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netflix downloader for macBesides having thousands of shows and movies to watch, what's wonderful about Netflix is that it is a cross-platform streaming service supported on almost all devices. Whether you are using a Windows computer, an Android phone, or an Apple device like Mac or iOS, you can enjoy streaming the contents of Netflix. The Netflix application can even be installed on various Smart TVs for direct streaming on television. However, it is unavoidable to have slightly different application interfaces depending on users' devices. The layout and operations on Mac may vary from that of Windows and Android. It can be confusing for some beginners to use the Netflix streaming platform. Even the steps to download Netflix movies on Mac can be affected. So, as a response, here are some of the best ways to download Netflix movies and series on Mac devices.

Download Netflix Movies on Mac with CleverGet

Advantageous Feature: Works on 25+ paid streaming platforms and can download even without a streaming subscription.

Price: $59.97 one-time purchase for the premium license.

If you are wondering why CleverGet is the first Netflix downloader for Mac and why not how to download using the application directly, here’s why. There is no macOS version of the Netflix application yet. Furthermore, the CleverGet Netflix Downloader doesn’t only make downloading Netflix shows easier, but it also eases the organization of downloaded files with its Download Manager. Moreover, the CleverGet downloader can download Netflix movies even without a Netflix subscription, as long as you have the link to the Netflix movie or episode. The quality is also something users need to worry about, as CleverGet can download videos from Netflix up to 1080p and 720p video resolution. Finally, Netflix shows and movies downloaded through CleverGet are saved in universally compatible file formats like MP4 and MKV. It is a significant edge over Netflix, which can only save videos in OGG format, so it is not shareable with other devices.

Step 1 Get CleverGet on Your Mac Device

The very first step to do is to download the CleverGet Netflix Downloader on your Mac device. Point your mouse cursor on the Mac OS download button to get the installer of CleverGet. After downloading, click the downloaded file to open the package and follow the set-up instructions to install. Afterward, launch it to the main interface.

cleverget main interface

Step 2 Copy and Paste the Netflix Video Link

Next, you will search for the Netflix movie or episode you want to download, then copy its URL. After copying the link, go back to the CleverGet Netflix Video Downloader Mac and paste the URL on its search bar. Hit enter to find and convert your Netflix video. You will see the download button at the bottom right of the playback; click it.

netflix download buttonn cleverget

Step 3 Customize the Netflix Video Settings

For the third step, you will see a popup menu that shows the settings for your download. You can customize the Netflix video download quality and format using the popup menu. Click on the radio buttons to change the download settings, then hit the Download button again to continue the download.

netflix download quality

Step 4 Finish the Netflix Video Download

Finally, your Netflix video download will start. You can monitor the progress by navigating into the CleverGet Library. Click the Downloading tab to see your current download. After a while, the download will be complete and automatically transfer to the Downloaded tab.

manage downloaded video

Download Netflix Shows Using Other Third-Party Downloaders

If you want to download Netflix movies on Mac but prefer other third-party downloaders, there are other alternative Internet options. Below are other methods to download Netflix shows and series on Mac using third-party downloaders. Get to watch Netflix offline Mac with the help of the following solutions.

1. TunePat

Advantageous Feature: You can download the first five minutes of Netflix videos to try the downloader first before purchasing it.

Price: $14.95 monthly subscription on the premium version.

Download Netflix episodes on Mac is something that the TunePat Netflix Downloader also made easier and simpler. The professional downloading software TunePat can download Netflix shows and movies by acquiring the URL link of the titles or even through a keyword search using the app’s integrated web browser. Despite being a professional downloading tool, TunePat is free to download and install, but a subscription is required to access its full premium version. Moreover, the TunePat Netflix Video Downloader can save your Netflix videos in two different formats, which are MKV and MP4. The downloader also supports downloading content from Netflix for as high as 1080p. The download speed is also remarkable, and it is optimized not to take much of the user’s time.


  • Download and install the TunePat Netflix Video Downloader on your Mac device, then launch the application to the main interface.
  • Next, you will visit the Netflix streaming website using your Safari browser to look for the Netflix videos you want to download. Once you find a movie or show you want to watch offline, copy the video URL.
  • For the final step, you will go back to TunePat’s interface and paste the copied URL on its search bar. After processing the file to download, a download button will appear, and you will click it to complete the Netflix video download.


2. KeepStreams

Advantageous Feature: The tool supports downloading videos from over 200 streaming platforms.

Price: $46.63 for a lifetime premium subscription.

Another alternative solution to download movies from Netflix on Mac is using the KeepStreams downloader. It is another excellent downloading software that supports Netflix, among other paid streaming platforms on the Internet. The KeepStreams downloader even supports Japanese websites like NHK+ and U-Next. Like the downloaders above, it also has a built-in web browser that users can use to look for their Netflix videos. The feature can also help users log in to their Netflix accounts for a direct download feature. However, the downside of using KeepStreams to download Netflix videos is it can only save in the MP4 video file format. To make up for it, though, the quality of the videos downloaded through KeepStreams can be as high as 1080p and 720p.


  • First, you will launch the KeepStreams application after downloading and installing it on your Mac device. Then, you will log in to your Netflix account on KeepStreams’ browser.
  • Next, you will locate the Netflix video you want to watch Netflix offline on Mac and play it. You will see the direct download button in the playback.
  • Finally, hit the Download Now button to download the Netflix movie or episode on your Mac device. After the download is complete, you can now enjoy streaming the file offline.


Bonus: Download Netflix Episodes Directly on iOS

Advantageous Feature: There is no need to download a third-party application because the download is directly on the Netflix app.

Price: $15.99 monthly for the Standard Premium plan.

Since there is no Netflix application for the macOS yet, and the download feature of Netflix is available on the app only, you can use this method instead if you have an iOS device. You can download the videos directly on the Netflix application installed on your iOS devices. Since it is downloaded on the Netflix application, users will have more options for the video quality resolution of the download, but the file format is limited to one. The only available file format download for Netflix videos on the app is OGG only. It means that the downloaded content can only be played through the Netflix Player, and it is not transferable or shareable to other devices. Even if you open the same account on another device, you will still need to download the video again on that device. Below are the steps to download Netflix episodes on iOS since you can’t download Netflix films on Mac directly on the app.


  • First, you will open your Netflix app on the iOS device, then use your account to log in. Take note that the account should be subscribed to a Netflix plan because the download feature is a premium feature.
  • Then, you will use the Netflix app to browse the movie or series you want to download. Tap on the film to open its settings, and you will see the download button beside episodes if it is a series or below the play button if it is a movie.
  • Wait for the download to finish. After a while, the download will be complete, and you can find it in the Downloads tab of Netflix. Go into the tab, and you can now watch the videos there offline.

netflix app start downloading


Since the download feature of Netflix is only available on its application versions, Mac users can’t utilize it because the app is not available on macOS yet. It makes it though for Mac users to download Netflix films to watch offline. Fortunately, there are great Netflix downloaders for Mac like CleverGet Netflix Downloader. Users can still enjoy offline playback of their favorite Netflix shows using third-party applications.

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