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Top 12 Netflix Alternatives for Movie and TV Show Streaming

featured Netflix alternativeNetflix is one of the most popular websites that let you watch many movies and TV shows online conveniently. When talking about online video streaming, you can't miss Netflix. It even supports a mobile app that allows you to stream videos from your mobile device's comfort. However, Netflix is not the only site you can consistently rely on. There are many alternative sites like Netflix that are similar to Netflix that you can try when you're a bit fed up with Netflix and want to get something new elsewhere. Please have a look at our review of the best ten sites like Netflix. These free and paid online movie and video streaming websites, which are similar to those of Netflix, will undoubtedly add more fun to your multimedia world.

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Top 12 Websites Like Netflix

1. YouTube

Price: $3.00 a month
Available Regions: All countries except China, Iran, Syria, and Turkmenistan.

YouTube, the most popular free video streaming site, can be an excellent Netflix alternative to enjoy movies and TV series online for free in a legal way. It probably offers the most significant video resource, and the database is said to be updated every hour. Almost all genres are available on YouTube, meaning that you can nearly find whatever you like. Despite movies and TV shows, this site also has millions of unique and original content. Videos in different formats and quality are provided. You can even download them for offline viewing easily with the help of a video downloader. Currently, YouTube is available anywhere: smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, game consoles, etc.

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2. Popcornflix

Price: Free
Available Regions:the USA and Canada

Popcornflix is another popular free video streaming websites like Netflix. You can find almost all movie genres here, including comedy, drama, action, horror, thriller, romance, mystery, documentaries, etc. Compared with paid streaming services like Netflix and Amazon, Popcornflix doesn't offer that much content as most free streaming sites do. But it's still enough if you're not too "picky." The streaming speed is quite fast, but most of the movies are not in HD format. So if you have strict requirements on picture quality, this site may let you down. Like Crackle, Popcornflix is available on various devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Samsung, Xbox, and more. Since it's free and the interface is elegant, it is worth trying in your leisure time.


3. CBS All Access

The next Netflix alternative on this list is CBS All Access. Most of us might be familiar with CBS as an American TV channel that produces and shows blockbuster TV series. As their company expands, they now also entered the streaming platform world. They provide several movies and TV shows you can binge-watch anytime. Furthermore, it also streams live shows for sports and news. Like other streaming platforms mentioned here, CBS All Access also produces their original TV shows or movies. It also has a diverse genres from Comedy, Kids, Action, and a lot more. Lastly, you can enjoy a 7-day free trial before you decide to avail of one of their premium plans.

cbsallaccess interface

4. Disney+

Price: $7.99/month
Available Regions: the Netherlands, United States, Canada and more

Disney+ is a newbie in the world of online streaming platforms. But don't count it lowly since this is the behemoth network Disney's official streaming app. Expect to jump into the magical world of Disney as you can watch several kids-friendly shows. It also streams blockbuster movies, including The Avengers, Captain Marvel, and others. And with the ban of cinema houses due to the pandemic, Disney+ also now streams the official released of Mulan's much-anticipated live adaptation. The primary drawback of Disney+ is that it is only available in selected countries, including the United States, Canada, UK, and others. If it is not accessible in your country, one of the best options is to use a VPN.

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5. Apple TV+

Price: $4.99/month
Available Regions: United States, Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean,Europe, Russia, and Central Asia, and more.

If you're really an avid fanatic of Apple, this alternative to Netflix is perfect for you. Apple TV+ is the official streaming platform of the powerhouse technology company that also produces and shows original series. You're also on the advantage if you're an avid Apple user since the streaming platform is accessible to most of their devices like the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and others. Besides TV series and movies, you can also watch eye-opening documentaries about politics, sports, and other topics. You are also entitled to a 7-day free trial before availing of a plan.

appletv interface

6. Hulu

Price: $6.99 per month
Available Regions: US, Japan and others

Hulu is another media streaming service that is similar to Netflix. This site provides old and newly released movies and TV series such as Seinfeld, ER, and Futurama. There are a bunch of Hulu original shows available on this platform; these include Only Murders in the Building. What makes Hulu noteworthy is, it releases new episodes of popular shows around a day. Moreover, users can customize different add-ons channels, including Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, and HBO. However, this tool is only available in a few countries, such as the US and Japan.

sites like netflix hulu

7. Amazon Prime Video

Price: 5.99 USD per month
Available Regions: Available worldwide except Mainland China, Iran, North Korea, and Syria.

