Best Anime Sites to Watch Subbed Anime? Find Them Here

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subbed anime sitesSubbed anime sites are websites that offer anime content with subtitles. These sites allow viewers who do not understand Japanese to enjoy anime content by providing translated subtitles in real time. Subtitles play an important role in anime by offering translations of the original Japanese dialogue into a different language, typically English. They help non-Japanese-speaking viewers understand the storyline, the characters, and their interactions in the anime. Subtitles in anime can also help viewers learn Japanese by seeing the original Japanese dialogue with translations in their native language. In this way, subtitles can be useful for language learners who want to improve their Japanese proficiency. Moreover, subtitles can enhance the viewing experience by providing additional information such as song lyrics, sound effects, and notes on cultural references that non-Japanese speakers may take time to understand.

Subbed Anime vs Dubbed Anime

When it comes to watching Anime, one of the biggest debates among fans is whether to watch it subbed or dubbed. Subbed Anime refers to Anime that is viewed in its actual Japanese audio with English subtitles, while dubbed Anime is Anime that has been translated and re-recorded in English or another language. There are different advantages to watching subbed Anime. Subtitles make it easier to follow the dialogue, especially when the audio is unclear or when characters speak in accents or dialects. Also, it can help improve comprehension of a foreign language by showing the words and phrases being spoken. It also makes content accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing. It allows viewers to multitask while watching a movie or show, such as working on a task or exercising. That is why for some people downloading subbed Anime is important. However, this feature also comes with considerable drawbacks; subtitles can be distracting, especially when they cover up important visuals on the screen. It can sometimes contain translation errors or inaccuracies, leading to confusion or misinterpretation.

subbed vs dubbed

Top 10 Subbed Anime Sites

1. 9Anime

Distinctive Feature: It lists the top and trendiest Anime daily.
Limitation: It only provides English subtitles for every Anime series and shows.

9Anime is a famous anime website that offers an extensive display of Anime series and movies. The website has a friendly UI that makes it easy for Anime enthusiasts to search for and watch their favorite Anime shows online. 9Anime is known for its high-quality video playback, which allows Anime fans to enjoy their favorite shows in crystal clear resolution. One of the unique features of 9Anime is that it caters to subbed and dubbed versions of Anime shows, which is a great advantage for viewers or users who prefer to watch Anime in their native language. The website's extensive library of Anime also includes some of the most popular shows like One Piece, Fairy Tail, 7 Deadly Sins, The Promise Neverland, and Attack on Titan, among others.

9anime streaming subbed anime

It comes with the scheduled release of new episodes within a week so that you can check the precise time and date of the most delinquent episode of your favored Anime series.

2. Crunchyroll

Distinctive Feature: It offers different languages as subtitles. These include English, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, and more.
Limitation: On its free trial, it comes with an advertisement that you can't skip each episode. If you want to block ads within this platform, you can read this post.

Crunchyroll is a famous Anime streaming site and manga content. It has grown into one of the largest Anime streaming services in the world, with a vast library of titles that includes both classic and new Anime series and popular manga titles. It offers subbed and dubbed Anime series. The service is available in many countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and many more. It offers free and premium subscriptions, with the premium subscription providing access to additional features and content, such as ad-free streaming, simulcast episodes, and access to a larger library of Anime and manga titles.

crunchyroll streaming subbed anime

You can also read the Manga version of your desired Anime series within this platform.

3. AnimePahe

Distinctive Feature: It has different legitimate domains, including,, and These domains are helpful if one site is down and in maintenance.
Limitation: There is no option to change the video quality when streaming Anime series.

Animepahe is another website that offers Anime with subtitles. The first thing you will observe after accessing this platform is its clear user interface. Its facade is free from advertisement and will direct you to the new releases of Anime series and episodes. Its main advantage against other Anime streaming sites is its ability to search for a specific Anime. The website sorts all Anime in its domain and arranges them alphabetically. You can directly go to the first letter of your desired Anime and search it on the listed titles. Moreover, this platform contains correct English translation to Japanese audio and aligns with the pacing of the character’s voice speed. It means there is no delay on the subs.

animepahe streaming subbed anime

You can also change different servers when watching an Anime series. This website lists two or more available servers for a specific episode.

4. GogoAnime

Distinctive Feature: It sorts popular Anime that is new and popular on mainstream media.
Limitation: There is no other option to change the video quality of the Anime video.

GogoAnime is the go-to website to watch subbed Anime without limitation. This site contains thousands of Anime series posted and created in recent years. This website archives them all, from old Anime to new releases, and streams them on its platform. It only offers subbed and dubbed Anime series, in which users can choose their preferred version. It also comes with different Genres where users can locate their specific type and discover new Anime series. The subtitle with this platform is already included in the video. It means you don’t need to worry if the subtitle will error since it is already indicated in the Anime episode.

gogoanime streaming subbed anime

It contains OVA and other related videos on the Anime series you are searching within this platform.

5. Chia-Anime

Distinctive Feature: It lists the ongoing Anime based on their popularity. If you are trying to binge on the new Anime series with the latest episode, this tool suits you.
Limitation: When opening the website, pop-up Ads are frequent. You better have an ad-blocker installed on your device.

