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[2022 Solved] 4K Video Downloader Can’t Parse the Link Issue

feature 4k video downloader cant parse link The internet is flooded with millions of videos, and the reasons for downloading these online videos are endless. Whether you're traveling where your network connection could be sketchy or you want a seamless experience to enjoy your favorite movie, downloading a video will allow you to watch it anywhere, even without an internet connection. Irrespective of your reasons, video downloader software can help you take online video and store it locally on your device. 4k video downloader is part of the best tools for downloading online videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, and many other platforms. Due to its flexibility and several unique features, tons of people around the globe prefer to use this video downloader. However, many users recently reported getting a "4k downloader can't parse link" error while downloading their online videos. If you're one of the users who want to know how to fix 4k video downloader errors, then continue reading this article. Later in this article, we will share a 4k video downloader alternative that provides even more features and will allow you to download online videos without any errors.

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4K Downloader Can’t Parse Link Error: The Possible Reasons

Before discussing the solutions, it is even more important to look at the root causes that can make you encounter a 4k video downloader that can't parse link error. So, the following is a list of possible reasons that might lead to the 4k video downloader cannot parse this link error:

  • The 4k video downloader might have a software update issue or minor bug.
  • If you have installed an antivirus program, that can also stop 4k video downloader from connecting to the internet.
  • You are trying to download a video from a website that isn't supported by the 4k video downloader.
  • You are using the outdated version of the software.
  • If the particular video page or even the website from where you are downloading the video is down.

How to Fix 4K Video Downloader Can’t Parse Link Issue?

Now, it's time to discuss how to get rid of this issue after knowing the different reasons for the "4k video downloader can't parse this link" error.

1). Restart Your Computer

First of all, if you're encountering a 4k video downloader error, the reason can be the lagging of your computer or any malfunction within the operating system. You can restart your computer and check whether the error got disappeared or not.

restart computer

2). Make Sure that the Videos are Supported to be Downloaded

Next, check if the 4k video downloader supports the video or link you're trying to download. If you're downloading videos from Facebook, please make sure you're downloading available and fully public videos. In the case of YouTube videos, try to use any VPN or connect to some other WiFi connection if a similar problem occurs.

check vpn

3). Check the Internet Connection

4k downloader is one program that requires a strong internet connection to operate. If your 4k video downloader isn't working or you're getting a 4k downloader that can't parse link error, the reasons behind this can be a poor internet connection to your device. To solve this problem, you can restart your WiFi router and close all running apps.

4). Update 4K Video Downloader to the Latest Version

The developers are constantly updating the program according to the users' feedback. Therefore, you will need to update your downloading software regularly. Any download error you're getting might be fixed in the program's latest version. To do that, you can upgrade your software from the Help section or Download and install the latest version of the 4k video downloader from their official website.

update 4k video downloader

5). Close Unnecessary Running Apps on Your Device

If many apps are running in the background, some of them can sometimes interfere with the working of the 4k video downloader. It will also slow down the speed of your computer, which can cause parsing errors in the video downloader. To fix this, you must stop all other programs on your device, except the 4k video downloader. It can be difficult to close all the programs as some are running in the background, so it will be better to close them in the Task Manager.

close background apps

6). Disable System Firewall / Antivirus Software

If you're using any firewall or antivirus software for your system security, this can also block uncertain downloads. Follow the coming steps to turn off the firewall on your computer:


  • First of all, exit the 4k video downloader and open Control Panel.
  • Head to System and Security, and then open the Windows Firewall section.
  • Lastly, check the status and turn it off.

disable firewall

7). Try Enabling Proxy Server in the 4K Video Downloader

In the case your 4k video downloader is not working with YouTube, it might be possible that your IP address is blocked due to your geographical location. To deal with this problem, you can use the downloader's proxy server that will enable you to bypass the restrictions.


  • You will first need to get an accessible shared proxy server from the internet.
  • Open the 4k video downloader, and from the menu bar, click on Tools.
  • Then go to Preferences and Connection options, respectively. Here, enable Proxy.
  • Select the protocol type and input the server, port, login, and password.
  • Make sure to save the settings and download it again.

enable proxy

Error Still Persists? Try the Best Alternative to 4K Video Downloader

If you have tried everything, but the error persists, then here we are going to share a video downloading software that won't only allow you to download online videos without any errors but also provides a comprehensive range of features with more convenience compared to 4k video downloader. We are talking about none other AceThinker Video Keeper Pro which is the best 4k video downloader alternative. It is one of those very few programs that allow you to download videos from any platform on the internet, including YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and all the big names out there. This software lets you download in its original resolution or select any other high-quality video quality up to 4k. AceThinker Video keeper doesn't only stop here; some of the critical features of this powerful downloader are the following:

AceThinker Video Keeper Pro

Download video from YouTube and more than 1000 video sharing websites at ultra fast speed.
  • Download an unlimited number of online videos without any errors or glitches
  • Supports to download complete YouTube playlists and entire channel videos with just a single click
  • It offers more downloading speed than any other similar tool; thanks to its multi-thread technology
  • Also, let you convert online videos into audio files and download them in the highest quality 320kbps Mp3 format
  • Allows downloading 3D and 360° videos from YouTube and other websites

How to Download Videos Using AceThinker Video Keeper Pro?

AceThinker Video Keeper Pro works equally well both on Windows and Mac. Just download and install the software from the links above, and then follow the steps below to download online videos.

Step 1 Copy and Paste the Particular Video Link

In the first step, go to YouTube or any other website where you want to download the video, open the particular video page, and copy its link from the browser address bar. Once copied, launch AceThinker software and paste the copied link into the dedicated box.

paste link

Step 2 Analyze Link and Preview the Video

Once done with the pasting, click the Search icon, which will make the program analyze the link automatically. After that, you will get the video available for Download. You can also preview the video before downloading using the built-in player to ensure it's the video you need.

check video

Step 3 Select Format and Download Video

Next, you can click the MP4 icon to start downloading the video in MP4 format. If you want to download in any other resolution or format, click More and select the options per your requirements. Finally, click Download, and your video will start downloading instantly.

download video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why 4k video downloader can't parse some links?
As discussed in the article, it's not always the downloader responsible for causing this error. Sometimes, the site or the video you are trying to download can lead to a 4k video downloader that can't parse link errors. It would help if you ensured the factors mentioned above for properly working the 4k video downloader.
2. How to fix 4k video downloader error?
We discussed in detail the different solutions to fix the 4k video downloader that cannot parse this link issue. You can try these fixes one by one, and if the problem persists, you can consider using an alternative downloader.

The Bottom Line

This article covered different methods to confront the "4k video downloader can't parse link" error many users face while using the software. However, if you fail to get rid of this problem, we strongly recommend using the AceThinker Video Keeper Pro to download videos without any obstacles quickly. You can also click here if you’re interested on other awesome mp4 video downloaders as an alternative to 4k video downloader.

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