Top 10 Websites to Watch Hindi Movies Online

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watch hindi movies onlineInternational movies are in demand these days. Foreign movies that are not English-based scripts are pretty popular with mainstream audiences. One of the most anticipated genres we have for international movies is Hindi movies or Bollywood films. These works of art are Indian Hindi-language films popular among Hindi audiences. Some of the films that Hindi cinemas produce align with their Indian culture, music, and even beliefs. Additionally, Hindi cinema has overtaken Hollywood's most well-known film industry as it has become the most important center of film production worldwide. So, you can expect that there are tons of Hindi movies available for us today. You don't need to travel to India to watch these movies. Many web developers have concocted the most delinquent websites where we can watch Hindi movies online. You can review them and see which website suits your preferences.

Top 10 Sites to Watch Hindi Movies Online in HD

Sites to Watch Hindi Movies Online Link
Zenga TV

1. Hotstar

The first site that we will introduce is Hotstar; it is an Indian site wherein you can watch Bollywood movies and it is one of the best sites to watch Tamil movies online anytime you want. It is an Indian subscription video streaming site that is operated and owned by Star India. Besides, this Hindi site consists of several libraries of content from all the Star TV channels that you are usually watching on Cable TV. Aside from that, it has a straightforward user interface wherein you can easily search your desired Hindi movies anytime you want. Also, most of their movies are on HD quality.

hotstar interface

You can search your desired Hindi movie from its search bar depending on the category.
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2. Prmovies

Prmovies is another Hindi site to watch Hindi movies online; it has an intuitive user interface wherein you can effortlessly search your preferred Hindi movies on its search bar. Since this is a Bollywood site, you can watch more than 100 Hindi movies on HD quality. You can also watch different movies aside from Hindi, such as Telugu, Punjabi, Irani, Pakistani, and Bengali movies. In addition to this, there are multiple sections available on its main interface that lets you search Hindi movies, Bollywood movies, Kannada movies, etc.


This site can be streamed to different countries aside from India for free.

3. Zee5

Zee5 is a Hindi movie site that consists of an extensive collection of famous Hindi movies depending on genre. It is one of the best Hindi sites to watch online Hindi dubbed movies because there are no ads appearing on the site. Likewise, the collection comprises old and new films such as regional languages, news, and TV shows with better streaming speed and video quality. Aside from that, it has bundled content from over 90+ live TV channels, and it consists of many languages to choose from like Hindi, Bengali, English, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, and a lot more.


This site is one of the most straightforward OTT service providers compatible with different platforms like Windows, and you can continually watch movies without appearing in ads.

4. HDFriday

HDFriday is another free Hindi site to watch Hindi movies online HD quality free. It is known as one of India's most prominent video streaming sites, and it offers thousands of hours of data for all types of consumers. Also, it consists of different Hollywood, south movie, Bollywood, Marvel Studio movies, and more. Besides, it lets you search movies according to the most viewed, favorite, top rating, featured, are top IMDb. In addition, it has a search bar where you can enter a keyword of the related movie or TV show to easily locate it. The only drawback of this site is it sometimes redirect you to other page before you can watch.

hdfriday interface

HDFriday is an free site wherein you can watch Hindi movies in HD quality.

5. JioCinema

One of the most visited streaming services in India is JiaCinema. It consists of tons of entertainment movies, Live sports, Hindi movies, Live TV channels, and even Hindi music. JioCinema also has a mobile app version that allows you to enjoy entertainment on the go. Besides, it allows you to download the movies to view them offline. Apart from that, you can watch your favorite Hindi movies in HD quality. Furthermore, you can locate a specific movie on its search box by putting the title, musician, genre, and other keywords.

watch hindi movies online jiocinema

This site is one of the best Indian premium videos on demand that provides a multi-screen engagement compatible with different devices such as mobile phones like Android.

6. Hungama

Hungama is an Indian movie site owned by Hungama Digital Media Entertainment that acquired the website in 2000 that allows users to download TV series. It provides numerous movies and news related to the Indian industry, mostly Bollywood film reviews and box office reports. It became the most authentic read Bollywood daily that presents the tinsel town's most happening news, videos, glamorous events, and more. Furthermore, it includes more than 5000 films in English, Hindi, and regional languages like Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, and more.


Hungama is a well-known popular streaming site in India that is available on mobile devices and online.