Amazon Prime Video also features unique original and exclusive content called "Amazon Originals" available for visitors. This video streaming website offers many award-winning movies and TV shows. Besides that, users can also access Amazon Music, which gives access to an entire library of trending songs without interruption. Moreover, Amazon Prime allows users to subscribe to other famous channels like Showtime and HBO for a lower price. One of the best features of Amazon Prime is that users can subscribe to all of its services, such as shopping, free shipping, and more. Also, it offers a mobile app in case users want to stream using their smartphones. If you're interested in recording Amazon videos for watching offline, you can check the best Amazon Prime screen recorder.

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8. Discovery +

Price: $6.99 a month
Available Regions: The United States, Denmark, Philippines, and more.

Like Hulu, Discovery + is the most recently launched media streaming platform like Netflix. It has a massive lineup of different programs and TV channels with few shows from Lifetime and A&E. People who are into TV shows and reality TV are suited for this streaming program. Additionally, it has a growing number of original shows and different spin-off programs like 90-Day Fiance and Ghost Adventures. Moreover, it provides a seven-day free trial for its patrons to experience a free streaming service.

sites like netflix discovery+

9. Paramount +

Price: $9.99 a month
Available Regions: Australia, Canada, Latin America, Middle East

Like Hulu, Discovery + is the most recently launched media streaming platform like Netflix. It has a massive lineup of different programs and TV channels with few shows from Lifetime and A&E. People who are into TV shows and reality TV are suited for this streaming program. Additionally, it has a growing number of original shows and different spin-off programs like 90-Day Fiance and Ghost Adventures. Moreover, it provides a seven-day free trial for its patrons to experience a free streaming service.

sites like netflix paramount+

10. Fandor

Price: $5.99/mo.
Available Regions: The United States and Canada

Next on the list of alternative sites like Netflix is Fandor. Like the other mentioned websites above, it is an American-based subscription video streaming website. However, what separates Fandor from other websites mentioned above is that it focuses on indie films, documentaries, classic films, and more. Besides being a video streaming platform, Fandor also offers articles about some trending issues or critics for some famous movie stars. This website is an excellent alternative for exploring other films or fed up with mainstream shows. Lastly, Fandor is available to stream on most devices like computers, mobile phones, and Roku TV.

stream fandor videos

11. Mubi

Price: $10.99 per month
Available Regions: The US (New York City only), UK, Ireland, and India.

Mubi is a subscription-based online movie streaming website. The site hosts a handpicked selection of award-winning, independent and foreign films. Mubi is compatible with various web-browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Edge, and Safari. The initial fee for joining Mubi is $10.99, which gives you unlimited access to its movie library during your subscription. However, if you don't feel like subscribing to Mubi, you can rent a movie for a lower price.
On the other hand, if you want to be surprised, you can try the "Live" feature of Mubi, which shows a random movie. Aside from film, Mubi has an online magazine which is known as the "Notebook." This online magazine features anything and everything about the film and then the entertainment business.

mubi interface

12. Hoopla

Price: $2.19 a month
Available Regions: The United States and Canada.

Last on the list, but one of the most unique of them, is Hoopla. This one of the sites like Netflix provides an all-in-one collection of media services you can enjoy. Besides random videos, TV series, or movies, you can also enjoy other media like audiobooks, music, and comics. The great thing about it is that you can avail of all of these services under the same plan. Hoopla boasts an extensive collection of more than ten thousand movies and TV series that you can binge-watch. Moreover, its interface lets you sort and browse videos efficiently since their categories correctly label them.

hoopla interface

Download Movies from Netflix and Others

Netflix and similar movie streaming sites are great as long as you have a stable internet connection. But what if you would like to watch your favorite movies while traveling? Unfortunately, most streaming sites do not have a download function available. So we will utilize a third-party tool to grab videos from streaming sites directly to the computer. There are tons of such tools over the internet, but finding the right one to meet all your requirements is not easy. Our recommendation is AceThinker's Video Keeper. It is a versatile and easy-to-use piece of software that you can automatically grab movies from streaming sites using its built-in video detector. Upon downloading a movie video, you can choose from a wide range of video formats to convert your movie and make it compatible with your system or portable player. Follow the steps below to learn how to use Video Keeper to download Netflix movies.

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Click the button above to get a copy of the Video Keeper. Install the software using the wizard and launch the tool from your computer.

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Step 2 Detect the Movie

Go to the "Detect" tab from the interface, then activate the "Enable detector." Open Netflix or any other streaming site listed in the article above and start playing the movie you wish to download. Select and play the film to let the software download the video.

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Step 3 Download Movie

To check the movie's download progress, forward to the "Downloading" window. From here, you can track the progress of any video being downloaded. Once a download is complete, it will be shown in the "Completed" window (also on the left pane) from where you can rename, view, convert your video, and access more options. If the downloading fails, you can switch to the Record tab to record Netflix video.

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