Can You See Who Watches Your Highlights on Instagram?

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feature can you see who views your instagram highlightsInstagram Highlights have become an integral feature on the platform, allowing users to curate and showcase their best and most memorable moments. These Highlights are essentially curated collections of Stories that users can permanently display on their profile, giving followers a quick glimpse into the user's interests, experiences, and achievements. One common curiosity among Instagram users is the desire to know who has viewed their Highlights. While Instagram provides metrics for individual Stories, the same level of transparency is not always extended to Highlights. That being said, this article aims to explore this curiosity, particularly focusing on the query: "Can you see who watches your highlights on Instagram?" It will also address the functionality of Instagram Highlights, emphasizing their role in personalizing user profiles.

Overview of Instagram Highlights

This feature of Instagram was first introduced in 2017 so users can keep a hold of their favorite or most relevant Stories around for more than 24 hours. Instagram Highlights serve as a collection of your best and most engaging stories, allowing you to showcase them prominently on your profile. The purpose is to create a more organized and curated representation of your content, making it easier for followers to explore and engage with your stories. So the question is, can you see who viewed your Instagram Highlights? You can identify individuals who viewed your Instagram Highlights within the initial 24 hours of posting, specifically for the Stories you designated as highlights during that time frame. It's important to remember that Instagram does not save view statistics for more than 48 hours and doesn't reveal how frequently a certain user has watched or viewed your Highlights. Below are some benefits/advantages of using them and how to make Instagram Highlights.

Advantages of Using Highlights

  • Enhanced Storytelling: Highlights provide an extended canvas for storytelling, allowing you to craft a more detailed and immersive narrative about your experiences or journey.
  • Curatorial Excellence: By allowing users to curate or collect content in a well-organized manner, Highlights empowers users to showcase their best stories. And present them in a way that reflects their creativity and aesthetic preferences.
  • Brand Story Amplification: For businesses and influencers, Highlights serve as a powerful tool to amplify their brand story. Users can create a compelling and memorable brand narrative by featuring key moments, achievements, or products.
  • Continuous Engagement Opportunities: The prolonged visibility of Highlights ensures that followers have constant access to engaging content. This offers an ongoing opportunity for interaction, even with stories that could have been originally posted outside the 24-hour window.

instagram highlight advantages

How to Make an Instagram Highlights

Creating Instagram Highlights is straightforward. It permits you to curate and showcase your best and most engaging stories on your profile.

  • Launch the Instagram application on your mobile device. Then, navigate to your profile by tapping on your profile icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Below your bio, you'll see a "+New" button. Tap it to create a new Highlight. Instagram will then show your archived stories. Choose the stories you want to include in the Highlight. After selecting your accounts, you'll be prompted to choose a cover photo for your Highlight. Select one of the story frames or upload a new image.
  • Give your Highlight a name. This name will be displayed on your profile, so make it descriptive and relevant to the content you're showcasing. Once you've named your Highlight, tap "Done." Your new Highlight will now appear on your profile.

create instagram highlights

How to See the Views of Instagram Highlights on Mobile

Can you see who views your Instagram Highlights? This step-by-step guide, tailored for iPhone and Android users, unlocks the mystery behind your Instagram Highlights' viewership. Learn how to navigate the mobile app seamlessly to discover who's engaging with your curated content. It's essential to remember that you can only access the views within 48 hours, so if you recently posted a Story on your Instagram account and added it as a Highlight, you can still check the views.

Step 1 Navigate to Your Instagram Profile

On your mobile device, open your Instagram from the homepage or widgets. Then, tap your profile image at the bottom part of the screen.

instagram profile mobile

Step 2 Check the Views

Tap on the Highlight for which you want to check views. At the bottom of the screen or your Story, you will see a group of avatars above the text "Activity." You can tap this to view the details.

highlights views mobile

How to Check Instagram Highlights Views on Desktop

Explore the desktop experience as we guide you through uncovering the audience behind your Instagram Highlights. This guide ensures you can easily track who watches your curated stories even when using Instagram on your desktop. If you are also curious about viewing this platform without an account, you can learn more by extending your reading here.

Step 1 Access Your on Your Web Browser

Visit Instagram and log in to your account using your web browser. Click on your profile avatar or username to navigate to your Instagram profile.

instagram profile browser

Step 2 See the Views of Your Highlights

Scroll down to the "Highlights" section on your profile. Click on the Instagram Highlight you want to see views for. You'll find a view counter at the bottom of the screen, indicating the total views your Highlight has received.

highlights view browser


In summary, Instagram Highlights provides a powerful tool for curating and showcasing your best content. The steps outlined above guide you in creating Highlights and checking who views them on mobile and desktop. Importantly, can you see who views your Highlights on Instagram? The platform's view tracking is limited to the first 48 hours after posting and does not offer information on how many times an individual has viewed your Highlights. That said, you don't have to be stressed when your Instagram Story views is not working or you cannot track the views of your Highlights. As you navigate the world of Instagram Highlights, remember to focus on creating engaging and meaningful content. While the ability to track views is valuable, the primary goal should be to captivate your audience with compelling stories and visuals. Ensure that your curated content resonates with your audience and reflects your unique identity on the platform.

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