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How to Download Video from BBC

download bbc BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) offers plenty of news videos on the official website along with posts. You can enjoy the videos online for free, however, you can't download BBC video directly for offline access as there is no download option provided. Wondering how to save the BBC news broadcasts as a local video file for watching later? Consider it done now as you've come to the right place! Here the best 2 BBC video downloaders that you can use to save BBC video for watching offline.

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How to Download BBC Video from YouTube Official Channel

Even though you're not able to directly download video from the BBC website, the network also uploads their news videos on its official YouTube channel. In that case, Video Keeper Lite is the perfect YouTube video downloader. It offers powerful downloading technology since it can save several BBC videos from YouTube in bulk. Additionally, it can even download all videos included in a YouTube playlist within a click. Moreover, you can download BBC video up to 8K quality. Follow the step-by-step guide below to grab BBC video from YouTube with this noteworthy video downloader.

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Step 1 Set Up the BBC News Video Downloader

Download the right version of the installer by clicking the Download button above. After that, follow the set-up guide to install it completely. Once done, the main interface should appear automatically.

launch the tool

Step 2 Download BBC News Video

Next, open a web browser and go to YouTube. Type in "BBC News" on the search bar of YouTube to load all of the videos uploaded by BBC. Find and select the certain video you want to download and copy its URL from the address bar. Switch back to the software to click "Paste URL" to download it.

vklite download bbc step2

Step 3 Play BBC News Video

Wait for the BBC video downloading process to complete. Once done, click the "Completed" panel, and the output should be there. You can right-click a file and click Play to watch the video.

vklite play bbc step3

How to Download Video from Via Recording

What if you suddenly experience a very slow internet connection, and the downloading process went forever? Well, a great alternative is to record the video whilst playing. In that case, Screen Grabber Premium is the best option to do this. The tool can capture any part of your screen activity and also capture the system sound, which is perfect for recording BBC videos. Additionally, it can record the BBC News video and retain its original quality. This is possible since it records the screen for up to 4K quality.

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Step 1 Download BBC News Video Recorder

Hit the "Download" button that suits the operating system of your device. Then, run the installation guide and save it completely on your Windows or Mac computer. Once done, launch it to access its main interface.

sgpremium interface

Step 2 Record BBC News Video

Open your web browser and visit the official website of the BBC. Search for any news video, but don't play it yet. Next, hit the "Video Recorder" option and make sure that "System Sound" is turned on. Then, on the left part of the interface, you can select the recording area between full screen or just select a part of it. After that, hit "Rec" to start. You can now play the BBC News video.

sgpremium recording mode

Step 3 Play BBC News Video

Once the recording is OK, click Stop to end the recording and a preview window will then appear, allowing you to play and check the recorded video. If it is OK, click Save to store the video on your local hard drive.

sgpremium play bbc

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