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anime sites like 9anime Today, thousands of people go to the internet to watch Anime, and 9anime is widely regarded as one of the most relevant free anime websites. This program enables you to watch your favorite Anime episodes in high quality. It works on your smartphones and your computer or personal computer. It also has easy access to newly released episodes and makes it easy to navigate them. In addition, you are using this program to safely download Anime or watch it in a hurry while streaming is a breeze. Assume you want to stream some of your favorite Anime episodes online. As a result, this article provided a list of the most highly recommended alternatives to 9anime for streaming Anime. Below, without further ado, you will find an overview of ten different approaches to working.


Distinctive Feature: A very quick search for information regarding anime.
Supportive Language: Japanese and English.

Animepahe is a straightforward platform that provides access to the most recent anime titles. It includes many recently broadcast episodes, the majority of which are dubbed in English. When using this program, you have the option to search for an anime series by using either the search box or the anime page. Additionally, you can also download anime subtitles and it makes it simple for users to stream and download anime of the highest possible quality. It is offered for sale on the international market in various genres, including horror, action, adventure, and a great deal more. In addition, to view the videos on this website, registration is not required.

animepahe main interface


Distinctive Feature: The highest resolution that can be achieved on this website is 1080p.
Supportive Language: Japanese.

This program is risk-free for watching anime online and downloading it for free. It provides AnimeTV users with simple access and navigation to newly broadcast episodes. It has a large selection of anime, both old and new episodes, that can be watched or streamed. It does not host any media files but provides links to other servers where each episode can be found. As a direct consequence of this, fans of anime now have access to a wide variety of channels to watch the episode shows. In addition, the majority of the anime shows on AnimeTV have their original Japanese audio dubbed over them. You are free to switch to any of the other servers when there is no response on the one you are currently using because multiple servers are available for each episode. Users have access to a wide variety of genres of anime films.

animetv main options


Distinctive Feature: It provides you the proficiency to download videos from different websites.
Supportive Language: English, Chinese, and Japanese.

Anime-Planet is one of the websites dedicated to anime, similar to 9anime. Anyone can use this website to watch popular anime with subtitles. It supplies its users with the ability to watch free anime series in the quickest possible manner. In addition, the platform features a user interface that is both simple and rich, enabling users to search for and access their preferred anime and select any anime they want from a drop-down list on the platform. Additionally, while remaining sophisticated and user-friendly, it features a high level of interaction.

anime planet home page


Distinctive Feature: It can download gogoanime anime videos from nearly all primary video hosting services without loss of quality.
Supportive Language: English, Japanese, Spanish, and Chinese.

Gogoanime is one of the websites that are similar to 9anime. It is a comprehensive website devoted to anime, housing both dubbed and subtracted anime series episodes. As a direct consequence of this, the website features a wide variety of anime-related content. It is entirely free to use and will appeal to many people who enjoy watching anime. In addition, it features an advanced filter option that enables you to search for anime based on a variety of criteria, including the year it was released, the genres it belongs to, and more. In contrast to the other program, this website is always up to date, and you can use it to watch advanced anime shows whenever you want and wherever you are.

gogoanime main interface


Distinctive Feature: This anime site does not need to log in or enter any information to use it.
Supportive Language: Chinese, English, and Japanese.

AnimeVibe is featured on one of the lists of websites similar to 9anime that allow viewers to watch anime. This website drives it comfortable for you to use subtitles while watching your favorite anime shows, so if that's something you want to do, you should check it out. In addition, it is easy to use, has an interface that is reasonably clean, and has speedy loading times for a website of this kind. In addition, due to the ease with which recently published episodes can be accessed and navigated through this website, more than a thousand people have already visited it in order to watch the content in question online. With the assistance of this tool, you will be able to locate any anime title that has been dubbed in the highest possible quality.

anime vibe search bar


Distinctive Feature: It allows you to stream anime with unlimited access.
Supportive Language: Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

You can watch anime for free on a wide variety of websites, including 4anime, which is just one of many such websites. Websites like this can be found all over the internet. It has developed into one of the many popular websites where users can watch videos without paying for the privilege. It equips its users with the capability to watch and download anime movies. You are free to watch any movie you want, whenever you want, and from any location, so long as there are no restrictions. If you want to watch an anime film with a high resolution, having a consistent connection will help increase load capacity, which is essential if you want to do so. All of 4Anime's content is streamed in 1080p means that the pictures will have a higher resolution. The site will provide an overall better visual experience.

