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Top 7 Content Creation Websites like Tumblr

sites like tumblr If you have a way with words and want to share it with everyone, blogging is one of the most effective methods. Through blogging, anyone can write their thoughts and stories without almost any boundaries. So, if you are a certified blogger or a fan of it, you may be familiar with Tumblr. It is one of the most popular social networking and blogging sites on the internet nowadays. You are only required to create an account to share photos, quotes, links, videos, and more to its community. Additionally, it is an interactive website wherein you can also send messages and post comments to contents shared by other users. However, it seems Tumblr focuses more on memes, which is evident when you access its main page. In case you want to know other sites like Tumblr that also lets you share blogs and stories, scroll down to get more info.

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Key Feature: The site provides a lot of professional-looking themes and templates to start your website.
Is it User-Friendly?: WordPress allows you to create any website without inputting complicated codes.

WordPress is considered to be one of the best Tumblr alternatives due to its powerful features. The site is best for writing blogs and create a website for it so it can be accessible to everybody. As per its developer, 36% of the website on the internet is created with the help of WordPress. Aside from writing a blog, you can make it more presentable by adding images, reviews, forums, and more. One good thing about it is that WordPress lets users get profit from their content and blogs. In connection with this, you can add a payment or a store plug-in to your webpage to collect payments from others.

wordpress homepage


  • You can get help from its community in case you have trouble creating your content.
  • It allows you to choose the right domain you want for your website.

  • You have to purchase its license to unlock other features like uploading videos.


Key Feature: Although the site also has a premium version, you can still maximize other essential features like content security, free 500MB storage, and more.
Is it User-Friendly?: You only have to drag and drop pictures, videos, or text boxes to start creating your blog.

Another alternative to Tumblr that also allows you to create a website is Weebly. Since its partnership with Square, Weebly becomes widespread for creating online stores. Regarding this, the site focuses more on business purposes that aims to increase the market of your product. Additionally, it provides several designs that you can choose as templates of your blog. The preset themes Weebly offers are sorted according to their category like "Blog," "Portfolio," "Event," and more. Finally, you can also find and read blogs from other users, which usually tackles how to grow a business.

weebly home page


  • It provides some marketing tools, like letting you create a Facebook ad so you can reach more viewers.
  • The web pages that Weebly produce are automatically compatible with browsers from mobile phones.

  • You are not allowed to customize your own domain if you are only using its free version.


Key Feature: It allows you to earn money since you can post your blogs and use almost all of its features for free.
Is it User-Friendly?: The site features a Google Doc-like interface when writing a blog that brings familiarity for new users.

The next site, similar to Tumblr, is Blogger, which is owned by the tech giant Google. Meaning, if you have an existing Google account, it is way easier to register and create a blog on this website. A unique thing about Blogger is that it allows you to know who your audience is. With that being said, it can analyze the users who read your blog and also checks their interests. This is necessary so you can gain more audience and also know the next topic you may write. However, every account can only hold for up to 100 posts or content.

blogger homepage


  • Bloggers keep updating its interface so it would be more smartphone-friendly.
  • Google AdSense is included in its features so you can find some companies that might be interested in advertising the products in your blog.

  • Blogger only provides limited templates and designs compared to other websites.


Key Feature: The site offers a preview section so you can view the outcome of the page while you're still typing its content.
Is it User-Friendly?: It showcases a very intuitive interface that lets you modify the content of your blog with only minimal use of codes.

Ghost is an open-source Tumblr similar site that is accessible to Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. It proposes fast content management since you can collaborate with your team to write, edit, or publish a specific blog. Furthermore, you can set a schedule with the exact date of time for a post to go live on the internet. Additionally, it allows you to brand your website by adding a customized domain to the URL of your blog. Aside from English, Ghost also supports other languages like Spanish and German, so other users can freely write their blogs using their native tongue.

ghost home page


  • The site would provide at least 2 staff users that will help you maintain and promote your blogs if you subscribed to its pro version.
  • It ensures that your content is protected, and you can only edit them if you logged-in with a username and password.

  • Although it provides a 14-day free trial, you have to purchase its license for at least $36.00/month to continue using its services.


Key Feature: Twitter is so popular that famous personalities even has their own and certified user account.
Is it User-Friendly?: You only need to use a small text box to type your post and share it with the Twitter world.

Who would have thought that by only using 280 characters, you can share a short blog that can be read all over the world? This is all possible thanks to the worldwide popularity of Twitter. You can interact with your "Followers" as you can send private messages to each other. What makes Twitter famous is its "Tweet" feature that lets you share any thoughts with your followers. Additionally, it shows the top tweets worldwide or in the country where you at. The top tweets are the trending "hashtags" of the day that were used by more than thousands of Twitter users.

twitter user account


  • As of 2018, there are an estimated 321+ million active users on Twitter that you can interact with.
  • The site is accessible to almost any device, including computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

  • You can only share short stories, or you must create a long thread if you want to share more.


Key Feature: The site is almost accessible to anyone, and it has a "Free" mode wherein you can still access it even without a paid data connection.
Is it User-Friendly?: On its "What's on your mind?" feature, you can quickly post a text with a video, photo, and even tag your friends.

It is safe to say that all of you are familiar with Facebook. As a matter of fact, we can write an entire article if we will tackle all of its features. Facebook has become one of the most visited websites in the internet age. It is known for connecting with your friends and family even they are away. With the help of its interactive community, you can even share the posts of your friends and other pages. Facebook is so diverse that it allows you to share poems, stories, videos, photos, and more as long as the topic is not too sensitive. Aside from that, you can connect with your friends and even create a group chat through its Messenger app.

facebook user account


  • You can use all features of Facebook like instant messaging, sharing pictures, and more for free.
  • You can log-in your Facebook account to other devices without closing it on your original device.

  • Nowadays, Facebook is loaded with fake posts and stories, so you have to be cautious and verify the info source.


Key Feature: Instagram created the "Story" feature that allows you to share a photo or a video to your followers that will expire within 24 hours.
Is it User-Friendly?: You can capture a picture on its "Camera" feature to edit and post it at the same time.

The last alternative to Tumblr on this list is Instagram. It is a photo and video-based social networking platform owned by Facebook. Instagram is best for sharing short vlogs, photojournalism, image arts, and more. Anyone can access it using their computers, mobile phones, and tablets. Additionally, most celebrities and famous personalities use Instagram to reach out to their fans. Furthermore, you are required to upload an image for every post, and you can use the caption box to share a short story. Aside from that, you can "like" others' posts and also add a comment.

instagram user account


  • If you have a Facebook account, you also have an Instagram account automatically.
  • It showcases high-quality photos and multiple filter options to enhance your pictures.

  • Videos must be in MP4 format before you can upload them.

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