Powerful Alternatives to Restream for Multi-streaming

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feature restream alternativeRestream.io is a popular live-streaming platform that has gained much traction in recent years. It allows users to broadcast their content to multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn, among others, simultaneously. With Restream.io, content creators can reach a wider audience and increase their online presence, making it a valuable tool for businesses, influencers, and other content creators. However, despite its popularity, Restream.io has its limitations. For instance, it does not offer advanced features such as custom branding and monetization options. It's pricing model can also be prohibitive for some users, especially those just starting. As a result, many users seek alternative live-streaming platforms that offer similar features and functionality. Fortunately, this article lists the best Restream alternatives you can utilize to decide which platform to livestream.

Features and Pricing of Restream.io

It is a comprehensive streaming platform that offers a variety of features to help you stream your content to numerous platforms at once. Here are some of the key features that are included:

  • Multi-Platform Streaming: It allows you to stream your content to over 30 different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch. This will enable you to get a wider audience and increase your viewership.
  • Live Chat Aggregation: It aggregates all the comments and messages from your various platforms into a single chat window, making engaging with your audience easy.
  • Multi-Camera Support: Restream.io supports multiple cameras, allowing you to switch between different angles or capture different views of your content.
  • Restream Scheduler: With the Restream Scheduler, you can schedule pre-recorded content to be streamed at a specific date and time. This makes maintaining a consistent streaming schedule easy even if you can't be there in person.
  • Analytics Dashboard: It provides detailed analytics so you can track your stream performance across all of your platforms. This includes metrics such as viewer count, engagement, and more.

features of restream

Now, let's take a look at the different pricing tiers available:

  • Free: This plan allows you to stream up to 30 minutes daily to one destination at a time. While this plan has limitations, it's a great way to start with Restream.io and test the platform.
  • Standard: For $19/month, you can stream to multiple destinations at once, with a limit of 10 hours per month. This plan is ideal for individual creators or small businesses who want to expand their reach across multiple platforms.
  • Professional: For $99/month, you can stream to multiple destinations with no time limit and access advanced features such as multi-camera support and analytics. This plan best suits larger organizations or businesses requiring more advanced features and customization.

pricing plan of restream

Top Restream Alternatives

1. Prism Live Studio

Pricing Details: In-app purchases

User Reviews: Based on Google Play, it has 3.6 Stars with 21,516 reviews.

The first on the list for the Restream alternative software is Prism Live Studio. Though the tool supports simulcasting, it primarily focuses on video editing and production as opposed to Restream. Live streamers can also access this tool in both mobile and desktop applications, making it convenient for users who prefer to broadcast on mobile devices. With this streaming application, users can share their screen with ease in up to 4K resolution. In addition, users can also apply multiple background filters, effects, and masks for more engaging streaming. Another outstanding feature of this platform is its ability to remove watermarks during live streaming, providing higher video quality.

Features and Benefits:

  • It lets users add fun stickers and diverse media files, including video clips, images, and music, to create special videos.
  • It also has an option to hide their face behind virtual avatars, allowing users to gain privacy while streaming.
  • The platform provides extra low latency for free, enhancing the real-time interaction with your audience.

prism live studio interface

Extra Tip: Download Livestream Videos through Aqua Clip

Aqua Clip is a professional downloading tool that allows users to save livestream videos for later viewing. This tool lets users download videos of high quality up to 4K, providing users with a great viewing experience. It has the ability to rip videos from different streaming platforms like YouTube, Facebook, X (formerly known as Twitter), and others. With the advanced technology it adopted, the tool can download 5x faster, enabling users to grab multiple videos simultaneously. Moreover, it is consistent with Windows and Mac, extending its users. It also includes an integrated browser allowing users to directly search for and download videos without the need of copying and pasting URLs. These functionalities enhance Aqua Clip’s effectiveness for regularly downloading live stream videos.

