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feature sites like prmoviesPeople are always on the lookout for entertainment. Entertainment media like video games, movies, animations, and TV series are popular. People gravitate towards video media as they often have characters they can relate to. Having a character go through similar hardships as the viewer gives them comfort. The demand for movies and TV series gave way to online streaming services. Services and sites like Netflix, Disney+, and more are legal and safe ways to watch your favorite shows. These sites are subscription-based sites where you either pay monthly or yearly. The subscription sites get licenses for movies and series, making them legal. Sadly, not everyone can afford to buy subscriptions for Netflix and others. The lack of free movie options is why sites like PRMovies gain popularity. PRMovies offers free movie and TV series viewing on the internet. As great as PRMovies is at delivering movies, it does have flaws. It is good to find alternatives in case you encounter issues. Read more below to learn the best options for PRMovies.

Why is Online Streaming so Popular?

Online streaming is taking over the movie and TV industry. Being able to watch shows in the comfort of your own home creates comfortability. You and your peers can observe the movies with no restrictions. You can be loud, eat anything, and discuss the film. The availability of online streaming is why it is so popular. Streaming Platforms offer great selections of movies and TV series. Established companies like Disney+ and Peacock often have their original shows and movies available. These established companies often gatekeep their shows. That is why there are so many online streaming platforms available. If you want to watch HBO titles, you may only see HBOMax, same with Disney+ and more. The confusing maze of finding shows is a big reason why people pirate. Remember that downloading and distributing copyrighted content is illegal. It is up to you when and whether to pirate.

why streaming is popular

9 Best PRMovies Similar Sites

1. Netflix

Price: You can pay $6.99 a month with ads, $15.49 a month without ads, and $22.99 a year

Netflix is credited as the first popular and viable online streaming platform. Netflix has a rich history of establishing online streaming as a service. With Netflix's experience as an online streaming site, they naturally deliver great shows. Shows and movies like Narcos, The Witcher, Stranger Things, and more. Most of Netflix's popular shows had a lot of impact on pop culture. So, if you want to watch great popular media, consider Netflix. You can download your selected shows and movies offline legally. Netflix is also compatible with Xbox, Apple TV, smart TVs, and more. If you want a kid-friendly viewing experience, you can create a custom profile for your kid.

netflix site homepage


  • Extensive filter and search feature
  • You can watch the show trailer, rate it, and add it to watch later when previewing a show

  • Netflix no longer supports free viewing for multiple devices; you will be charged $7.99 monthly

2. FMovies

Price: It is free to use on any browser

If you want a PRMovies alternative with a modern feel, consider FMovies. FMovies is an online streaming site equipped with trending and latest movies. You can watch popular films like Percy Jackson, Aquaman, the Lost Kingdom, and more. Use their recommended tab to find and explore new movies to your taste. When it comes to quality, this site delivers. You can watch your favorite shows and movies in HD 1080p, 720p, and 480p. Users are not required to sign in or log in to use their services. Enjoy your favorite movies and shows alone or with people you love with FMovies.

fmovies site homepage


  • Users can view the top 9 popular shows by day, week, and month
  • You can use the "Top IMDb" section to view highly rated-shows

  • Users may encounter frequent to mild ad interruptions

3. 123Movies

Price: It is free to use on any browser

123Movies is a great PRMovies like website for a familiar interface with the latest movie suggestions. This site's navigation flows similarly to PRMovies. It uses familiar colorways and icons, but its suggestion is more on the latest movies. Its watch experience is also quite similar to PRMovies. You can enable subtitles for English so you can understand the story more. Use the Picture in Picture mode to create a mini player to view your movies in any tab. PiP is a great tool if you are constantly changing tabs. When it comes to ad interruptions, you can expect mild ones. Consider 123Movies in case a PRMovies domain gets shut down.

