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feature convert amazon prime video to mp4Amazon Prime Video has become increasingly popular in recent years. Users are lured to the site for amusement due to its large selection of movies, TV series, and unique content. However, some users may want to watch their favorite Amazon Prime Video content on other devices, such as smartphones or tablets. Unfortunately, Amazon Prime Video does not offer a download option compatible with all devices. Luckily, there is an answer to this issue. You can download Amazon Prime Video and convert it to MP4 format during the downloading process. Also, if you have already downloaded a video, it is possible to use an Amazon Prime Video MP4 converter to transform your downloaded content into an MP4 file format.

Reasons to Convert Amazon Movies to MP4

Users may desire to download and convert Amazon Prime to MP4 for several reasons. For starters, it enables consumers to enjoy their favorite material without requiring an internet connection. This is particularly useful when traveling or in areas with poor internet connectivity. Additionally, not all devices are compatible with Amazon Prime Video. Therefore by converting the material to MP4 format, a wider range of devices may be used. Finally, having Amazon Prime Video content in MP4 format makes accessing it more convenient without relying on the platform's streaming service. That's why converting Amazon Prime Video to MP4 is crucial for users who value convenience, accessibility, and flexibility while enjoying their favorite content.

reasons to convert amazon movies to mp4

Download Prime Video to MP4 with Advanced App

Convert and download Amazon video to MP4 is made easy with AceThinker CleverGet. This tool has an impressive downloading speed and provides high-quality output with no data loss. This app can download Prime Video to SD card without having an issue. This tool lets you download multiple videos simultaneously, saving time and effort. It produces video resolution 1080p up to 4K, depending on the original video quality. The downloaded videos may also be converted to a number of different formats, such as MP4, MKV, WEBM, 3GP, MP3, and M4A. So, if you want to convert your Amazon Prime Video content to MP4 for offline viewing or compatibility with other devices, here are the steps you can follow.

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Step 1 Install the Video Downloader

Click the download button on the upper section of this instruction to get the installer file of AceThinker CleverGet. To install the tool on your computer, run the installer after downloading it and follow the on-screen directions.

 cleverget install the video downloader

Step 2 Access The Amazon Prime Video

Using the AceThinker CleverGet application's built-in browser, access the Amazon Prime Video website and navigate to the video you want to download. Then you can proceed with downloading once you have identified the video you need to save.

cleverget select video

Step 3 Download the video

After accessing the video you need to save, you will notice a "Download" icon below your screen. Click it to show the available video resolution and format options. Choose MP4 as the desired format for the output video and select your preferred resolution. Then click the download button again to start downloading the video.

cleverget download video

Convert Downloaded Prime Video to MP4

The next choice is to use a Prime Video to MP4 converter. If you have downloaded content from Amazon Prime Video but have downloaded it in different formats, you can use a video converter like AceThinker Video Master to convert it into MP4 for compatibility with other devices. This digital tool has a lot of options for converting media files to your desired format, including 3GP, WebM, M4V, MP4, and MKV, while maintaining the quality of the original video. You can also use some of its editing functions to enhance your video up to 4K resolution before converting it. It can perform a batch conversion process for multiple files at once, making it a time-efficient solution for users. It also has an integrated audio and video player to preview the videos before or after the conversion process.

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Step 1 Install the AceThinker Video Master

To convert Prime Video to MP4, you must install AceThinker Video Master. Click the download icon before this instruction to get the installer package. Then proceed with the installation to open the tool on your computer.

vmp main interface

Step 2 Upload The File on The Tool

Upload the downloaded Amazon Prime Video files you want to transform by clicking the "Add Files" button on the tool's interface or dragging and dropping the file into the program window.

vmp import video

Step 3 Select MP4 as the Output Format

After uploading the file, an option will be displayed on your screen. First, select the MP4 format on the top right side of the tool. Then choose the video quality output you want for the converted file. Then click the "Convert All" button to start converting the file.

vmp config output format

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I convert Amazon Prime Video to other formats?
Yes, you can use a video converter tool like AceThinker Video Master to convert Amazon to other formats, such as MP4, WEBM, and MKV, while maintaining the original video quality.
Will converting Amazon Prime Video to MP4 affect the quality?
Using a high-quality downloading and converter like AceThinker CleverGet will not affect the resolution or quality of the original video. AceThinker CleverGet has an advanced algorithm that ensures the video's quality remains intact in the conversion and downloading process.
Is it legal to convert Amazon Prime Video to MP4?
It depends on the use of the converter video. Checking Amazon Prime Video's terms and conditions is essential to ensure that transcoding videos are authorized. But it is generally considered legal if you only save Amazon Prime Video as MP4 for personal use and do not intend to share or distribute it.
Can I watch the converted video on any device?
After converting the Amazon Prime Video to MP4 using AceThinker Video Master, it is available for viewing on any device that supports MP4 playback, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and smart TVs. Also, if you have a question regarding online platforms like YouTube to MP4 converter Mac, please read more.
Are there any restrictions on converting Amazon Prime Video to MP4?
No, using a video converter like AceThinker Video Master has no restrictions when converting Amazon Prime Video to MP4. It allows you to achieve your desired conversion without limitations, making it a versatile tool for personal use.

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