The Best Websites to Download Anime Subtitles

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featured image download anime subtitles Anime is an animation of drawings created by Mangaka to breathe life into their creations. Well, to cut off the formality, most of us know it has taken the world. It is undeniable that it is already in every heart of its avid viewers. Anime has transcended time and become popular worldwide, not only in Japan. No matter if you're a kid or you already have kids, Anime can catch your heart since it caters to different stories and genres. However, Anime is dubbed in its native language, which is Japanese. Other countries stream Anime, and they will dub it in their own language. Most viewers from different countries prefer to watch Anime with English subtitles. Nevertheless, some Anime or Anime sites don't provide subtitles. That's why we're here for you, as we tried and tested the best and multiple options to download Anime subtitles. Let's start this so you can binge-watch your favorite series.

Top 6 Sites to Download Japanese & English Anime Subtitles

1. Kitsunekko

Distinctive Feature: Its main interface is like some old websites out there, meaning it is easy to navigate. You can directly download subtitles within a few clicks.
Output Formats: SRT, ASS, and more.

Kitsunekko claims that it has one of the biggest collections of Anime subtitles online. It offers multiple languages like Japanese Anime, Chinese, Korean, and English for its subtitles. This Anime English subtitles download site provides an extensive list of Anime series alongside the year they were uploaded. Another good thing about Kitsunekko is you can download ZIP and RAR files that contain lots of subtitle filesm including TV series subtitles. With that being said, you can have all the subtitles of an entire Anime season quickly. So if you want to download Anime subtitles, you can consider this site.

kitsunekko download subtitle

2. Subscene

Distinctive Feature: You can upload subtitles to share them with other users, which can also expand the content of the site.
Output Formats: SRT only.

One of the top-rated websites to download subtitle is Subscene. Why? Aside from Anime, it provides subtitles for movies, TV series subtitles, sitcoms, music videos, and more, making it the best place for Anime buffs. It presents subtitles from various languages, including Italian, English, Spanish, and a lot more. The subtitles are also compressed in zip files so you can quickly download them with smaller file sizes. One good thing about the site is you can also offer a search bar, so you can specifically search for the Anime subtitles you want.

subscene download subtitle

3. Addic7ed

Distinctive Feature: The website provides subtitles for newly-released Anime shows.
Output Formats: SRT only.

Another different websites wherein you can download Anime subtitle is Addic7ed. Aside from its countless collections of Anime subtitles, it also provides subtitles for TV shows and movies. You can also find subtitle files from various languages, including Bulgarian, French, and English. Also, the subtitles are appropriately categorized into sections. Furthermore, it has a search bar to find a specific Anime subtitles. The major bad side of the website is that ads appear randomly on the page. Well, sometimes, this is normal since you can download subtitles on this site for free.

addic7ed download subtitle

4. Animetosho

Distinctive Feature: You can download an entire Anime episode and movie with Anime subtitles embedded in it.
Output Formats: ASS, SRT, and more.

Animetosho is the next website that provides an extensive collection of Anime subtitles and considered one of the most famous free websites to get subtitles. Aside from the search bar, it has a filter option so you can narrow down the lists of Anime subtitles. Also, Animetosho acts as an aggregator from other subtitle websites, making sure you'll get more results than others. One good thing about the site is that even though you can download Anime subtitles for free, it has no ads appearing randomly.

animetosho download subtitle

5. OpenSubtitles

Distinctive Feature: The subtitle website also lets you download Anime movies for up to 1080p quality.
Output Formats: SRT only.

OpenSubtitles is like a community of Anime lovers. Several users upload Anime videos with subtitles into their servers. It also has a forum section wherein Anime lovers can interact with each other. With this forum, you can request other users to upload a particular Anime subtitles for an Anime video. There are ads on its page, but you can remove them if you create a register and avail a premium account. You can give this one of the notable free websites a try.

opensubtitle download subtitle

6. AniSubs

Distinctive Feature: This website is a complete Anime platform wherein it has countless Anime series, movies, OVA, and more.
Output Formats: Downloading Anime subtitles in ASS format is available.

Another one of the best free websites wherein you can download Anime subtitles and shows is AniSubs. Aside from downloading them, you can also stream Anime using the websites with the subtitles embedded. Another is that it AniSubs uploads the latest Anime releases. Additionally, the main page is clean and has no ads, which is rare for free sites. Moreover, the subtitle files are saved from Google Drive, and you can download them in a ZIP file without any hassle, thanks to this best place of Anime subtitles.

anisubs download subtitle

7. CD Japan

Distinctive Feature: You can purchase a physical Manga book on this website.
Output Formats: You can do downloading Anime subtitles process in SRT format.