Try it for Free

Step 1 Acquire the Video Downloader

Get the tool by clicking the button above. Ensure that you choose the appropriate installer for your computer. Then, run the setup wizard and heed the on-screen prompts to install it. You can familiarize yourself with its clean interface.

aqua clip main interface

Step 2 Copy the Link to the Livestream Video

Go to the streaming platform you want to get the live stream video. After that, search for the live-stream video you wish to save for later viewing and copy the link from the site's address bar. Return to the downloading tool and paste the live stream link on the search bar.

aqua clip copy the live link

Step 3 Download the Livestream Video

Once the tool analyzes the link, click the drop-down download button to access the available quality for your video. Then, select your preferred quality and hit the "Download" button to download Livestream video YouTube.

aqua clip download

Step 4 Play the Livestream Video

The downloaded livestream video will be saved in your default output folder, but you can also open it in the "Downloaded" panel of the tool. Then, right-clicking on the video file will let you see the option for your video. To locate the output folder, click "Open File Location" and double-click the video file to play it on your media player.

aqua tune playback

2. Streamlabs

Pricing Details: The Streamlabs Ultra is priced at $19/month or a discounted rate of $149/year when billed annually.

User Reviews:According to Capterra, it has 4.5 stars with 77 reviews.

Streamlabs stands out as a robust Restream Alternative service, offering a comprehensive suite of powerful streaming tools. Similar to Restream, it is equipped with features such as simulcasting, video editing, graphic overlays, collaboration tools, and more. Streamlabs is particularly popular among users engaged in computer game streaming, leveraging its versatile capabilities. Unlike Restream, this streaming service can be installed on consoles, broadening its compatibility and catering to users who stream from gaming consoles. Furthermore, the quality of the stream, including video and audio, depends on the user’s internet connection, hardware specification, and the settings configured within the tool.

Features and Benefits:

  • An advantage of Streamlabs is its open-source nature, providing users with the flexibility to customize and enhance their streaming experience.
  • It also caters to a broad audience by being available on both Android and iOS devices, extending its accessibility.
  • Users can create a custom tip page and domain through Streamlabs. This provides a dedicated space for audience interaction and revenue generation from multi-streaming activities.

streamlabs interface

3. Resi

Pricing Details: The Live Streaming Platform plans start at $139 a month.

User Reviews: It has 4.8 stars with 48 reviews based on the platform G2.

Another prominent streaming company is Resi. It offers several unique products for professional broadcasting, with one notable product being Resi ProPresenter Stream, positioned as a compelling alternative to Restream. In fact, this alternative utilizes the RSP (Resi Streaming Protocol) rather than RTMP. This protocol aims to enhance the streaming experience for both broadcasters and viewers. Additionally, it offers on-demand content features that let users upload pre-recorded content for live streaming and multistreaming across various platforms. Users benefit from 1-2 channels of video and 16 channels of audio for multistreaming, ensuring a superior experience for viewers.

Features and Benefits:

  • It has a cloud service that converts the spoken words of your live stream into written text.
  • This tool is recognized for superior ongoing product support, making it easy for users to navigate and maximize the potential of their streaming tools.
  • It has a one-click streaming function that streamlines the broadcasting process.

resi interface

Bonus Tips: Save Livestream Videos via CleverGet

CleverGet emerged as an exceptional video downloader, enabling users to download online content, including videos, music videos, live streams, and TV shows. These downloaded videos can be saved in impressive 4K resolution from a vast array of over 1000 websites. This versatile video downloader seamlessly supports downloads from popular social media platforms like Vimeo, Dailymotion, Twitch, and many others. What molds CleverGet apart is its ability to effortlessly download live streams by automatically capturing the M3U8 link. Additionally, CleverGet offers a comprehensive experience by covering all aspects of downloading, searching, and playing back videos through its built-in player and browser.

Try it for Free

Step 1 Install the CleverGet

On your device, obtain the livestream downloader. You can click the button on the compatible version for your operating system. Then, follow the on-screen walk-through to install CleverGet on your device.

acethinker cleverget interface

Step 2 Get the Livestream Link

Search for the livestream video you wish to grab. Then, copy the link of the video and return to the video downloading software to paste the copied link. Wait until the tool has opened the target video link.

cleverget copy link

Step 3 Download the Video

Afterward, the tool will determine the sources available for download. Choose from various resolutions, sizes, and formats for your desired video. Once you've selected your preferred download options, click the "Download" button.

cleverget download

Step 4 Locate and access the downloaded files

Once the download process is finished, you can easily locate and view the downloaded files by clicking the video icon on the top right part of the tool. You can double-click the video to play it when you have located it.

cleverget video playback

4. Castr

Pricing Details: It starts from the affordable Starter plan at $12.50/month to the Custom plan with advanced features and customized pricing.

