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The Best 5 Ways to Download Streamable Video

streamable video downloaderStreamable is an online video sharing platform that allows its users to publish videos in the easiest way possible. One good thing about this site is that users could upload a video even without creating an account. Additionally, uploading the videos would not cost any money, although ads would embed in the video. Also, it features a "Clipper Tool" that allows users to clip or get videos from different streaming sites, including YouTube. So, if you are looking for reliable options to download these videos, we already found the ways for you. Dig into this article and let us find out how to download Streamable video using these 5 amazing solutions.

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Different Ways to Download Video From Streamable

1. AceThinker Video Keeper

The first and the best Streamable video downloader on this list is AceThinker Video Keeper. The main reason why it is considered the best is that it can download videos using 2 amazing options. First, it features a straightforward downloading function that saves the video three times faster compared to others. Also, it can grab the videos using its remarkable "Detect" function. Regarding this Detect option, users can use the built-in browser on the interface and let the software download the video automatically for them. Aside from that, all downloaded videos are ensured to equip the highest quality possible. Finally, it can also extract the audios from the videos, which are necessary in case users want to download music videos. To learn more about this excellent software, check the steps below.

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Step 1 Download and Install Video Keeper

Click any of the "Download" buttons located above that suits your operating system (Windows or Mac). Next, follow the installation process until you successfully save the software into your device. Once done, launch Video Keeper on your device to get a look into its main interface.

download video keeper

Step 2 Download the Video

To save video from Streamable using the first option, open a web browser to access the official website of Streamable. From here, browse and select the video you wish to download. Copy the URL of the video then go back to the main interface of Video Keeper. Click the "Paste URL" button and the software will automatically analyze and download the video link.

download video

In case you want to download Streamable videos without opening a new web browser, it is highly recommended to use the Detect function. To start, from the main interface of the software, go to the "Detect" tab. Then use the built-in browser to access Streamable and choose the video you want to download. Once selected, make sure that the "Enable detector" is turned on to detect the video. Once detected, a window will pop up for a few seconds then go back to the "Download" tab to check the process.

download using detect

Step 3 Check the Download

Go to the "Download" tab to see the progress of the process in real-time. Once the download is finished, click the "Completed" section to check the file. From here, right-click on the video name to access a new menu. Using this menu, you can either play, delete, or convert the Streamable video.

play video

2. Download Directly from the Website

Another way to download video from Streamable is to grab the video from the website itself. This option is an excellent way to download from streamable, in case users would not want to download any additional software that could eat up their storage space. Also, downloading it from the website is not that complicated to do. Users only need to play a particular video and right-click it so that the menu will appear. Aside from that, users can get content from YouTube because other subscribers upload YouTube videos to Streamable. Please check the steps below to find out how to download the videos using the default way.

download video

User Guide:

  • First, visit the official website of Streamable then choose any videos you want to download.
  • Once selected, try to play the video to check if it is working. Then, right-click the video player and a menu will appear.
  • From the menu, click the "Download" video option and it will direct you to a new page.
  • Next, click the "Menu" icon located at the bottom-right corner of the video. Click the "Download" button, and the process will start automatically.
  • Finally, open the target folder to play the downloaded video.


The next Streamable video download tool on this list is This tool is a web-based application that would not require any registration process and will surely help you download Streamable clips. Additionally, it supports downloading videos not only from Streamable but also from other video streaming sites like Vimeo. Additionally, it supports a format available to play for mobile devices so users can enjoy their videos anytime they want. Aside from that, it supports saving them in high quality like 4K, 1080p, and 720p. However, one major drawback of the is that pop-up ads are appearing
randomly while trying to download, which users might find annoying.

download video

User Guide:

  • Open a web browser then visit the official website of From here, you will see the download box wherein you need to paste the Streamable video link.
  • Next, open a new tab to access Streamable. Browse and select the video you want to download, then copy the URL of the selected video.
  • After that, go back to the interface of to paste the URL into the download box. Click "Download" to proceed the process.
  • From here, the tool will show a list of formats and qualities available. On the chosen format, right-click "Download video file" and choose "Save link As" to save Streamable video.
  • Wait for a few moments until the process is finished. Once the download is done, open the target folder to play the video.

4. BitDownloader

BitDownloader is another online Streamable video downloader. This web-based tool allows users to download Streamable MP4 videos regardless of the file size. Additionally, it features a third-party app that can also edit videos. Moreover, users can download videos from Streamable without any limit. Also, all of its downloading features are available without asking for any payment. Aside from that, all downloaded videos are ensured to be 100% safe and free from malware and virus. Also, it gives users two choices of video resolution to download depending on the device that they are using. Finally, the main interface is available to translate into different languages for foreign users.

download video

5. Video Downloader

The last Streamable video downloader in this list acts as a web browser extension. A reliable and video downloader Chrome extension, Video Dowloader is one of the fastest and easiest tools to acquire video files on any video streaming platform. The best thing about using this extension is that users can download the Streamable video without leaving the site's main page. Furthermore, it can download videos in various video files such as MP4, MOV, FLV, AVI, and more. It can also download and acquire multiple videos at once. Its major shortcoming is, it can't download video files from YouTube due to restrictions of the Chrome store. Nevertheless, it only has a lightweight interface and would not take a big part of your storage space.

video downloader interface


Streamable opens a brand new opportunity for newbie vloggers and film enthusiasts. So, downloading these videos is a great help for them and share them with your friends. Regarding this, all 5 video downloader tools reviewed above will perfectly do the job for you. However, it is still safe to claim that the AceThinker Video Keeper stands out from the rest since it features the most accessible function to grab videos. In case you have any more suggestions, feel free to fill in the comment box below. Thank you!

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Last updated on December 20, 2021

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