Proper Ways on How to Download Video From Hulu Quickly

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download hulu videosHulu is one of the most popular US-based video streaming services like Netflix. This video streaming service offers thousands of TV shows, movies and cartoons, and many more. Furthermore, the good thing with Hulu is it also provides multiple movies and series on its own. Are you wondering how to download Hulu videos so as to watch them offline and share them with your friends? Luckily in this article, we gathered reliable methods that you can use to download videos from Hulu. You can dig deeper into this article because we also provide detailed steps on how to save videos easily.

Requirements to Download TV Shows and Movies on Hulu

Hulu is a paid streaming service and site like Netflix that usually costs $5.99/month. So, before you can download its content, you need to meet some requirements. If you're looking for the requirements on how to save video content from Hulu, check this solution because we listed some of the conditions in saving videos and TV shows.



  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  • Sign-up for a Hulu account and subscribe to its premium features.
  • You can only save 25 videos across five devices.

Directly Download Hulu Videos on Android and iOS Devices

Are you wondering how you can save videos from Hulu to stream offline using your mobile devices? The new updates of Hulu allow users to download movies and TV shows so that they can watch them offline with their friends. However, there are limits in downloading videos, same sites like Dailymotion, not all contents are available for offline streaming. Read down below because we will show you how to download content from Hulu using your mobile devices. Follow the detailed step to save videos easily.

User Guide:

  • Download and Install Hulu Mobile: First, on your mobile devices, go to Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) and search for Hulu. In the overview, section clicks the "Install" button (for Android) or the "Get" button (for iOS) to install the Hulu mobile app. Once done, launch the tool to access its interface.
  • Download Videos from Hulu:Second, tap the "Search" button on the lower right corner of the software to look for the video you wish to watch offline. After selecting the movie or TV show, click the "Download" icon next to the target video to move the video to the "Downloads" tab of Hulu.
  • download video

  • Watch the Movies Offline: Next, go to the "Downloads" tab and wait until the downloading process is completed. Once the process is done, you can tap the downloaded video so that you can enjoy streaming your favorite movie offline.
  • watch video

Download Hulu Videos on Your Computer

When your Hulu account is activated yet, if you want to stream a video offline, a great download is what you need. CleverGet Movie Downloader is a video downloader that provides a better process than its competitor. How do we say so? This tool can download Hulu videos that most video downloaders can’t do since Hulu is a very restrictive website like Netflix. But, with its advanced algorithm, you can download any videos from Hulu anytime with no hassle. You can also choose the best video quality output when exporting a video. This Hulu downloader can batch download videos from video streaming websites which is favorable when getting video for TV series or large amounts of movies. It uses a parsing video process, which indicates that you can only get and download videos you have played or preview on its interface. You can check the full guide below.

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Step 1 Install the Hulu Downloader

The initial step to getting your favorite Hulu series or movies is to install the CleverGet Movie Downloader on your computer. You can access its homepage to install the tool, or you can get it by tapping the download button above. Then, access your download folder on your computer and run the file to install the app fully.

cleverget main interface

Step 2 Login to Your Hulu

The following guide is to launch the tool and log in to your Hulu account or credentials. You will no longer need to copy a link and paste it into its app. You can easily browse a video on it and parse a video to download it.

login to your hulu

Step 3 Download Hulu Videos

Afterward, a new dialogue box will appear on your screen. Select a video format for the video you need to export on your PC. You can also add a subtitle file to associate the closed caption file on the download video. To download the video, hit the Download icon below the dialogue box.

download hulu videos using cleverget

Step 4 Preview the Hulu Video

Finally, you can play and preview the downloaded file on the tool itself. You can tap the Video icon at the upper right corner of the tool. A list of downloaded files will be presented. Tap the Hulu video you recently downloaded to preview it.

preview video on cleverget

Tips to Skip Advertisements While Watching Hulu Movies

In streaming videos from multiple video-sharing sites like Hulu, YouTube, and many more, we cannot control the advertisements popping in the window. However, in this solution, we will show you some simple tips on how to skip ads while watching.


User Guide:

  • Skip Starting Advertisements: In Hulu, there is an ad before you can start watching the movie that you selected. The first thing to do is to skip the ads, pause and wait until the ads load it completely. Once it has finished loading, you can skip it easily by clicking the end of the seek bar of the ads. Now, you can start watching the movie without watching the whole ads in the film.
  • Skip Ads During the Program: We all know that ads are annoying, especially if they pop up while you're in the middle of the movie. Well, to save you with this hassle, these tips can help you skip ads while the program is playing. If the ad is about to play, jump back to the 3-minute mark of the video. For instance, if the ad is about to play at 12:30, jump back to 9:30 on the seek bar of the movie, then pause it. After that, go back to 12:30, and the ad will disappear.

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