123movies site homepage


  • You can see the list of episodes for series and shows to change episodes instantly
  • Users can filter movies and shows by different countries

  • The site only has three servers to watch movies from

4. Disney+

Price: You can pay $7.99 a month with ads, $13.99 a month without ads, and $130.99 a year

Disney+ is the home for classic and famous movies. You can expect great selections since Disney is a well-established and beloved film company. If you want to experience nostalgia, you can watch the Toy Story Trilogy, Pinocchio (1940), and more. You can also watch their latest popular series like Echo, Undead Unlock, and more. Subtitles are available in different languages. The quality of the movies and shows in HD and UHD. If you want to experience a consistent and great watch experience, try Disney+

disney+ log in page


  • You can use Disney+ on multiple devices
  • It has hundreds of selections, most of which are Disney originals

  • Users are required to pay for premium membership for more than one concurrent streaming

5. Einthusan

Price: It is free to use but has a one time 25$ payment for premium

Einthusan has the best Southeast Asian film collection. It is a great alternative to PRMovies for those exploring Asian shows. Einthusan is among the best sites to watch Hindi movies online in particular. You can sort movies in Tamil, Hindi, Telugu and more. The site has a built-in internet speed test feature. The speed test feature tests your device's connection to its data center. View your movie's wiki page and trailer to familiarize yourself with its cast and plot. Rank movies based on storyline, acting performance, and more. Its best feature by far is the cropping feature. Users can create clips and add tags and titles to their clips.

einthusan site homepage


  • It has an active community, as seen in the comment section of the movies and shows
  • Users can pick movies from the most watched, staff recommendations, and recently added

  • Its interface has a small learning curve

6. Amazon Prime Video

Price: You can pay $8.99 a month for Prime Video membership or Buy Amazon Prime for $14.99 a month or $139.99 a year

Amazon Prime Video is a great online streaming service that can act as an all-in-one hub. Users can pay to add channels like HBO, Showtime, and more to view their original content. Amazon also gives some channel access as a freebie. If you want to try Prime Video, you can use their free trial offer. Free trials allow users to test a service without paying for a limited time. Prime Video is not restricted to movies and TV series; you can view sports channels and more within the site. Students looking for discounts can use Amazon's "Prime Student" offer.

amazon prime video site homepage


  • Users who avail of Amazon Prime have access to other premium features of Amazon
  • You can stream your shows and movies on the web, smart TVs, and more devices

  • Paid and free content are mixed, and this mix can create user confusion

7. YouTube

Price: The price depends on the movie itself

YouTube is a great temporary replacement for PRMovies. Although YouTube is not marketed as an online movie streaming site, it still offers movies. You can buy or rent movies as you like. Renting a movie is far cheaper than buying, but you can only view the film for 30 days. Renting is good if you only want to watch a movie one or three times. Buying movies creates a permanent locker that allows you to view your films unlimited times. YouTube also offers free and legal movies. You can legally look up channels like MuseAsia to view animated shows and films. YouTube is a great alternative for streaming sites if you only want to consider a certain movie.

youtube movie selection


  • YouTube has a great selection of videos not limited to movies or series
  • It is arguably the best media player in terms of websites like PRMovies

  • It has a poor filtering system for movies

8. Netfilm

Price: It is free to use on any browser

If you want a movie streaming site with great selections from other streaming sites, try Netfilm. Once you enter Netfilm's site, you are greeted with a professional-looking interface. Its interface rivals those of popular and established paid streaming sites. You can watch movies and shows on one site from Netflix, Hulu, and more. Users can also view Korean TV series, cartoons, and anime. Their selection of anime is decent but different from anime streaming sites. If you want to talk to like-minded people, you can join their Discord server with thousands of people. Create a list of movies to watch and view your watch history. Netfilm is a great site for viewing plenty of video media.

netfilm movie selection


  • Users can see trending films and series of the current day
  • You can expect minimal to no ad interruption

  • It has no available subtitles for some shows

9. Hulu

Price: The basic monthly price is $7.99, with no ads, $17.99/month, and $89.99 for live TV with no ads

