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sites like dailymotionIf you love watching and sharing videos online, then you must be very familiar with Dailymotion. In fact, there is no doubt that Dailymotion is one of the most prominent video sites for people around the world. Nowadays, the role that videos play in enriching your online experience has led to a plethora of options. There are many sites like Dailymotion you can explore when you feel like you need different online video streaming options. These Dailymotion alternative websites provide almost the same and even better features and services than Dailymotion. Discussed below are the best ten sites similar to Dailymotion for those interested in exploring other options.

List of 10 Sites Like Dailymotion

1. YouTube

When it comes to alternatives to Dailymotion, we all know that YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming sites on the web. This website starts operating in the year 2005 until now. In fact, YouTube has been used by many marketers to advertise their videos online. Through YouTube, they can post and share the uploaded videos directly to many social media sites. Also, you can upload and watch and download 4k videos from YouTube videos, which means you can watch clearer videos. One good thing about YouTube is it supports almost any device like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. Furthermore, this YouTube vs Dailymotion review is needed so you can identify which suits for you.


2. Vimeo

You should definitely give Vimeo a try when looking for websites similar to Dailymotion to watch videos online. Just like Dailymotion, you can upload, download streamable video, share, and store your personal moments and experience with the safety guaranteed. Upon visiting the site, you will be welcomed with Watch human-curated staff picks, which is one creative highlight compared with other video-sharing websites. Aside from that, there are suggested trending videos you should check out, which are right in the center of the homepage. Also circulating around this website are humorous and entertaining videos like cute cats, babies, explosions and amateur stunts, pranks, and so on. The basic plan is free, but you can only upload videos up to 500MB per week.


3. 9GAG

9Gag can be thought of as a goofy and fun online warehouse: GIFs, memes, funny photos, anime, and so on. The site’s tagline – “Go fun yourself” – says it all. A good majority of what is on this site is frivolous and fun. Video titles feature stuff such as “A Compilation of the best Commercials Starred by the ‘Star Wars’ Crew.” 9GAG contains the kind of stuff that can keep you screen-locked for hours. Sites like 9GAG can be your source of funny videos and memes. However, it is important to note that some of the videos on this website are not workplace-friendly.

9gag home page

4. The Internet Archive

From its name alone, The Internet Archive can be deduced that this site is like an internet library featuring all kinds of free content such as software, music, and books, not forgetting the obvious – movies. One of the Internet archives prides itself on its vast amount of historical video content. Of course, it also has some recent content. That notwithstanding, a majority of its greatest videos are obscure and older TV series, news reports, and movies proving difficult to locate on different websites. Like most sites, users are allowed to transfer videos to this site. The most common format for uploading video content is the H.264 video format.

The Internet Archive

5. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is a free video streaming platform founded in 2004. Then, it was purchased by Sony Pictures in 2006 and was renamed Crackle. In 2018 the platform was changed to Sony Crackle. Now, it has over 40 million monthly active users worldwide. The site has different genres of movies and Tv shows, like romance, horror, thriller, action, and more. In addition, you can stream in high-resolution of up to 4K. Plus, it has a search bar where you can quickly look for a specific show. However, the site is not available in some countries, like the Philippines and outside the US.

Sony Crackle

6. Facebook Watch

This next site might be a little surprise for many as Facebook is known to be a social media platform to send messages and reach out to friends or family. But more than a social networking site, Facebook Watch is loaded with lots of good videos uploaded by different users on a day-to-day basis. From movies, memes, videos, and other entertaining clips, you can find them all here. It’s also worth mentioning that the site supports fast media uploading. However, if you are looking for a specific video, this might not be the site for you. That’s because people tend to upload videos without putting the necessary details of the movie or video. If you are lucky enough, you can spend time scrolling through the site until you find an interesting movie or video to stream.

facebook watch website

7. Vevo

Vevo is one of the top alternatives to Dailymotion that is popular in many countries. However, this site is not available to some of the regions. Still, it allows viewers to watch different kinds of videos on the net. Also, Vevo has an online television that supports marketing ads. In fact, Vevo mostly focuses on music videos of many popular artists like Adele, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, and more. This helps lots of artists to gain subscribers and share their music videos. In order to Download YT Vevo songs, you need to use a third-party app since its YouTube channel does not allow downloading Vevo songs. These are the reasons why Vevo is here on our list as an alternative to Dailymotion.


8. Howcast

One of the underrated but excellent video-sharing sites is Howcast. This alternative of Dailymotion lets you see a list of videos on its main page so viewers can choose what to watch easily. Actually, Howcast focuses on how-to videos, but it also contains different kinds of videos like arts, crafts, entertainment shows, foods, and more. It also consists of videos that share some advice on relationships, money, educations, pets, and parenting. You can learn different kinds of things just by watching videos on Howcast.


9. DTube

The next Dailymotion alternative you should consider visiting is DTube. This is a great video-sharing platform that looks identical to YouTube. The contents are collected from the efforts of the people who gave their precious time and resources through the help of Blockchain. It lets you enjoy hot and trending videos mostly featured from its homepage. Same with YouTube, DTube allows you to save the videos you are interested in and watch them later. The best thing about this site is you can use it to earn money only by uploading videos may it be tutorial or entertainment type of videos. And unlike YouTube, it does not contain ads allowing you to stream videos as much as you want without having to worry about the interruption.

dtube website

10. The Open Video Project

The Open Video Project, which originated from the Interaction Design Laboratory - School of Information and Library Science, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, principally targets the entire research body, not forgetting those working with digital libraries and multimedia retrieval. With that said, it should not come as a surprise that most of this website’s videos are primarily educational. They feature videos from NASA’s archives and a classic collection of educational films and TV commercials going as far back as the 1950s. The Open Video Project is ideal for anyone looking to carry out research on ancient video content.

open video project interface

Comparison Chart

Platform Monthly Visitors Price Best for
YouTube 7,200,000,000 Free, $9.99/month subscription for YouTube Red Entertainment, music and lifestyle
Vimeo 11,100,000 Free version, Plus $7/month, Pro $20/month, Business $50/month, Premium $75/month Creatives looking for high quality videos
9GAG 7,000,000 Free Entertaiment about funny videos, gifs and pictures
The Internet Archive 5,700,000 No Movies, music, books, software, etc.
Sony Crackle 1,100,000 Free HD movies and TV shows
Facebook Watch 557,100 Subscribers $4.99 per month Entertainment about movie and TV shows
Vevo 318,300 Free Music videos
Howcast 97,500 Free How-to videos and guides about lifestyle
DTube 33,000 Free Entertainment for cryptocurrency and blockchain users
The Open Video Project 28,200/td>

Free Documentary, historical and old movies

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