CD Japan is an online shop website where you can order Anime merch like CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, figures, and more. You can also find and download Anime subtitles on this website as it focuses on Japanese Anime subtitles. Also, it has a variety of Japanese video games that you can purchase online. This website is safe because it has no ads appearing within its domain. All the Anime subtitles and the upcoming merch from Japan are regularly updated within CD Japan. This makes it one of the most reliable free websites in the Anime subtitle world.

download anime subtitle cdjapan

8. iSubtitles

Distinctive Feature: It has a filter where you can set the default language of the Anime subtitle you will download, including Japanese Anime subtitles.
Output Formats: SRT only.

iSubtitles is a free website where you can download subtitles of the most popular TV series, movies, and Anime. It has a simple web design where you can quickly look for the subtitles to download. Also, it has a section where you can browse subtitles by movie country. That means once you go to the "Japan" section, lots of Anime subtitles are listed, like Japanese Anime subtitles, which you can download for free. Also, Anime movie subtitles are available on this website for convenient downloading Anime subtitles process.

download anime subtitle isubtitle

9. Nyaa.Si

Distinctive Feature: This website also contains movie subtitles from the 70s-90s Anime or films, making downloading Anime subtitles a breeze.
Output Formats: SRT only. is another one of the popular free websites with a user-friendly interface and a large selection of all the anime subtitles available for absolutely free download. From the most current to the oldest anime, subtitles are available for free download on the home page. However, you may utilize the search box if you don't want to scroll and instead want to find a hidden gem or an older Anime. To make the procedure easier, users can apply filters or select categories from the search box. You may start the process of downloading subtitle file and watching your favorite Anime with only one click.

download anime subtitles

10. English-subtitles

Distinctive Feature: It has an "Add subtitle" feature where you can request a subtitle file of the movie or series that is not included yet on their website.
Output Formats: Downloading Anime subtitles is only available in SRT format.

English-subtitles is one of the best free websites where you can find different Anime subtitles. The website is mainly created to provide English subtitles for movies, TV shows, Anime, and more. So, if you cannot find the English version of your favorite Anime show, you can give this website a try. It lets visitors read the synopsis of an Anime once they enter its official website. Besides, you can use the search bar to locate a specific Anime show of your choice. If you prefer subtitle file in SRT format, this website best suits your requirements.

english-subtitle interface

How to Insert Subtitles to an Anime Video

Above, we all discovered the best sites to download Anime subtitles. Now, let us learn how to insert them in your downloaded Anime videos to watch them without any hassle. Originally, AceThinker Video Master's main function was to convert video and change video resolution to different media formats to access it on any device. Perhaps, it is an all-in-one solution to watch Anime without Ads. One of its capabilities is to edit videos before you convert them. The best part is you can add subtitles to the Anime video before downloading. It supports several subtitle text formats, including .srt, .ass, and others. Furthermore, you can set the position and the opacity of the text. Additionally, Video Master lets you choose the font style, color, and size you prefer. Let us learn how to insert anime subtitles using Video Master.

Try it for Free

Free DownloadWindows 8/10/11

Secure/Safe Download

Step 1 Install Video Master

Since it's software, we have to click the "Download" button first to get the installer of AceThinker Video Master's. Next, open the downloaded file to start the installation process. After that, open Video Master to access its interface.

vm main interface

Step 2 Upload the Anime Video

From the interface, click the "Add Files" button to open your file explorer. Search for the Anime video you have saved in your local drive and upload it on Video Master. After that, click the "Dropdown" menu in the subtitle option then select "Add Subtitle."

vmaster upload anime step2

Step 3 Insert Anime Subtitle

After that, your file explorer will open so you can select the downloaded Anime subtitle. Next, a prompt will appear, asking you to edit the subtitle if you want. From here, you can edit the font style, position, and others. Hit "OK" to add subtitles.

vmaster edit subtitle step3

Step 4 Play Anime with Subtitle

Once set up, click the "Convert" button at the bottom-right corner to completely add subtitles and produce the video. The finished product is transferred to the "Converted" tab of the software. You can click the "Play" button, and you can watch the Anime video with subtitles play. That's how you add subtitles with this software.

vmaster play anime subtitle step4

You can also use this app to insert subtitles downloaded from YouTube. You can check this link on how to download subtitle on YouTube.

Top Airing Anime So far

Japanese Anime fans continue to argue which series or show is the best of all time. There are a lot of fan services, forums, and surveys to determine which is the best. Honestly, it is kind of hard to identify which comes out of the top. Well, to make it easier, let's list the best Anime for 2020 so far. This list is based on several websites that rank Anime. You can browse them before downloading Anime subtitles or its dubbed version to have more idea on what to watch. Please also suggest any Japanese Anime that you know using the comment section. Thank you!

1. Re: Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

It is already running on its 2nd season. The Japanese Anime is about a high school student that has been transferred to a different world. The problem is he doesn't even know the reason why he was summoned or who summoned him.

zero kara

2. Kingdom

The Japanese Anime is currently in its 3rd season. The setting is in the early period of China and features several historical figures from China. The protagonists are poor orphans who want to become the Great Generals of Heaven.


3. One Piece

Created by Eiichiro Oda, it is one of the longest-running Japanese Anime manga and shows of all time. It is about a young man who lives in a small village who dreams of becoming the Pirate King.

one piece

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