Chia-Anime should be in your arsenal when it comes to Anime sites to watch subbed Anime. This platform contains a plethora of Anime series with different genres and storylines. These genres include comedy, demons, gourmet, game, horror, adventure, action, magic, and more. Additionally, this tool provided another tab for the upcoming Anime series that are already scheduled to be released. Here, you can find the new Anime series that you desire. Moreover, you can bookmark the Anime series for easy and quick access once you launch this Anime streaming site.

chiaanime streaming subbed anime

It sorts an Anime series depending on the season. It means you can search for a new Anime series depending on its release season.

6. Funimation

Distinctive Feature: There is exclusive content not available on other streaming websites. These Anime include Aquarion Evol, Eureka Seven, and more.
Limitation: The website is available only for certain regions, such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, and New Zealand.

Funimation is a leading global provider of anime content, offering a wide variety of anime series and movies to fans worldwide. Since its creation, it has become a go-to destination for anime enthusiasts, offering subbed and dubbed versions of popular Anime. Funimation has a vast library of Anime content, including classic series and new releases, and partners with many of the industry's top production studios to bring the best anime content to its customers. In addition to streaming services, Funimation also produces and distributes anime content on DVD and Blu-ray, allowing fans to own their favorite series and movies.

funimation streaming subbed anime

This platform is Available on various devices, including gaming consoles, smartphones, and smart TVs.

7. AnimeFreak

Distinctive Feature: You can check different servers to play and preview your desired Anime episode.
Limitation: There are too frequent pop-up ads even when accessing the main interface.

Another website where you can watch Anime with subtitles is AnimeFreak. This application contains a variety of Anime series and films with English subtitles. It has a different tab where you can easily discover and find new Anime series. You can hit Top Airing to see the most popular Anime series of all time. You can also access its Most popular tab, which lists the daily popular Anime. In addition, the subtitle is already included in the Anime episode. Meaning the pacing of the subtitle and the character’s voice will be synchronized.

animefreak streaming subbed anime

You can discover new Anime series while accessing the different genres added within this platform.

8. Netflix

Distinctive Feature: There are different Netflix original Anime that you can watch within this platform. In recent years, Netflix has produced several exclusive anime series, including Castlevania, Devilman Crybaby, and Aggretsuko.
Limitation: You need to subscribe to this platform to watch and stream subbed Anime.

Netflix has become a popular platform for anime lovers around the world. The streaming service offers subscribers a wide range of anime shows and movies. From action-packed series like Attack on Titan and Sword Art Online to romantic comedies like Toradora! and Your Lie in April, Netflix has something for anime fans of all genres. One of the unique aspects of Netflix's anime offerings is its focus on original anime content. These performances have garnered critical acclaim for their unforgettable storytelling and stunning animation. In addition to original content, Netflix has a vast library of classic anime shows and movies. In addition, this platform contains subbed and dubbed Anime in different languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, and others. Overall, Netflix is a great platform for anime lovers. With its diverse selection of shows and movies, fans of the genre can find something new to watch every time they log in.

netflix streaming subbed anime

This application or platform can provide you with the trendiest Anime films and series within your area or region.

9. KissAnime

Distinctive Feature: This application contains mirror domains where you can check if one site or domain is inactive.
Limitation: This online streaming service can be punished and shut down due to copyright issues. There are also mirror domain sites that are not illegitimate and contain harmful malware.

KissAnime is one of the leading subbed Anime sites that allowed Anime enthusiasts to popularize Anime streaming online. It is one of the oldest websites that caters to Anime in English. It comes with an intuitive interface where users can search for their desired Anime series depending on its popularity, release date, and more. You can also sort the Anime list according to alphabetical order, by popularity, last update, and more. Moreover, it has interactive features for users to discuss different Anime series and topics on their official discord channel. You can also check for similar sites like KissAnime if you want to check for similar functions.

kissanime streaming subbed anime

You can also search for ongoing and upcoming Anime series within this platform.

10. AnimeSuge

Distinctive Feature: This platform comes with a better UI containing better sorting categories.
Limitation: There is only a single server within this domain, which is limiting for other users.
The final solution is where you can watch subbed Anime. It sorts a list of Anime categorized within different tabs, including Sub, Dub, Trending, and Trending menus. It comes with a variety and plethora of Anime lists. You can watch popular series but also search for rare Anime videos that are not talked about mainstream. You can also watch subbed OVA or original video animation for a specific Anime series. This tool's media player makes it unique, which allows users to use playback buttons to watch Anime series.

animesuge streaming subbed anime

You can sign in to an account within this tool to easily watch and stream subbed Anime series.


In conclusion, many subbed Anime sites are available online, each with unique features and drawbacks. While some sites may offer a larger selection of Anime, others may have more reliable subtitles or better video quality. Researching and finding a site that works best for you is important. Additionally, it's important to remember to support the Anime industry by watching anime through legal means whenever possible. Overall, subbed Anime sites can be a great resource for Anime fans, but it's important to be cautious and use them responsibly.

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