and updated content every day. They are fast becoming a premier hip-hop music and advertising powerhouse for established artists and up-and-coming stars. You can also download hip-hop music from this website for free. On top of that, this site also offers mobile operations for those who want to access the site on their mobile device. To know how to use its mobile version, please see the below steps.



Allhiphop is another good website like WorldStarHipHop. It was founded in the year 1998 and is referred to as a precious resource for hip-hop online. The same as WorldStar, it features news, reviews, interviews, multimedia, a fast-growing community, and other exciting content. Major publications such as XXL, CNN, The New York Post, and many others use The website maintains working relationships with many magazines, newspapers, televisions, and radio stations that are printed offline. Since its inception, in1998, the company has been sending daily news to fans of the music industry. is currently affiliated with Maven, a Seattle-based company, to manage the site Platform for digital media. If you're looking for sites like WorldStar, ensure you check on the AllHipHop.

AllHipHop image

5. is another site like WSHH that you should not miss. This site is as balanced as a place of humor and hip-hop, and the site is doing very well, unlike most other sites that have descended to rude meaningless humor. We don't see videos of hip-hop artists talking about their routines or just doing nonsense every day here. The United States does not have the same privacy laws as the European Union and other regions.

booboo image


SoulCentralTV is a haven for independent HipHop artists who want to introduce their music to the public. This site contains all the latest happenings in the world of HipHop. From HipHop news to the newest music release, SoulCentralTV is the place to be. Aside from HipHop content, the website also has other content like comedy, indie pop, and even rock music. The site has a lot of HipHop videos from new talents to seasoned artists, making it one of the best websites to visit for HipHop content.

soulcentraltv net

7. is also one of the hip-hop websites similar to WorldStarHipHop. This website is truly the source number 1 for all hip-hop interviews, news, music, videos, and everything you need. It was founded on 19 July 1999. No one represents hip-hop culture and rap music akin to. Here you will find the latest hip-hop album reviews and more. Generally, we can say that Hiphopdx is more informative instead of being humorous, just like Xxlmag. If you would like to keep update with all the information about the music industry, Hiphopdx will be the perfect option.


8. is a viral hip-hop news site like WorldStar. Mark Binelli, the author of Rolling Stone magazine, called it the best hip-hop site in general. Steven Samuel released his first album in the year 1992, Fuck All You' all. After leaving the group, he worked as a postman in New York. Then Palmer and Samuel met in 1996 and officially launched the site. The website has an average of 1.4 million visitors per month, and it's also the oldest online hip-hop community. SOHH is an excellent hip-hop site you never want to miss.

sohh image

9. TheLinkUp

TheLinkUp is an excellent alternative for WorldStarHipHop. It starts as a YouTube channel for hip-hop videos and then evolved into a website. You can visit TheLinkUp to watch leading broadcasters, rappers, hip-hop dancers, and other hip-hop content videos. Also, you can watch freestyle series like "Behind Barz" or the "Live Sessions." In fact, TheLinkUp helps young hip-hop artist to show their work across the world. They let them upload hip-hop content videos and share them on popular social media sites. Besides, you can read the recent news from rappers like Kranium, Drake, Frenzo Harami, and the likes. These are the reasons why TheLinkUp is listed as one of the best websites, like WorldStarHipHop.


10. DatPiff is another excellent hip-hop website worth visiting. This music streaming site offers you the best mixes, including old tapes you've never heard before. You can see how many views each audio record has, and you can even qualify them at the touch of a button. Listen to exclusive hip-hop music online by visiting DatPiff now. This site is rated among sites like WorldStar and is completely amazing to enjoy a hip-hop video out there! The best part about DatPiff is that even unregistered users can download the mixtapes without any cost.

datpiff image

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