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Top 10 Sites to Consider as an Xmovies8 Alternative

xmovies8 illustration imageWatching movies is one of the best sources of entertainment for most people in the world. Many people who love to watch videos online are aware of XMovies8, a platform where you can watch movies online. It is an entertainment source and a vast collection of videos. It is also a significant source for the latest updates about upcoming movies. You can not only watch movies online but can also download it if you want to watch it later. Besides these all unique features, the website has some bugs inside that become the reason for many issues. So you may look for XMovies8 alternatives to enjoy movies online. Here we have listed some of the best sites like Xmovies you can visit.

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Movie4k is one of the best sites like XMovies8 for watching movies online. It allows you to watch top rated movies and TV series without paying anything. You can easily browse all the latest movies and TV shows on this platform. Furthermore, it has a friendly user interface. Besides many other websites, it doesn't have such an issue of showing advertisements during the movie. You can easily find whatever you want to watch without ads. In short, it's an ad-free website of online films. Another good thing about this website is that it shows movies under the category of rating. So, visit this website for a good experience of watching movies online.


xmovies8-alternativemegashare 8

Watch the latest and the most viewed online on MegaShare. Just by visiting the official website, you will notice it does have the latest movies and TV series. It is one of those free websites that does not require a registration process to watch movies. It is advantageous to those who do not want to go through to the long process of registering. You click the movie you want to watch and Go! You can now start your movie marathon with your family or friends. After browsing through the page, the responsiveness is reasonable, and the buffering time is fast. You might want to consider this when choosing which one to settle with among the list we have in this article. With all of this, it is reasonable enough to add this site.


moviewatcher interface

If you are fond of watching free movies online, MovieWatcher is another one of the best sites similar to XMovies8 with all the latest videos. Some people don't compromise on quality while watching a movie, so if you are one of them, then you should select MovieWatcher for watching a movie online. It is because this website gets videos up to 4K quality. It also has a user-friendly interface. The site gives you the option to download a movie if you don't want to watch it online, but you need to register first. You will also get a movie detail before watching it. You can also visit the other site affiliated to this site. The name of the website is MovieStars. If MovieWatcher needs registration, this site does not need to. Just click the video you want to watch, it will immediately play.



As the name implies, CMoviesHD means movies with high-quality resolution. Yes, this is another site like XMovies8 for online movies that have high-quality film. You can watch free movies online, or you can download it to watch it later. It is the collection of the latest and classic movies. You should need to remember an important thing while visiting this website that sits alone or with an adult because there is no content for kids on this website. Don't sit with your kids while watching a movie on this website because it has all adults' range. It also has fewer advertisements showing, so this movie streaming website is not kid-friendly. Read more to see a free website for your kids. Hence, it is one of the most considered sites to watch tv series movies for free.



M4uFree makes Stream4u and a good Xmovies8 alternative. It is like a linked site from M4ufree to extend its domain. Is it also possible to be the new domain? Although this site is not as established as the other sites mentioned, this site has a great potential of being one of the best or better than them. This movie streaming site is simple and loaded with free movies and TV shows as soon as you arrived on the site. When it comes to the site's speed when responding to clicks, it takes 3 to 4 seconds without lags. Compared to others, this site does not have on-click ads whenever you are idle or clicking other movies on the website. It is leaving a good impression that the site focused on the visitor's satisfaction. More of that, to stream movies, is very simple, click and play. Soon enough, the site will become one of the most famous movie streaming sites. Videos are on HD quality, and its easier to download movies because it is an open-source site. Fewer ads, lesser hassle. Not bad for a free Xmovies8 online movie site alternative.


fmovies homepage

The next Xmovies8 alternative is FMovies. This movie streaming website is also considered to have one of the best content. It is safe to say that t is one of the top-rated sites existing. FMovies provides thousands of online movies, and users can watch as many HD movies and tv shows as they want. Additionally, it also provides the synopsis of a movie, which is good so users can get an idea or the gist of the video that is not familiar to them. Aside from film, users could also stream anime series, since they collaborated with 9anime. What separates FMovies from the rest is that users can "Request" a movie they want. They can send these requests even without having a registered user account. For this reason, this movie streaming service is added to the list of Xmovies8 alternatives to watch TV series movies for free.



