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feature frame by frame video editorIn our modern world, technology is evolving faster than ever. With the help of technology, our choices of entertainment are growing. Video entertainment is by far the most popular form of pastime. We see hundreds of videos every day—naturally, the quality of videos increases. You must pay attention to details if your videos want attention. Frame-by-frame editing allows editing professionals and hobbyists to edit videos accurately. Frame-by-frame editing will enable editors to remove unnecessary or unnatural frames. The exposure to high-quality videos makes people hypersensitive to mistakes. In today's video market, small details matter. If you are struggling to find the best editing software for Android, iOS, online, and Desktop, we have curated a list for you. You can read our list below to find the best frame by frame video editor.

6 Best Frame-by-Frame Video Editor

1. ClipChamp

Price: Can be used for free, 20$ per month, and 240$ per year to gain full access

Clipchamp is a free online frame by frame video editor that offers quick-frame navigation. As an online editing tool, it provides many features and is very flexible. You can adjust colors, insert captions, adjust speed, and more. Consider this tool if you are looking for quick edits without much hassle. It also offers free-to-use stock videos as well as music. Music adds mood to your videos, so be sure to find the best one that fits. As for frame by frame editing, it delivers a quick way of looking through frames. Using your comma and period buttons, you can easily navigate through frames.



  • It has an image and sound effect stocks for free
  • Offers unique transition effects

  • You must have an internet connection to use

2. KineMaster

Price: Can be used for free, 3.99$ per month, and 39.99$ per year to gain full access

OS: Available in both Android and iOS

If you want to edit on your mobile devices, consider KineMaster. The app offers a quick selection of the aspect ratios for TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram videos. It also has a thumbnail feature, letting you select a frame to use as the thumbnail. Your thumbnail is an attention grabber for your videos, so use the best one. You can zoom in on the play progress bar to seek up to 0.5 seconds. This tool is one of the best to edit video frame by frame android. The 0.5-second navigation allows you to pick a specific frame with ease. However, the app is only available on Android and iOS. Versions for Windows and Mac are yet to come.



  • The app has a built-in equalizer to enhance audio
  • It has AI to help you style your videos

  • The free trial has a watermark when saving videos

3. WindCut

Price: For free, a premium version can be used for 9.95$ per month, 39.95$ per year, and lifetime use for 49.95$ to gain full access.

OS: Available in both Windows and Mac

WindCut is a comprehensive video editor frame by frame tool. It offers a bunch of graphical options to flavor your videos with. This tool provides many free visual elements and filters to beautify and add mood to your videos. Users can also use the mosaic tool to remove audio from edited videos add a custom pixelated or tiled look to capture viewers. It also offers a dubbing feature for quick audio overlays. You need clear dubbing audio for video demos, tutorials, and instructional videos. The cleaner and clearer the audio is, the less confusion there is for the viewers. To complement your voiceovers, WindCut also offers free music.

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Free DownloadWindows 8/10/11

Secure/Safe Download

Step 1 Locate and Import your File

To edit your videos, you must import them first. To import files, double-click the panel of the media menu indicated by "Import Files with Double Click. "You can also go to your file explorer to locate your video file and then drag and drop it to the media panel.

importing the file in wind cut

Step 2 Edit your Videos

After importing your files, you can now edit them. You can click the zoom icon to zoom in up to .10 seconds. Crop and or remove weird or long frames as you wish. Once you are done editing frame-by-frame, you can zoom out to the regular 1 second play.

wind cut toolbar

Step 3 Export and Save your File

If you are done editing, you can immediately save your file. You can click the " export " icon in the toolbar to open the export tab. The export tab allows you to keep your edited file in a specific location and select a format.

exporting the file in wind cut


  • It has a custom auto-save system so that you can be secure in any shutdown.
  • It offers the best choices for adding graphics like memes, filters, and more.

  • There is no custom aspect ratio for TikTok and Youtube.

4. iMovie

Price: Can be used for free

OS: Available in both iOS and Mac

iMovie is a popular iOS and Mac frame-by-frame feature. It is well known for providing lots of features for free. Consider this option if you are a Mac or an iOS user looking to edit videos in a professional way. You can change speed, correct color, and more; you can use it to edit green screens to add custom backgrounds to your videos. The green screen allows you to customize your background with any picture and video. After editing, you can quickly upload your video to different platforms like YouTube and Facebook. You can share your video via email if you want to send it as a message. All of the professional factors are why iMovie is the best frame by frame video editor iphone.

imovie apple app store download


  • It is a good tool for making trailers
  • It can reduce background noise when recording

  • It takes time to be familiarize with its interface

5. Adobe Premiere Rush

Price: Can be used for free and a premium monthly version for 9.99$

OS: Available in Android, Windows, IOS and Mac

If you are looking for a beginner frame-by-frame editing tool, you can use Adobe Premier Rush. This tool delivers a quick learning curve with its simple and uncomplicated interface. It offers all the basic editing tools, such as transitions, opacity level changes, cutting, cropping, add video filters, and more. It allows its users to change aspect ratio while editing, though limited. The tool also offers a pan zoom tool to make cool and custom transitions. It also has built-in color presets to help with color correction. You can make your own preset, but their selections are plenty enough.

adobe premier rush download


  • It offers beginner-friendly transform tools such as opacity change, positioning tools, and more.
  • Can directly share to Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook

  • Poor selection of free graphic and music elements

6. Kapwing

Price: Has a free trial has a premium monthly version for 24$ and 192$ for the yearly package

Kapwing is an online frame-by-frame editing tool with features comparable to a 3rd party app. If you want to edit short-form content, this is a great option. You can zoom to 0.2 seconds, allowing for accurate frame editing. The tool sells itself as a video editor for TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram users. It can show the safe zones of the mentioned platforms. Social media platforms often cover parts of user videos with icons. You know where the safe zone of a platform helps you understand how you can frame your video. It also allows for accurate transition timing as you can manually select timestamps of its end and start.

kapwing interface


  • It has a built-in AI to help generate videos
  • You can also use it to edit images

  • There is a limit on upload size for free and pro versions

Comparison Chart

Editing Tools Video Format Video Resolution Best for
Clipchamp MP4, GIF 480p
Best for beginners who do not want to download a 3rd party apps
KineMaster GIF, MP4 360p
Best for beginners editing videos on mobile, primarily android
Best for beginners to professionals creating primarily entertainment videos
iMovie MP4, MOV, M4V 540p
Best for making trailers for iOS and Mac users
Adobe Premiere Rush MP4, MOV, AVI, WAV, MP3 720p
Best for beginners
Kapwing MP4, MOV, AVI, WAV, MP3 480p
Best for pros looking for a great paid service


This article provided the six best frame-by-frame editing tools available on the market. We've explored the importance of videos and why you need a suitable editing tool. Considering every detail of your videos allows for a clean and professional look. Frame-by-frame editing helps you clean up and clear unpleasant frames. Remember to choose the best tool for you to create a consistent workflow. Being familiar with your tools makes you efficient and quick. If you think we have missed other tools, feel free to comment, and we will enjoy your feedback.

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