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Effective Ways To Fix Video DownloadHelper Not Working Problem

Have you ever experienced downloading a video but never happy with the result? Nowadays, many tools are out of the market to help you download a video; one of those is what we call the Video DownloadHelper. This tool is a Firefox Web browser extension for downloading online videos. Its ability to detect, rip, and download online videos and audios are just some of its main features. This tool works well with Windows. But, what if Video Downloadhelper is not working? Are there any ways to solve such a problem? Reading below are guidelines to fix Video DownloadHelper not working issue.

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Video DownloadHelper Not Working in Firefox

This problem is by far the most common issue that you may encounter along the way. When Video DownloadHelper cannot detect the video source that you are trying to download, there are few things you can do. You can also experience this problem if your Firefox browser is outdated or have a lot of cookies, cache, and search history. Since Video DownloadHelper is a web-based video download, you will need to clean your browser for you to download videos smoothly. On the other hand, we have searched and listed the steps the best troubleshooting solution if you encounter Video DownloadHelper on your Mozilla Firefox browser.

firefox downloader

User guide

  • First, make sure that your Firefox browser is up to date. Though there are times that the older version of Video DownloadHelper works perfectly on Firefox. Sometimes, its the new version download that cause this trouble.
  • You can try to disable the automatic on your Firefox browser. Go to settings by clicking the "Menu" button beside the URL bar. Then, select "Add-ons" and go to "Extension." From there, click the "Gear" icon at the upper right part of the extension page, and uncheck the "Update add-ons automatically."
  • If the solution above doesn't help you, you can try to clear your browser's cache, cookies, and search history. To do that, go to Firefox, click on the "Menu" button, and select "Options." Then, go to "Privacy & Security."
  • Then, scroll down on the Options page, click the "Clear Data" button under "Cookies and Site Data," and press the "Clear History" under "History." It will clean your Firefox browser.
  • Once done, try to restart your PC, this can also help you fix the Video DownloadHelper problem.
  • If nothing of these steps fixed the problem of Video DownloadHelper on Firefox, you must find a good alternative for Video DownloadHelper.

Video DownloadHelper Not Working in Chrome

Since Video DownloadHelper is initially made for the Firefox browser, you can now use the tool on your Chrome browser. The developer of Video DownloadHelper has released a Chrome version for this tool in 2015. However, it took a year to update the tool. That is why there are so many limits on downloading videos on Chrome. One of the problems is you cannot save YouTube videos on Google Chrome using Video DownloadHelper. If you still want to use Video DownloadHelper on your Chrome, find another video sharing site that allows you to save videos using a Chrome browser. Also, you can use other software to download videos without any limits. That being said, we recommend using the AceThinker Video Keeper, which has been reviewed below.

chrome error image

AceThinker Video Keeper Lite - Best Tool to Download Video

AceThinker Video Keeper Lite is a one-of-a-kind tool that makes video downloading easy and convenient. At a low cost, you can have the supreme video quality you ever wanted. It is an all-in-one video downloader and converter work 3x faster than any other downloader out in the market. Generally speaking, AceThinker Video Keeper Lite is a must-have downloader tool. It is one of AceThinker's best-selling products. Believe it or not, you will be hooked on this tool the first time you try it. The AceThinker Video Keeper Lite is the tool you are looking for to help you fix the Video Downloadhelper not working chrome problem.

Try it for Free

Step 1 Download and Install the Video Keeper Lite

First, install the tool on your PC by clicking one of the "Download" buttons above. Launch the installation wizard to install it on your computer. After that, open it on your PC to get familiarized on it.

vklite main interface

Step 2 Download Videos

At this point, open the web browser, for example, YouTube. Then browse and select what you want to download. Copy the URL of the video, then go back to Video Keeper Lite. Then click the "Paste URL" button, wait for a few seconds, and you will see your video downloading done.

vklite dl yt videos

Step 3 Play the Video

Finally, check the video under the "Completed" section. Using the computer mouse, right-click on the downloaded video, choose play, and enjoy watching.

vklite play video


In conclusion, although many problems may occur in downloading videos, there are also ways to fix them. You might be encountering some issues along the way. Still, you will get help from some useful tools mentioned above. In general, this article gives you optional ideas on how to solve Video Downloadhelper stopped working problem.

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