4anime main interface

Anime Dao

Distinctive Feature: It does not require registration to browse the site, but you will have access to more features if you do so.
Supportive Language: English, Chinese, and Japanese.

There is a mention of AnimeDao on one of the lists. Indeed, it provides a platform with unrestricted access to anime worldwide. With the assistance of this tool, you will be able to locate any anime title that has been dubbed in the highest possible quality. You can stream episodes in either the program's original language or with subtitles if there are multiple servers available and it is set up so that you can switch between them. In addition, the platform is suitable for use with a wide variety of anime subgenres, such as those based on science, vampires, fiction, adventure, action, drama, and other similar topics. In addition, it is easy to use, has an interface that is reasonably clean, and has loading times that are unusually quick for a website of this type.

animedao main interface


Distinctive Feature: It supports a user-friendly user interface for mobile devices so that you can easily watch videos on your mobile device.
Supportive Language: English, Japanese, Mandarin.

One of the websites that can be used as a substitute for the anime website 9anime is Animixplay. It is able to cater to the preferences of specific individuals with regard to the standard of quality that they watch on a regular basis. Because of this, it is a website that gives its users the ability to watch anime in an online environment. It possesses one-of-a-kind characteristics that make it possible for you to customize the experience as a whole. You will be able to stream episodes using either the subbed or the dubbed version, and you will have the option to switch between servers to do so. In addition to that, the entirety of the anime shows that you enjoy watching will be made accessible to you in their entirety.

animixplay main options


Distinctive Feature: It gives you an interface similar to this one to easily search for the episode you want to watch, and you can even play it on your mobile devices like smartphones.
Supportive Language: English, Korean, Japanese.

The website has a straightforward user interface for its users. You have the option of classifying and organizing your anime collection. Crunchyroll allows users to access content that is currently airing, recently released, widely popular, and belongs to various genres of anime. It also delivers streams quickly and in an acceptable quality. It is a website that streams anime in the English language, making it yet another excellent source for subtitling anime of the highest possible quality. Even though there are no other navigation tools offered, the platform does provide a quick search process that can be used at any time to locate anime.

crunchyroll anime options


Distinctive Feature: Funimation library can be watched for free in 1080p resolution with advertisements playing in the background if you choose to do so.
Supportive Language: English and Japanese.

When it comes to watching anime online, the website Funimation is the best platform to use. It has an unusual interface that will take you anywhere you want to go, and it is certainly worth a shot just for the exclusive subbed anime titles that it provides. Additionally, if you do not want to be disturbed while watching your favorite shows, you can pay a small fee to watch those shows in complete silence and without interruptions from advertisements. In addition, this option is available to you if you do not want to be disturbed while watching your favorite shows. The user interface was uncomplicated and included some of the module's other important functionalities.

funimation home page

Comparison Chart

Anime Sites Price Annoying Ads Mobile Device Support
Animepahe $5.99/mo Moderate Compatible
AnimeTV $5.99 per month Few Not Compatible
Anime-Planet Free None Compatible
Gogoanime $4.99 per month. Moderate Not Compatible AnimeVibe Free Few Compatible
Anime Sites Price Annoying Ads Mobile Device Support
4Anime $6.00 per month. None Not Compatible
Anime Dao $4.99 per month Few Compatible
Animixplay Free None Not Compatible
Crunchyroll Free Moderate Compatible
Funimation $5.99 per month Few Not Compatible

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