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featured sites like 123movies123Movies is a popular online video streaming site where you can stream movies and TV shows all for free. It offers an extensive record of films and series in different genres. Additionally, 123Movies provides a list of recently released free movies. Plus, it provides comprehensive reviews of each movie and rates them according to their quality and popularity. Ratings also state how good or bad the movie was, like IMDB. Currently, the 123Movies site is still alive. Still, the website keeps changing its domain address for some real reasons to continue its service. You might be thinking, where else can you find sites like 123Movies that provide the same quality service or better? Keep reading as you are on the right track. Let us check the best 11 free movie sites similar to 123Movies together.

Working Proxy Servers of 123Movies

Before we start to talk about the best 123Movies alternative, let us first examine the 123Movies mirror or clone sites. Though the 123Movies old site may not work, you can still watch free movies from 123Movie via these proxy sites. The 123Movies official team manages these, and almost all content from 123Movies is found on these proxy sites. Below are some of the most popular working 123Movies proxy sites you can visit.

Is it Legal to Watch Free Movies Online on 123Movies?

Watching free online movies on sites like 123Movies is often considered a legal gray area. While streaming might not be illegal in some jurisdictions, the source of the content and whether it has proper authorization for distribution are crucial factors. Most of the movies on 123Movies are pirated copies, which can infringe on copyright laws. Therefore, while watching movies can not always result in legal trouble or consequences for viewers, it's essential to be aware of the potential legal issues connected with accessing copyrighted movies or materials without permission.

sites like 123movies legality

Did 123Movies Shutdown?

123Movies has indeed been shut down due to a series of legal challenges and copyright infringement issues it faced. It was even called the world's "most popular illegal site" by the Motion Picture Association. While 123Movies shutdowns or domain seizures have occurred, they often reappear under different domain names or mirror sites. It's essential to stay updated on legal developments in your region regarding these platforms. Additionally, even if a site like 123Movies is shut down, similar sites may continue to operate, so users should exercise caution and give thought to the legal consequences or implications of accessing copyrighted content through such platforms.

sites like 123movies shutdown

Best 11 Websites Like 123Movies

Here are some of the best 123Movies alternatives where you can stream movies and shows. This list has free and paid options to cater to your needs. You can access this website using the best VPN or on your private browser to avoid prying eyes and to hide your online activity and IP address. You can also use an ad blocker since there are streaming platforms that contain ads, so you can make sure that they are safe to use. Some popular alternatives to 123Movies include:

1. Movies Found Online

movies found online interfaceAs the name implies, this is talking about movies you can watch online for free. Waith its user-friendly But you have to know that this site does not own any of its videos for copyright holders intended issues. This video hosting website links other video hosting platforms to provide service to those who stream movies for personal use. Also, each film is on English subtitles, since most countries are able to read English. You can use it if you do not understand the native language of the movie you are watching. So the next time that you think about the film, this free service platform is a great alternative.

2. Plex

plex intefaceThe second on the list of 123Movies alternatives is Plex. It is one of the best alternatives, as it contains easy navigation that provides a great user experience. A month after the launch of this site, they kept growing. More and more partnership is established until they reach this kind of level. Right now it is one of the premium sites that provide good service and allow users to stream their favorite movies with its large library of movies. This best alternative caters different regional TV shows and movies which you can watch French movies online, Spanish series, and other foreign digital medias. It can The turning point of this 123movies alternatives is when they partner with different devices platforms where you can access free content. As expected, the video quality is good and you can access it from different countries. The interface is attractive and very responsive. Everything you need for your movie pleasure is here so its one of the best place to stream movies.

3. Top Documentary Films

top documentary intefaceTop Documentary Films is the next solution, similar to 123Movies in 2020. This website is for curious people who never stop debunking things; this free streaming sites is for you to be aware of what's going on around you. This site is full of documentaries on different topics and categories so there are small selection of movies and shows. Each movie has a comprehensive review of the movie you will watch. Meanwhile, as soon as you arrive on the web page's main interface, you will not see many movies immediately, so you start streaming movies right away. The movies are categorized into three sections. "Browse", "list", and "Top 100". It also allows you to have a free access to top rated IMDB movies, making it a good 123Movies alternatives.