7. HindiLinks4u

HindLinks4u is an over-the-top content Hindi movie website in India that allows you to watch Hindi movies online for free. This best website to watch free Hindi movies consists of numerous famous Hindi films and other films like Hollywood. Furthermore, it allows you to browse movies by genre, release year, actors/actresses, or directors. With HindiLinks4u, you can stream your favorite Hindi movies and TV channels across different genres like Sports, Thriller, Education, Romance, and more. The good thing about this site is it gives you an HD quality streaming experience.

watch hindi movies online hindilinks4u

HindiLinks4u has its organized user interface wherein you can effortlessly search for your desired movies, and it can access 25 devices such as mobile phones and computers.

8. YuppTV

Another best site to watch Bollywood movies online free that you can visit is YuppTV. India's one of the leading streaming sites include more than 2000 latest Bollywood movies, top classic movies, and regional blockbuster movies to watch. You can instantly watch movies by streaming them on your favorite devices like mobile phones, computers, or laptops. Moreover, this movie site lets you browse movies according to their genres, recently added, or through the search bar. Also, this site allows you to watch live streams of popular sports tournament, including FIBA Asia Cup 2023.

yupptv interface

Aside from watching Hindi films on this site, you also have an option to download them and watch them on your computer without an internet connection.

9. Zenga TV

Zenga TV is a free Hindi movie online site that lets you watch more than 100 live TV channels, Indian and Hollywood films together with the music content. This online Hindi movies website list offers various international and Indian movies in different genres, such as news, entertainment, regional, kids, food, lifestyle, and many more. It also became the number one OTT player and digital video company and Zenga Media Pte Ltd brand. In connection with this, you can download movies from here and access them on different mobile devices like Android.


Zenga TV is a streaming platform that offers many HD quality Hindi movies to watch. Also, you can directly download them from their website to watch them offline mode.

10. HindiMoviesTV

HindiMoviesTV is another site that you can rely on to watch Hindi movies online. This watch Hindi movies online free comes with a list of different Indian and Hollywood movies categorized into genres like action, sport, horror, romance, and more. Apart from that, you can search for movies according to their released year from 2013 to 2021. Then, you can see the IMDb rating that comes in the movie, so you have an idea if it is an excellent movie to watch. Moreover, you can directly stream your favorite Hindi movies or download them from the website and watch them anytime and anywhere.

watch hindi movies online hindimoviestv

You can use the search bar to find a specific movie by entering its title.

Comparison Chart of Hindi Movie Websites

Websites Available Quality Formats Available Language It allows you to Download Movies Compatible Devices
Hotstar 720p and 1080p English, Tamil, Hindi, and Malayalam Yes Computer, Laptop, Android and iOS
Prmovies 1080p English and Hindi No Computer and Laptop
Zee5 720p English, Punjabi, Tamil, and Hindi No Laptop, Compute and Android
HDFriday 720p and 1080p Quality English, Tamil, Hindi, and Punjabi No Computer, Laptop, and iOS
JioCinema 720p and 1080p English, Tamil, Hindi, and Punjabi Yes Computer, Laptop, and iOS
Hungama 420p, 620p, and 1080p English, Tamil, Hindi, and Malayalam Yes Computer, Laptop, Android and iOS
HindiLinks4u 720p and 1080p English, Tamil, Hindi, and Telugu Yes Computer, Laptop, Android and iOS
YuppTV 420p, 620p, 1080p and 4K English, Tamil, Hindi, and Punjabi No Computer, Laptop, Android and iOS
Zenga TV 620p and 1080p English, Tamil, Hindi, and Punjabi No Computer, Android and iOS
HindiMoviesTV 420p and 720p English, Tamil, Hindi, and Punjabi No Computer, Android and iOS
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FAQs about Hindi Movies

How can you distinguish a good website for Hindi movies?
There are a lot of available sites to watch or stream Hindi movies. However, to consider a good site, you must look for the recent update. The video quality they offer should also matter.
Why are Bollywood such good films?
There are standard features that Bollywood films continue so they can produce quality or good movies. The formulaic storylines, emotion-charged melodrama, spectacular song and dance routines, and choreographed fight scenes are included in their standard feature. With these standard features, Bollywood remained the most significant component in the Indian film industry.
Should I need a VPN to watch Hindi movies?
If you are a resident of India, you don't need a VPN to access Hindi movies. There are also countries that can easily access Hindi movies, so you can try it out first before you shift to using a VPN. If you cannot access them VPN can be a lifesaver.

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