How to Add HBO Max to Amazon Prime? [Detailed Guide]

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add hbo max to amazon primeCombining streaming services has become increasingly popular among viewers, allowing them to access a broader range of content in one place. Amazon Prime is a popular paid streaming service that offers a vast collection of movies, television shows, and original content. However, many users may miss out on some of the latest blockbuster movies, series, and TV shows exclusive to other services like HBO Max. Fortunately, Amazon Prime has made it easy for users to add HBO Max to their streaming options. You can easily add HBO Max to Amazon Prime in just a few simple steps. This guide will provide an overview of the process and explain how users can add HBO Max to their Amazon Prime account. By following these steps, users can easily access all the newest content on HBO Max. This includes exclusive shows like Game of Thrones, Westworld, and The Sopranos. So, if you're an Amazon Prime user looking to expand your streaming options, adding HBO Max could be an excellent choice. With a vast library of content and exclusive shows, HBO Max is a streaming service that's hard to beat. Let's dive into the steps required to add HBO Max to Amazon Prime.

How to Add HBO Max to Amazon Prime?

Is HBO available on Amazon Prime? If you're a fan of HBO shows, you may wonder if you can watch them on Amazon Prime. The answer is yes but with some limitations. HBO is available on Amazon Prime, but you need to add it as a channel through Amazon's Prime Video Channels. This means you'll need to pay an additional monthly fee on top of your Prime subscription to access HBO content. However, it's worth noting that not all HBO shows are available on Prime Video Channels. For example, shows like The Wire and Sex and the City are unavailable, while others may be added or removed over time. Additionally, if you want to watch the latest episodes of the current HBO series as they air, you'll need to subscribe to HBO directly through its streaming service, HBO Max. And lastly, you can utilize the Amazon Prime platform to download HBO movies if the app of HBO Max downloads is not working.

How to add HBO to Amazon Prime? Here's a step-by-step guide.

Step 1 Access the Amazon Prime Video App

The first step to get HBO Max with Amazon Prime Video is to access the Amazon Prime Video app on your device. This can be done by downloading the app from your device's app store or accessing it through your web browser. Once you've accessed the app, you must sign in to your Amazon Prime account or create a new one if you don't already have one. This will give you access to all of the features of Amazon Prime Video, including adding channels like HBO Max to your subscription.

access amazon and sign in your account

Step 2 Finding HBO Max in the Channels Section

Once you are in the app or website, go to "Account & Lists" and select the "Your Prime Video" option. From there, navigate to the Channels section located at the top. You will find a list of all the available channels to add to your Amazon Prime account. Scroll down and look for HBO Max. Click the "See more" button to view the complete lists.

click channels section and find hbo max there

Step 3 Subscribing to HBO Max

Once you find HBO Max, click the "Start your 7-day free trial" button. Afterward, you will be directed to a webpage that gives you all the details about your newly signed subscription. This includes the amount you will be charged once the trial period ends, additional information about the channel, and your payment details.

put your email, payment method and billing address

Step 4 Start Watching

Once you've signed in, you can access all the content available on HBO Max, including popular TV shows and movies. To start streaming HBO shows live using your Prime Video app, choose "HBO" and select "Watch Live" from the options. Alternatively, you can browse the available titles and pick anyone to stream it instantly on-demand.

start watching

Price of HBO Max on Amazon Prime Video

Can you get HBO Max on Amazon Prime? How much does it cost? Many people wonder how much it costs to subscribe to HBO Max on Amazon Prime Video. The good news is that you can add HBO Max as a channel to your Amazon Prime Video account, but you will need to pay an additional monthly fee on top of your Prime subscription.

  • Pricing Options
  • As of 2023, a subscription to HBO Max through Amazon Prime Video costs $14.99 per month. On this subscription, you can already access on-demand movies and shows. Amazon Prime membership is available for $12.99 per month if you pay monthly. Therefore, if you go for the monthly subscription, you will spend around $28 per month to access HBO on Amazon Prime. On the other hand, if you opt for an annual Amazon Prime membership, which costs $119 per year, and add HBO to Amazon, you will be paying approximately $25 per month. You can also include HBO in your Prime Video subscription without having a full Prime membership. This will cost you $8.99 per month. With this choice, you will pay approximately $24 monthly for a Prime Video HBO subscription. However, you will lose out on other perks like free access to Prime Music and shipping on this subscription.

    hbo max + amazon price lists

  • Billing Methods
  • If you plan to subscribe to HBO Max on Amazon Prime Video, two billing methods are available. The first method is to pay for HBO Max directly through Amazon Prime Video. Your HBO Max subscription fee will be added to your monthly Amazon Prime Video bill. The second method is to subscribe to HBO Max through the HBO Max website and then link your subscription to your Amazon account. If you choose this billing method, you will be billed directly by HBO Max and won't see any charges on your Amazon Prime Video bill. Regardless of your billing method, you will still have access to all the same content on HBO Max.

    hbo max + amazon billing methods

  • Free Trial Information
  • If you're still deciding whether to commit to a monthly subscription, you'll be glad to know that a free trial is available for HBO Max on Amazon Prime Video. Amazon offers a 7-day free trial for new subscribers, a great way to test the service and see if it's right for you. However, it's important to note that the free trial is only available once per Amazon account, so if you've already used it in the past, you won't be able to use it again.

    hbo max + amazon prime free trial information

Download HBO Max and Amazon Prime Content

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cleverget main interface

Step 2 Navigate the Amazon or HBO Max Site

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copy the movie link and paste it into cleverget

Step 3 Choose Your Preferred Option for Downloading

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click the download icon to see the available download options

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Wrapping Up

Is HBO Max on Amazon Prime? Adding HBO Max to Amazon Prime can greatly enhance your streaming experience. You can access the vast library of exclusive content, such as blockbuster movies and new releases. The combination of these two services offers a wealth of entertainment options. Plus, you can stream on multiple devices simultaneously, and the convenience of having all your favorite shows and movies in one place. For those who haven't yet explored the benefits of adding HBO Max to their Amazon Prime account, now is the time to do so. With a free trial, there's never been a better opportunity to experience all these powerful combination offers. Take advantage of this valuable combination, and start exploring all the possibilities today! Moreover, if your Amazon Prime is unavailable, you can extend your reading here in this link to know the causes and troubleshooting methods you can take.

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