4. YoMovies

yomovies interfaceIf you are a big fan of Bollywood movies, then YoMovies is one of the best similar sites like 123Movies. The movie-streaming site offers movies and shows a "Featured Movies" section. This provides the latest and blockbuster Indian-based films. A good thing about this site is that its content is sorted according to its release date, so you can find movies easily. Besides, it features a trending Hollywood collection of movies and series you would love to binge-watch. Moreover, each movie and TV shows contains a synopsis of its content without the intrusive ads, unlike other sites. You could get a gist about the video even before watching it. It also streams films produced by other countries like Japan, the Philippines, and more. However, one thing that can be considered as a downside of this site is that it does not contain live channels, so you can't access live TV shows.

5. WatchFree

watchfree interfaceThe next popular movie streaming site similar to 123Movies to watch all movies and a TV show is WatchFree. As its name suggests, you can enjoy the desired media content for free. Like most other 123Movies alternatives, you don't need to sign up or register: visit the site and directly watch whatever you like. Though there is a great variety of films and TV shows in WatchFree, the site itself doesn't own a database. Instead, it provides links from the Internet so you can encounter some paid content. In this way, you can get all the different resources on this site, all you need is a good internet connection. Watch free has an intuitive interface. You can easily navigate or search to easily find the movies or TV episodes you prefer.

6. PopcornFlix

popcornflix intefacePopcornFlix is one of the best free movie streaming sites like 123Movies. It allows you to watch a collection of films and TV shows without signing up or registering. The videos are wisely sorted by genre. Some examples are Horror Films, Drama, Action, Thriller, Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi, and more. You can navigate and find the movies or shows you prefer. PopcornFlix updates its database every day, so almost all the latest videos are available here. Additionally, you can browse movies in multiple languages. Note that PopcornFlix offers iOS and Android apps for selected countries. It means you can enjoy free movies online anywhere you go on your portable devices. Moreover, the no-pop-up ads environment makes it a well-deserved 123Movies alternative.

7. Putlocker

putlocker interfaceAnother option for one of the best sites to stream movies online, like 123Movies, is Putlocker. This site is where you want to be when downloading and streaming high-quality films and TV series. lets you have your own hands-on its library movies, including top-ranking, and most recent film. Also, you could download your best movies, TV shows and dramas without paying a dime for offline viewing. This website has a comprehensive media library, which includes Bollywood and Hollywood content.

8. MoviesJoy

moviesjoy intefaceMoviesJoy is an all-in-one 123Movies alternatives. Why? It is a home for thousands of movies and TV series that you can watch in one place. It also offers the latest movies for free. The good thing about MoviesJoy is that it supports streaming most of its videos in HD quality. Each film contains an IMDb rating, so users know if the movie is good or not. Also, registered users can rate by liking or disliking the film. Furthermore, MoviesJoy has an APK file that you can use to install on your Android phone. The main problem with this alternative is that it will redirect you to a different tab whenever you click something on the interface because of the pop-ups ads. Additionally, you can not access this 123Movies alternatives on big screen or Smart TVs.

9. SolarMovie

solarmovies interfaceAs a popular name among sites that offer free streaming of movies, SolarMovie boasts everything an average movie freak can ever wish for. The content distributes across different categories. This includes countries, genres, TV series, Top IMDB, and more. The site is most fitting for anyone who loves to stream movies online grouped on genres. This single-click streaming service allows you to watch the best trailers and read more about a show or movie. You can even consider this streaming platforms better than 123Movies!

10. Netflix

netflix interfaceNetflix is a name that will indeed be known by movie lovers. Like 123Movies, this website has been around for almost 20 years and keeps providing popular movies and TV shows. There are 150 million subscribers of Netflix worldwide. Also, this paid alternatives has more original TV shows or exclusive content than other alternative sites. However, Netflix requires you to pay $15.99 per month for its subscription plans. Once paid, you will be able to stream movies and TV shows in Ultra HD streams, so will never encounter poor quality streams. Besides, Netflix also doesn't allow all the content to all regions due to copyright restrictions and parental controls. But you can use a good VPN app or access different Netflix alternatives free sites if you have an area restriction for watching the videos. Additionally, browsing on this 123Movies alternatives does not contain malicious ads and you will not encounter any pirated content, since its perfectly legal.