User Reviews: It has 4.7 stars on G2 with 171 reviews.

Next on the list for the Restream alternative is Castr. It is a multi-platform streaming offering two distinctive products: a robust simulcasting tool and a comprehensive live streaming and video hosting platform. Unlike Restream, this live-streaming platform supports various ingesting methods, including RTMP, RTSP, HLS, and MPEG-TS, providing broadcasters multiple options. Moreover, it excels in facilitating engagement by allowing streaming to multiple Facebook pages, groups, and profiles simultaneously. This notable feature sets it apart in the live-streaming landscape. However, it's essential to note that Cast lacks the ability to connect multiple camera feeds during live streams, distinguishing it from Restream in this aspect.

Features and Benefits:

  • The absence of ads on any Castr plans further contributes to a professional streaming environment.
  • It showcases monetization features, providing broadcasters with diverse options to generate revenue from their content.
  • It incorporates video hosting features, allowing users to effectively manage and present their content.

castr interface

5. Splitstream

Pricing Details: There are four subscription options available for Splitstream: a Free plan, a Standard plan priced at $9.99/month, a Pro plan at $29.99/month, and a Pro+ plan available for $59.99/month.

User Reviews: With 122 reviews accumulating 4.7 stars on G2.

Splitstream is another Restream alternative for Twitch. It is tailored for broadcasters solely in need of effective simulcasting capabilities. This makes it ideal for those who focus on multi-platform streaming. With plans supporting streaming to 15, 30, or 50 channels simultaneously, users have flexibility based on their specific requirements. These channels include Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and more. Its plain design also offers broadcasters the essential tools required for seamless simulcasting across various channels. While Splitstream is primarily designed for multistreaming, it lacks advanced features like live chat aggregation and scheduling options. Users looking for comprehensive chat management may find more feature-rich options elsewhere.

Features and Benefits:

  • Splitstream also supports website streaming, providing flexibility in reaching audiences on various online platforms.
  • The tool allows the use of custom RTMP for channels supporting this protocol.
  • It enables channel doubling, allowing users to stream multiple channels on the same platform.

splitstream interface

6. Videolinq

Pricing Details:Their Basic plan is $49/month for streaming to 10 destinations, and the Premium plan is $149/month, allowing streaming to 15 destinations and custom Enterprise pricing tailored to specific business needs.

User Reviews:According to G2, it has 4.5 stars with 57 reviews.

Videolinq came up as a feature-rich Restream Alternative for YouTube, emphasizing live stream production. Features for HD streaming, IP camera streaming, remote streaming, and smart OTT distribution complement its simulcasting tool. The platform provides robust distribution options, enabling content delivery for extended reach to social media platforms, CDNs, and video platforms. While Videolinq shares similarities with Restream, it lacks Q&A functionality and does not support multiple camera feeds. However, it compensates with video annotations, enhancing interactive elements during live streams. Using this tool, you can set the video stream quality to 720p at 4MBps.

Features and Benefits:

  • Videolinq also offers a powerful time-zone broadcasting scheduler, allowing users to schedule streams strategically.
  • The tool's analytics dashboard gives insights into viewership and engagement metrics.
  • It facilitates streaming from IP cameras, allowing users to integrate live feeds into their broadcasts.

videolinq interface

7. Onestream Live

Pricing Details: It provides various pricing plans, including a free version with limited features, a Basic plan at $29/month, a Standard plan at $99/month, and a Professional plan at $199/month.

User Reviews: Based on Trustpilot, it has 4.7 stars with 816 reviews.

OneStream competes with Restream by offering multistreaming to an impressive 40+ platforms, surpassing the industry standard. Its ability to stream to various platforms simultaneously, including popular destinations like Facebook Live, Instagram, Twitch, YouTube, and custom RTMP destinations, stands out. Besides, the platform features a unified live chat system, letting content creators engage with followers seamlessly across multiple platforms. It also supports pre-recorded streaming, which means that this tool accommodates scheduling and planning content. This lets users integrate their live streams into different web environments, catering to diverse online presence strategies.

