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How to Download 8K Videos Online

download 8k video8K is known as the Super Hi-Vision. It is a revolutionary video resolution next in line to 4K. Thus, the quality is twice better than the 4K resolution. Furthermore, 8K is 8000 pixels width screen display and currently the highest UHD resolution. That means the greater the amount of the pixel, the better the picture quality is produced. Hence, it stimulates vivid experience while watching because the screen display is sharper and clearer even if you get closer to the screen. With the creasing demand in video quality, the first 8K video has been there already years ago on YouTube. When you find an interesting 8K video, you might wonder how to download 8K video so that you can watch it offline. Let's start to check some of the best 8K video downloaders that you can use to save 8K videos on both PC and mobile devices.

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Best Way to Download 8K Video on Windows/Mac

The best software you can rely on to download 8K video as fast as possible is Video Keeper Lite. A primary reason for this claim is that it uses the full bandwidth of your internet connection, making sure it is only focused on the download process. Additionally, it even lets you save multiple 8K videos simultaneously. Moreover, it has a built-in video converter to turn the files into other formats (AVI, MOV, etc.) and play them on your other devices. Aside from that, it has a web browser that supports the streaming of 8K videos from several websites. To learn more about this notable software, follow the steps provided below.

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Step 1 Download and Install the Software

Click the "Download" button to get a copy of its installer. Open it and run the installation wizard to save it. Once done, launch Video Keeper Lite to access its main interface.

vklite interface

Step 2 Download 8K Video

After you installed the software, launch your web browser and visit any video sharing site that streams 8K videos. Then, search for the 8K video you wish to save and make sure to copy its URL from the address bar. Go back to the software and hit the "Paste URL" button to continue and download it.

videokeeperlite play 8k step3

You may type the keyword "8K quality" or "8K video" to search for it.

Step 3 Play the 8K Video

Wait until the software successfully downloaded the 8K video. Once finished, you can find it from the "Completed" panel located at the left part of the interface—Right-click the video and hit "Play" to watch it. You can also choose "Open File Location" to access the output folder where it is saved.

vkl download 8k video step2

How to Save YouTube 8K Video Online For Free

AceThinker Online Video Downloader is a web-based tool that can get video from 480p up to 8K resolution. This tool is like the online version of Video Keeper Lite, and the difference is you don't need to install any software on your computer with this downloader. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser to get all the videos you want. It also gives a list of video formats and resolutions that you can choose before downloading a video. All you need to do is copy the video link and paste it on its official website to download an 8K video from YouTube. You can follow the guidelines below to start using it.

Step 1 Copy the link

First, go to a video streaming site that supports 8K resolution. Then, look for the video and copy its URL. After that, visit the official website of Free Online Video Downloader to begin downloading 8k videos.


Step 2 Paste the Link

Next, paste the video link on the URL bar at the center of its main page. You can do that by hitting "CTRL+V" keys or right-click on mouse and select "Paste." After that, click the "Download" button beside the URL field.


Step 3 Download the 8K Video

After that, choose your preferred video format with the most significant resolution from the options that will appear after it is detected. Then, right-click on the "Download" button beside it then and choose "Save Link & Target As...." It will then start downloading the video on your computer. Once downloaded, you can play the video by going to its download folder. You can right-click the video and choose "Open" to view it. Also, you can double-click on it to watch the video immediately.

online 8k video downloader

How to Download 8K Video on Android with Videoder

In case you are looking for an Android app that can get 8K videos, then Videoder is your best choice on our list. This app can download a playlist from YouTube simultaneously. Also, it has a built-in browser with AD Blocker for you to search and download videos easily. It uses multiple network connections to fasten its download speed. It allows you to set the number of connections of your Wi-Fi network to access its maximum speed. Besides, this app has a "Smart Link Detection" feature wherein it can detect the video being streamed on the app. Keep on reading below to check its steps on using this video downloader.

Step 1 Get this app on your Android phone

Go to Google Play Store and search for this tool to install it on your Android smartphone. Then, open it, and use its built-in search browser to visit a website that supports 8K videos. After that, stream the video, and click the "Download" button that will appear below the video.


Step 2 Completely download the video

After you click the "Download" button, it will offer you to get the video in resolutions starting from 144p, 480p, 1080p, and up to 8K resolution. Click the 8K resolution to start downloading it. Once downloaded, you can find the videos under the "Downloads" section, where you can tap the video to watch it.


Download 8K Movies on iOS with Video Downloader Pro

Video Downloader Pro is an iOS app that you can use to download 8K videos from numerous videos sharing sites. It has an inbuilt browser that allows you to search and stream the video. Besides, you can use this tool as a file manager where you can save and organize all the downloaded videos. Aside from that, you can set a password on its folder to protect your file from unauthorized access. Moreover, this app can do multi-download where you can get multiple videos at the same time. You can also transfer data from your Mac to your iOS device with the help of its built-in Wi-Fi feature. For more understanding, follow the listed steps below.

Step 1 Install the app on your iOS device

You can get this app by searching it on the App Store on your iOS smartphone. After installing, launch it, and go to the "Browser" section and visit a video sharing site that supports 8K resolution. After that, look for the 8K video that you want to download.


Step 2 Initiate downloading video

While you are streaming the video, you can tap and hold on it to see the download options. It will ask you if you want to Download, Open, or Copy Link. Select "Download" to begin downloading the video. Once done, go to the "Download" section and tap on the video to start watching it.


Extended Info About YouTube 8K Video

One of the best sources of 8K video is YouTube. It allows users to upload videos up to 7680 x 4320 resolution, which is the quality of 8K video. It means that you can find different 8K videos like music videos, gameplays, tutorials, demos, and more. However, not all devices support playing 8K videos to its most excellent output. You'll need a high-end computer to stream it. Still, YouTube will process 8K videos, store it, and play it on a device that can run 8K resolution.

Additionally, the tools said above can get most videos from YouTube, including 7680x4320 video downloads. Take note that these ultra high-quality videos are in landscape footage, so a 32" IPS monitor or above that has a minimum 60Hz refresh rate will do the task efficiently.

On that note, do not expect that all 8K videos can easily stream on YouTube. Even a downloaded 8K video will take some time to process on an ordinary media player, and might cause a lag. In my own experience, I tried playing an 8K video on my office laptop. It took a minute before it started playing, and after a while, my computer acts slowly during the video play. So, I suggest using a high-specs PC to stream 8K video without a problem. Thus, a gaming PC that has a dedicated GPU will handle playing Ultra HD videos.


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