11. Soap2day

soap2day interfaceSoap2day is a compelling alternative to 123Movies, offering various popular movies and TV shows for streaming enthusiasts. With an intuitive interface, Soap2day allows users to navigate its selection, exploring multiple genres and titles easily. Like 123Movies, it provides access to a impressive catalog, making it a go-to platform for entertainment seekers. Depending on the video, users can access a lot of content and watch the movies and TV shows in HD quality, like 720p or 1080p. As the digital landscape evolves, Soap2day has positioned itself as an option for those seeking various viewing choices. Soap2day is also available on other devices like mobile phones and laptops so you can stream new movies. Yet, one major drawback of the site is that it redirects users to an advertisement whenever they click on a movie.

How to Download Online Videos and Movies

Do you find your online viewing experience unsatisfying? Some distractions, like promotional Ads, unresponsive servers, and popup messages, will make our binge-watching slightly underwhelming. Luckily, you can continuously stream offline for your favorite movies. AceThinker CleverGet is a helpful video downloader that can rip and acquire films and movies you want from different websites. It can save videos by parsing them on your device. It will eventually create a download link on its system, which users can use to acquire the parsed video. All the 123Movies alternatives mentioned in this article are compatible with this tool. It provides a clean and straightforward process to obtain your video. Follow the guide below to learn more about its operation.

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Step 1 Install AceThinker CleverGet

The first guide to learning how to download movies with AceThinker CleverGet is to install the app on your computer. You can access the product page of this tool by searching it on your web browsers. Alternatively, use the download button below to get the file installer faster.

cleverget interface

Step 2 Access the Movie Website

Access any movie website on the tool’s interface. You can either paste the link of the specific film or use the address bar to search for the particular movie site. If there is an option to log in, enter your credentials to access the website. Then, search for the video you need to download and begin parsing.

cleverget to access

Step 3 Download and Preview the Video

The final stage is to tap the Download button on your PC’s screen. There will be a list of video quality that will prompt on your screen. Select the chosen quality and hit the Download button. After a while, once the download process is completed, you can preview the video on the Video icon, which is the list of videos downloaded with this app.

use cleverget to access movie site

Criteria when Choosing a Website like 123Movies

The website should have the following features to have a seamless streaming experience when watching a movie.

Content Library: To save time from choosing from various movie collections every time you want to watch a movie, a content library is necessary to sort the movies according to their genre, popularity, release date, documentaries, etc.

Stream Quality: A great movie streaming website offers a variety of streaming options to accommodate users' preferences and internet speed.

Accessibility: Every movie streaming site like 123movies must ensure an accessible platform for all users through features like voice commands and screen readers. Availability for devices like Computers, laptops, and mobile phones like Android and iOS will also greatly help users easily access the site.

criteria 123movies alternative

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 123Movies?

123Movies was a widespread online streaming platform that offered a broad scope of movies and TV shows for free. It gained massive popularity for its vast library and simple user interface.

sites like 123movies faqs

How can I watch movies safely online?

To watch movies online safely, consider subscribing to legitimate streaming services. Ensure your preferred platform has a good reputation for security and privacy. Additionally, ad-blockers and reputable antivirus software should be used to mitigate risks when browsing the web.

sites like 123movies faqs

Are there legal alternatives to sites like 123Movies?

Yes, legal 123Movies alternatives exist, such as subscription-based streaming services are considered legal. This includes Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+. These platforms offer a monthly fee for a wide variety of movies and TV shows. Additionally, you can access this streaming sites on your Smart TV to watch HD movies and TV shows online.

sites like 123movies faqs

Are these alternative sites accessible in many countries in recent years?

While accessibility varies, many of these sites operate globally. Still, they may face blocks or restrictions in certain countries due to copyright laws. We recommend choosing 123Movies legal alternatives that abide by your country's copyright laws and have no questions asked about the legality of video streaming.

sites like 123movies faqs
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