Vidics is one of the best movie streaming services that provide high quality is existing for quite some time now. Similarly, these sites offer the same service you get out of the sites mentioned on the list. It allows you to watch movies online. The difference lies in the additional section. Aside from HD quality movies, TV shows, you will also find the latest news about your favorite movies, TV and celebrity news, and Current World's top news. Although the website is too plain and not that much interactive, you will surely see the recently added season and movies as soon as you land on the website. Now you can keep track each time new episodes are added. However, during the hands-on experience, you have to go through a series of clicks and open a tab to get through and start watching finally. You might find it disturbing if you are impatient enough. Besides that, the site can also be a great alternative to websites like xmovies8. Who cares about ads when you can watch movies and TV shows for free. But if you are not satisfied with this site, you can continue reading and discover more apps.



Los Movies is probably one of those for sites that care nothing more but satisfactory experience. You can tell as soon as you see the webpage. That it's a site where you can indeed watch movies online. Let's begin with the content organization. From the upper-left, you can click the menu icon to see what you are up to monitor. More Movies, TV shows, Genre, from which country, Actors, and movies with subtitles are available for you to watch. The movies are listed neatly in alphabetical order. That's a good start as soon as you click on the film, no additional tabs nor pop-up windows for ads. Well, that's impressive. Okay, let's get into the video. As soon as you click the movie, there is a synopsis written, which is helpful, and several servers were there in case others were not working. Once you click the video, there will be two on-on click ads, and then the video plays immediately without lags. It plays with no ads in between. If you prefer this convenience, well Los Movies is perfect for you. Also, it is recommended to use Chrome for this site for your convenience. So, it is one of the best sites to replace the Xmovies site to watch HD movies online.


look movies

LookMovie is a very interactive, top-rated, and no sign-up movie website where you can watch movies and TV shows from different countries in high quality for free. Comparing LookMovie's appearance from the other free streaming listed in this article, this site is more attractive and seems to be reliable. As soon as you landed on the page, you will notice how to organize the website was. Videos are high quality, quick to load, and its never difficult to find the Genre your favorite movies and TV series. You can also download movies and directly searching for the title of the film in the search bar. However, the film is not organized in alphabetical order, unlike Los Movies. But it does not look messy at all. One noticeable downside of the site is the pop-up /add new tab ads. You have to click the video more than three times to make it work. Compared to Los Movies, two clicks suffice. That said, again, Chrome is the best browser to use for this site. You also have the option to download a pop-up blocker that's ideal.


look movies

MovieStars is formerly known as MovieWatcher. This new domain can be a great Xmovies alternative. Add this to the free streaming website that does not require any sign-up or logins for it to work. Aside from that, this free streaming website indexes other video streaming and hosting sites. That way, you'll have more options for movies and tv shows to choose from. This site is open-source, so it's easier to download movies and TV series. If we are going to compare this site to the others mentioned in this article, it safe to say that this has similarities with Los Movie and LookMovies. In what way? Movies are appropriately categorized according to Genre, year, and country where they came from. Watching HD movies has never been this easy.

Furthermore, there is another tab where you can see the most trending online movies and TV episodes. After trying this site, the video quality is reasonable enough for a free service. Also, as soon as you click and play the movie, it will automatically play. No pop-up ads, before, after, and even in between. No on-click or additional tab also. That is why this is also added to the list of free streaming sites similar to Xmovies8 you can consider using. It's simply one of the best.


These were some of the top-rated HD quality movie streaming websites that are worth visiting. You can see them just if you don't want to visit the XMovies8 website due to ads or other issues. Here is a small help that you can get while selecting a site for watching movies for free with high quality online. If you are confused that which website is better than you can compare all. Some are good in quality but will show ads while some are not ads annoying but low in quality. So, it's up to you now that which website best suits you. Although XMovies8 is one of the top-rated sites for watching movies, some other websites are also worth visiting. So, it would help if you wisely decided which website is better to visit.

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