Hulu is a great supplement to other online streaming sites. It has some great options when it comes to movies. You can also add some streaming platform content in the form of bundles. Disney+ bundles allow users to view Disney's original content and more. A big drawback of Hulu is its ad experience. Hulu users often report or complain about frequent or long ad interruptions. The ad experience is why Hulu is best as a supplementary movie streaming service. It can be a great alternative if your movie or shows are unavailable if you can afford Hulu.

hulu site homepage


  • The basic price is a great deal if you do not mind ads
  • Hulu can save you money if you want to view content from their bundles

  • Has limited shows with UHD quality compared to other competitors

Quick Overview of the Sites with Tips

Sites Premium Features Best For Tips and Tricks
Netflix Its premium version provides no ad interruptions, watches movies on four different devices, and Netflix spatial audio and UHD quality. It is best for watching relevant movies from pop culture. Create multiple profiles for different users. You can utilize profiles for a kid-friendly environment if you have a kid or a younger family member.
FMovies It has no paid version and, therefore, no premium features. Best for people looking for that PRmovie feel but with modern and trending movies. Choose either the movies or series section to filter them separately.
123Movies It has no paid version and, therefore, no premium features. Best for people looking for a site to play movies in the background with. Use PiP to display a mini-player for your movies.
Disney+ Its premium version provides four-screen concurrent streaming, 2160p UHD quality, and cross-platform accessibility. Best for people who like Disney original movies and shows. Use the concurrent streaming features to host a watch party.
Einthusan Its premium version provides no ad interruptions and screen casting. Best for watching Indian movies. When scrolling the comment section, you can tick a box that filters possible spoilers.
Sites Premium Features Best For Tips and Tricks
Amazon Prime Video Purchasing Amazon Prime allows users to use Prime Video and other Amazon benefits. Benefits include fast deliveries, free subscriptions on Twitch, and more. Best for people looking for an all in one package. Customize your subtitles to increase text size and transparency.
YouTube It has a premium version but does not affect movie watching or selection. Best for people looking to buy a specific movie title. Scroll through suggestions to find similar titles.
Netfilm It has no paid version and, therefore, no premium features. Best for watching mixed media shows and movies. Choose the closest file provider to your country for a consistent watch experience.
Hulu You can purchase Hulu membership with all of its premium add-ons. The premium add-ons allow access to other streaming services. Best used as a supplement for other streaming platforms. Download the Hulu app on your mobile devices and turn it into a remote.

How Do You Download Movies for Offline Viewing?

If you want to download and view your movies, you can try CleverGet. CleverGet allows you to download your series and movies at high speeds and in top quality. You can batch-download a series without manually downloading episodes one by one. Select video quality with matching FPS. You can download 1080p, 720p, and 480p HD and save videos in UHD. Select format files to choose from: GIF, MP4, MOVI, WMV, and more. Find movies and series from your favorite streaming platforms. Read more below for a comprehensive guide on using CleverGet.

Try it for Free

Free DownloadWindows 8/10/11

Secure/Safe Download

Step 1 Download CleverGet

Search CleverGet on your browser's search bar or click the link below. Once on the page, click download and proceed to install the app. You can use the app's guide to familiarize yourself with the interface.

cleverget interface

Step 2 Find and Download Movies and Shows

Select from rich online movie streaming choices or paste your preferred link on the search bar. Once you find your movies or shows, wait a second for the download icon to appear. Click the download icon to open the download tab. Choose the video quality and FPS and proceed to download.

cleverget download options

Step 3 Check Download Progress

You can view your downloads on the right panel of the app. The panel shows the download percentage and size. After the download, you can click the file to open it with a media player immediately.

cleverget download panel


Consider all the options when viewing your movies and shows. Legal media consumption is always the best way. Not only are you guilt-free, but you are most likely to have a better watching experience. Remember that you must decide if illegal media consumption is your only way. Illegal online movie streaming sites always contain risks that you must consider. Some ads on these sites may contain risky sites, links, and products that cause issues. Illegal sites also tend to shut down as law enforcers search for them. Always weigh your options, the risks associated with them, and the rewards they bring. This article gave valuable information about streaming sites and their possible illegal counterparts. Comment below if we missed possible alternatives.

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