Best 10 Sites to Download Punjabi Movies and Watch Online

feature punjabi movie download site Punjabi movies are popular among the millions of Punjabis living in India and Pakistan. In recent years, Punjabi films have made a mark in global film. Numerous Punjabi movies are released every year, featuring thrilling storylines and an array of talented actors. These movies are not just limited to Punjabi-speaking audiences. They have gained considerable popularity outside Punjab as well. But do you know where you can watch Punjabi films online? If not, we will tackle some of the best website to download Punjabi movies and watch them online. These platforms offer Punjabi films and TV shows.

10 Websites to Find and Watch Punjabi Movies

1. Zee5

Zee5 is a popular Indian OTT platform that offers an extensive range of movies and other video content. This platform provides its users with intuitive navigation tools and high-quality resolution for their films. Moreover, the Zee5 movie platform has a diverse collection of movies that cater to different audiences. Whether you want to watch romantic, comedy, or action movies, Zee5's movie selection has something for everyone. Furthermore, Zee5 offers various regional language films where you can download Jet Li movies. It is an excellent feature for those who prefer watching movies in their native languages. It also provides original content that includes movies and web series. That's why this platform is one of the Punjabi movies download sites list you need to try.

zee5 as punjabi movie download site

Aqua Clip

Play videos anywhere without the hassle of internet connection.
  • You can save Punjabi movies in HD quality like 720p and 1080p, or UHD like 4k.
  • The app uses advanced acceleration technology to fasten the download speed.
  • Download movies with subtitles for a better streaming experience.

2. HDFriday

HDFriday is one of the best site to download Punjabi movies and watch them online. This platform has tons of movies and TV shows available for streaming. Also, HDFriday has classic and recent blockbusters in HD quality. Furthermore, the platform mainly offers dubbed Hindi and Punjabi movies. That's why some Punjab and Pakistani people love to stream on this platform. They are more likely to watch their native language films or shows. You can also utilize the filter option to browse the available movie on this platform. Overall, this platform is recommendable if you want to watch your favorite Punjabi movies online.

hdfriday  as punjabi movie download site

3. ShemarooMe

ShemarooMe is an online streaming platform that offers different Indian and Punjabi movies. A vast selection of Punjabi films, including both current blockbusters and timeless classics, are available on ShemarooMe. Its smooth streaming experience, easy-to-use design, and excellent content have all helped to make it increasingly popular. ShemarooMe has gained notoriety for providing a great cinematic experience and a varied collection. This streaming platform also delivers a substantial collection of Punjabi TV shows, making it a go-to platform.

shemaroome interface

4. Todaypk

Todaypk is a popular online movie site for Punjabi movies. You can download and stream films and TV shows on this platform. It offers many Punjabi movie selections, including new releases and old classics. You can see a long list of Punjabi movies on the platform's interface. You can directly click the movie you saw on the platform to play the film. It also provides options for streaming movies in different quality levels. You can change the video quality depending on your internet connection status. You can use the website filter to explore the films on the platform easily.

todaypk  as punjabi movie download site

5. Hungama

Hungama is the next platform where you can download Punjabi movies online. This platform offers movies, short video clips, music, and TV shows. One of this platform's great features is an Explore Genres section. You can use it to see different Genres available on the website. This feature helps it easier for users to find specific content allowing you to download Hindi TV series. Moreover, Hungama's movies are high quality and can be downloaded in multiple formats. You can download and watch them in 720p to 1080p video resolution. It is also a family-friendly platform that provides videos for kids and adults alike, making it a perfect option for family movie nights.

hungama  as punjabi movie download site

6. Okjatt.In

Okjatt]. In is another Punjabi movie streaming platform you can access online. This platform has been known to offer many Punjabi movies and different content to stream and download online. Users can also find Hindi and English movies on Okjatt.In for free without any registration or sign-up. It also offers some of the latest Punjabi movies and TV shows. You can also read movie reviews and ratings to identify the best movie to watch in your free time. Additionally, Okjatt.In has a search bar that allows users to search for specific movies by their titles.

okjatt  as punjabi movie download site

7. YouTube

YouTube is the most visited website for watching different video content. But did you know this platform also provides movies for online watching? You can also use this website to watch Punjabi movies. There are numerous Punjabi films available on YouTube. Ranging from new releases to older classics Punjabi movies. YouTube also allows you to select a video resolution while watching movies. You can access this option in the lower right corner of the video player. However, some Punjabi films are not available on YouTube. But overall, you can consider this site an option to watch Punjabi movies for free.

youtube  as punjabi movie download site

8. Hubsadda

Hubsadda is one of the platforms you can try to access Punjabi movies. This platform provides the latest Punjabi movies you want to watch online. You will see a grid of movie posters on the interfaces you can select from. You can also see some upcoming Punjabi movies with their release dates. Additionally, while watching a movie, you can choose your preferred video quality for your film, which is a good feature of watching movies. However, you might encounter that the website can be pretty slow, and it may take time to load a film.

hubsadda  as punjabi movie download site

9. HD Popcorns

Watching Punjabi movies in HD video quality is a great way to enjoy your viewing experience. That's why HD Pop Corn is a platform that you'd want to give a try. It contains the latest Punjabi movies and Hollywood movies in high-definition video quality. Animated movies are also available on this platform. With that, this platform is recommendable to kids who want to watch animated Punjabi films. You will see filters on the platform's interface that will help you easily explore the platform. You can also use the download filter to see different movies that are available for download.

hd popcorns as punjabi movie download site

10. Filmyzilla

The last platform you can use to watch Punjabi movies is Filmyzilla. This website has the most popular Punjabi films. Some of the best Bollywood movies are also available on this platform. In addition, you will notice that every movie poster has information below that indicates the movie's available resolutions. Once you have clicked a movie poster, you will be redirected to a page showing the movie's summary and other details. This will help you make an informed decision before watching the movie. However, some of the films have no subtitles, which may be disappointing if you do not understand the Punjabi language well.

filmyzilla as punjabi movie download site

Conclusion and Comparison Chart

There are lots of different platforms you can access online and can use to watch Punjabi movies online. To help you search for a perfect place to watch, we provide a list of platforms above that are most recommended for streaming Punjabi movies online. These platforms contain different Punjabi movies with various video qualities. Each platform can be used to watch Punjabi. You can still use this link to download OST songs for Punjabi on your device. Still, they differ in terms of user experience and the number of Punjabi movies they contain.

Sites Need a Subscription Plan? Registration Required? Ratings
Zee5 Yes Yes 4.1
HDFriday No No 3.6
ShemarooMe Yes Yes 3.8
Todaypk No No 3.5
Hungama Yes Yes 3.9
Sites Need a Subscription Plan? Registration Required? Ratings
Okjatt.In No No 3.5
YouTube No Yes 3.7
Hubsadda No No 3.5
HD Popcorns No Yes 3.8
Filmyzilla No No 3.7

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