Features and Benefits:

  • Broadcast both real-time and recorded live streams, providing flexibility in content delivery.
  • Users can easily embed live streams on various online platforms, including websites, social forums, blog sites, or e-commerce storefronts, enhancing accessibility and engagement.
  • It enables users to record and download live streams, allowing content creators to repurpose content, enhance outreach, and extend the lifespan of valuable broadcasts.

onestream interface

8. StreamYard

Pricing Details: It provides a range of pricing plans, including a free plan with participant and feature limitations, a Basic plan at $25/month, a Professional plan at $49/month, and more.

User Reviews: It accumulated 4.8 stars with 283 reviews on G2.

Last but not the least is StreamYard. This Restream alternative enables users to effortlessly stream to popular platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitch, and more. Enhance audience engagement by featuring their comments directly on the screen, creating a personalized and interactive streaming experience for viewers. It also offers overlays, logos, backgrounds, and the ability to record live streams for up to 50 hours. This also allows you to schedule a live stream, letting you plan and organize your content in advance. This scheduling feature contributes to a more structured and well-managed approach to your streaming activities.

Features and Benefits:

  • It sets a new standard for live webinars, offering unparalleled stability, simplicity, and production quality with the capability to embed it directly on your website.
  • The tool ensures a hassle-free experience for guests, enabling them to join your livestream effortlessly from their browser or phone with just a few clicks.
  • It embed StreamYard On-Air directly on your website for a fully white-label webinar experience.

streamyard interface

Comparison Chart

Tools Restream vs Alternatives User-Friendliness Customer Support
Prism Live Studio Prism Live Studio excels in areas such as extra low latency, higher video quality, and a focus on creative video editing. On the other hand, Restream stands out for its extensive multicasting support for a wide array of platforms. Its interface is geared towards video editing and production, making it intuitive for those focused on creative aspects. Prism Live Studio's customer support can be limited, but it provides online documentation and community forums.
Streamlabs Streamlabs excels with its feature-rich interface, video editing, and branding tools, while Restream stands out for its extensive multicasting capabilities to over 30 platforms. It showcases a feature-rich interface, making it easy for streamers to set up and customize their broadcasts. It provides robust customer support through various channels, including 24/7 live support and chat.
Resi Resi's, with unique features like RSP protocol and superior support, offers a tailored streaming experience. Unlike Restream, Resi lacks a free trial and advanced audience engagement tools. Resi is highlighted by its seamless interface, easy one-click streaming, and advanced automation features, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced broadcasters. They provide full email and phone support.
Castr Castr and Restream both offer versatile multistreaming but differ in features. Castr supports various ingest methods and live chat on Facebook and provides 24/7 support, making it a robust alternative. Its commitment to user experience is evident in its user-friendly interface, which allows for simple toggling between different platforms. Castr shines in customer support, providing a valuable 24/7 assistance feature across all plans.
Tools Restream vs Alternatives User-Friendliness Customer Support
Splitstream When comparing Splitstream to alternatives like Restream, it's evident that its strength lies in its simplicity and cost-effectiveness. It may lack some advanced features, but for those focused on multistreaming without additional frills, Splitstream delivers a reliable performance. The interface is reflexive, ensuring broadcasters can easily navigate and set up their multi-streams without unnecessary complexities. While Splitstream offers paid plans, its support options are not as extensive as those of some competitors.
Videolinq Videolinq competes strongly with Restream in performance, offering a suite of tools tailored for live stream production. The absence of certain features, such as multi-camera support, is balanced by unique functionalities like video annotations. It ensures straightforward navigation, facilitating the live stream production process. It provides customer service, allowing users to send an email anytime.
Onestream Live OneStream competes favorably with Restream, excelling in pre-recorded streaming capabilities and the unique ability to stream directly from cloud storage platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox. The platform highlights features designed for ease of use, allowing content creators to personalize their live streams with customizable branding. Users can contact Onestream customer services via live chat, email, and phone.
StreamYard With its intuitive dashboard, it compares favorably with Restream. This differentiates itself by offering a giveaway feature and encouraging engagement by choosing a random commenter to win a prize. It excels in user-friendliness, providing a very intuitive dashboard, making it an excellent choice for streamers, particularly those new to the platform. It provides an email system for the users to reach out for help.

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