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Top 10 Content Creation Websites like Tumblr

featured image top 10 Tumblr alternativesTumblr is free to use, and it is one of the most popular social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many other famous social media networks. Moreover, Tumblr lets you share photos, blogs, video blogs, and more. Also, it is a microblogging website that occupies a position between Twitter and traditional blogs. Plus, it is perfect for publishing several blogs on the web for free, and it can be used to discover and promote information using its community features. Besides, some posts that are made to your Tumblr blog will automatically link from associated Twitter and Facebook accounts. In fact, if you are looking for a Tumblr alternative, here are some sites like Tumblr that you can use to share your original content or vlogs.

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Key Features: This site has a straightforward and intuitive user-interface wherein you can easily share or post multimedia such as articles in just a few clicks.

One of the easiest yet powerful sites like Tumblr is Blogger. It is designed with a simple web-based post editor, and you can get for up to 100 blogs per account. Also, it consists of hundreds of flexible layouts and background images that you can use to create a perfect blog that fits your blogs. Plus, it supports an option to view your detailed stats like traffic sources, monthly page views, to your blog. It also supports regular blog functions such as multi-user, posting via email, and comments. The main good thing about this site is that it is already updated, and it has a beautiful material design language that is being used on the platform.

blogger main interface


Key Features: This is an ad-free site and non-algorithmic feed consisting of a large community that is better for sharing a post or reviews.

Another website like Tumblr that you can use is Mastodon. It is an open-source multimedia and blogging site that offers individual servers and filtered timelines. Unlike Tumblr, it has a very dynamic community. Mastodon consists of a friendly community with something for everyone. It also enables you to host your server node in the network and several operated user bases across numerous servers. Apart from that, this site can communicate using the AcitivityPub standard that is implemented since version 106. Besides, you can share short-form status messages to other users, and those messages include up to 500 text-based characters, which is an extension of Twitter's 280 character limit.

mastodon main interface


Key Features: This site consists of numerous useful functions to enhance your post, such as adding links on it. Also, its codes are well-organized.

Our next alternative to Tumblr is WordPress. It is one of the used sites, especially vloggers, that lets you share your content blog to many users. It offers free sites hosting services and a platform for users or bloggers to share their talents on writing blogs or articles. With its easy-to-use interface and strong administration controls, it became the world's most useful multimedia site in the world. Furthermore, it supports thousands of blogs on several topics to connect, especially for open-minded users. It also consists of editing features that you can insert text, photos, forms, maps, and more.

wordpress main interface


Key Features: This site doesn't have ads when using it. Also, it has an intuitive user interface that you can use without any hassle on your side.

If you are looking for a replacement for Tumblr, then Pillowfort is good for you. This site had risen to fame when Tumblr removed its adult content from its website. It is a small social media platform founded in 2016 by Julia Baritz. Furthermore, it gives you more control over your content and space. Plus, you have an option to make your post or content into private or public. Besides that, you can receive messages only from your followers and mutual friends, which is good for privacy. You can also share photos, text posts, illustrations, GIFs, and more to the people who follow your blog or post. Aside from that, this tool's main purpose is to encourage the users to give feedback about creating a user-friendly website that features the way that users want.

pillowfort main interface


Key Features: This site has its built-in stats that can be used to check user engagement on the post and offer curated content rich in quality.

Medium is similar to Tumblr, where you can share several types of multimedia such as photos, articles, blogs, and more by just signing-in directly from the site. In fact, you can tell that Medium is better to Tumblr when it comes to content quality. If you have a previous blog or post to any websites like Pillowfort, you can import it by the use medium's default import tool. Likewise, you have an option to join the Medium Partner Program for you to earn more from your ideas and writings. Additionally, it is a perfect platform for those people who love writing, such as journalists, content creators, and writers. It also has a forum wherein people can place comments or answers from the articles provided on this site.

medium main interface


Key Features: This social media site consists of many editing features to help you enhance your post by adding filters, links, and additional images on it.

Twitter had become the substitute for Tumblr that is well-known as a safe site for adult content creators and other artists impacted by the Tumblr ban. Actually, Twitter is also a social media site wherein you can share your thoughts, photos, videos, blogs, and more to the people who followed your Twitter account. Aside from that, it is a great source of content and a wonderful forum for discussing many topics. In connection with this, it has a tooltip that lets you view the full information when you click on a text without leaving the current page. Besides sharing reviews or articles on this site, you can also contact your family or friends by using its messaging functions. It offers several emoticons to choose from.

twitter main interface


Key Features: It is a handy website builder, and it has an easy user interface to utilize.

Site123 is an alternative for Tumblr, wherein it enables you to make your website with a complex affair. Site123 allows you to create pretty good and attractive websites using its essential tools, like adding links to it. Plus, it supports many simple templates that will help you give Tumblr's offerings a tough competition. It also offers a flexibility design depending on your preferred website. It's either you want to create a business website, blogs, or a photography site; you can choose from its default templates. In addition to that, it lets you customize the domain name of your online business. That means you can make an online store to give people an idea about your business. In addition to this, it is SEO-friendly that means its search engines can index it without adding additional coding on your part. This site's user interface will automatically adjust on any platforms such as smartphones, desktops, and tablets.

site123 main interface


Key Features: You can easily post your reviews or blogs easily using its easy-to-use user interface.

Reddit is a massive collection of forums wherein you can answer questions from here and post some news and contents that you can share with your friends. It supports comment navigation wherein you can easily find comments and answer them directly from the site. Actually, Reddit is not considered as a blogging website, but it works more or less in the same manner. It enables you to submit your posts in the form of text posts, links, and images in subreddits, and more. Also, it becomes the most famous networks on the internet when it comes to communities. Moreover, Reddit is actually a legitimate social network and becoming the microblogging site, a content aggregator, and a collection of forums.

reddit main interface


Key Features: This site is perfect to use to share gameplay at any size.

If you are a gamer and you want to share your gameplay online, then Newgrounds is the perfect site for you. This site is not similar to Tumblr, but it is one of the great social media site movie buffs, gamers, and artists. One of the reasons why this site became famous among those Tumblr alternatives is because there are no strict rules for adult information on the website. It consists of four categories, including Movies, Games, Art, and Audio. Plus, it has an easy to use interface to easily share your gameplay in just a few clicks.

newgrounds main interface


Key Features: This site is specially designed for those willing to draw artwork with several templates.

Deviantart is one of the largest online social networks, especially for art enthusiasts and artists. It was launched by Angelo Sotira last August 7, 2000. This site can be used for exploring artistic content and also having the best-needed inspiration. Also, if you are fond of creating creative stuff, this site is really perfect for you. It is because you can easily use its editing features, such as applying filters on your post. Aside from that, you can also share a lot of poems using this site. Plus, it offers a variety of artworks for you to explore.

devianart main interface

Comparison Chart

Features Blogger Mastodon WordPress Pillowfort Medium
Has a User Registration? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Contain Ads? No No No No Yes
Premium Version? None Yes Yes None None
It can post both pictures together with the link Yes Yes Yes None None
Features Twitter Site123 Reddit Newgrounds Devianart
Has a User Registration? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Contain Ads? Yes No No No No
Premium Version? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
It can post both pictures together with the link Yes Yes Yes No No
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