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Top 4 Ways to Increase MP3 Volume Effortlessly

feature mp3 volume booster People love to enjoy music offline and download albums or songs of their favorite artists. It's a pleasurable experience to listen to music while you relax, go for a walk, or play sports. However, things get a little bit frustrating when you spend time downloading a large collection of music and the volume is not what you want. Either the voice is too muffled or barely even audible. If you are facing this issue, then you are in need of a mp3 sound booster. The following tutorial will show you how you can raise mp3 volume with the help of mp3 sound increaser tools available right now.

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Why Increase MP3 Volume?

Similar to the previous, you can increase your MP3 volume to make it louder. The MP3 audio can still be heard even if you have the volume turned up to maximum. You can increase the volume level of MP3 audio by using MP3 volume booster software if you don't wish to purchase physical products.

4 Helpful Ways to Increase MP3 Volume

1. Increase MP3 Volume Using Audacity

Audacity can be used on Windows, Mac, Linux, and other operating systems. You can not only record audio and playback, but you can also convert audio to CDs, and make various editing requests, such as cutting audio, increasing volume, reducing noise, and so on. These edits can be made by the effect item. You might be confused if you're a beginner about the sound editing function. If this is the case, you can follow these steps to increase the volume of your MP3 file.

  1. Download, install, and run Audacity from your desktop. Next, click "File" in the top menu bar. Then select "Open ..." to import the MP3 file.
  2. Next, select the "Select” option > "All" or use the Ctrl+A keys for the entire MP3 track.
  3. To increase MP3 volume please click on "Effect", > "Amplify". A mini window will appear with the amplification option (dB). To adjust the MP3 volume, you can use any decibel value. You should ensure that the peak and the trough of your sound wave do not exceed the track window's top and bottom. Adjust with low amplitude.
  4. Next, check "Allow Clipping" to see the preview. After you're satisfied, click on "OK". To create a new MP3 file, click on "OK" and then "File".

audacity as mp3 volume booster

2. Increase MP3 Volume without Distortion via MP3Louder

MP3Louder ranks at the top of the list for online MP3 volume booster tools. It is free and widely used. This makes MP3 files louder and quieter, without the need to install or register. It's quite simple to use. It takes just a few mouse clicks to increase your MP3 audio files. It is not possible to guarantee its speed of processing, as it all depends on how large the MP3 file is. It is important that the web page remains open while uploading and encoding.

  1. First, visit Click "Browse ..." to add the MP3 audio files.
  2. Next, you need to specify the "Increase Volume" option for MP3 volume-boosting.
  3. Next you will need to adjust decibels. The MP3 volume can be adjusted from 1 decibel up to 50 decibels.
  4. Select channels and hit "Upload Now". After waiting a while, the MP3 file will be available for download.

mp3Louder as mp3 volume booster

3. Use Audio Alter to Increase MP3 Volume

Audio Alter is an online tool that can works as mp3 audio booster. It supports MP3 files as well as WAV, FLAC, and OGG audio files. It has been a popular destination for concerned users. The decibel slider allows you to adjust the volume. You can also listen to the modified audio file prior to downloading to verify that the volume is correct. These are the main features of the Audio Alter Volume Converter. How to increase sound online using Audio Alter:

  1. On your web browser, you need to navigate to
  2. Click on Browse Computer to add your file. Drag and drop files directly onto the interface.
  3. You can now use the slider to select the dB value. For a live preview, click on the Play button.
  4. Click the Submit button to save your changes. You can then download the file.

audio alter as mp3 volume booster

4. Increase MP3 Volume Losslessly with the Help of Professional Software [Editor’s Choice]

Most of the mp3 volume booster put some kind of limitations on your audio files. To get around this problem, you need to use a specialized software. AceThinker Video Editor Premium is the best tool for this purpose and can act as a mp3 volume increaser. It has an intuitive and simple video editor solution that lets you create customized videos for teaching, sharing, presentations, etc. This video maker is perfect for creating a video to promote your business, create an education tutorial, review software, family video, or any other video. It has all the editing tools and effects you need for amazing video creation. With just a few mouse clicks, you can increase MP3 volume of your files and be a pro in no time. You can use it to edit all of your video and audio content. It allows you to trim, crop, and rotate files as well as change the speed of the audio, add effects, and adjust the volume.

Key Features

  • Increase MP3 volume losslessly and that too with a single-click operation.
  • To give your videos a professional edge, you can add titles, text, overlays, layouts, and transitions to enhance them.
  • You can also combine audio files, videos, and images to create stunning home movies that you can share and preserve.
  • All popular media formats like MP4, WMV, AVI, MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, OGG, etc.
  • You can import media files from any location.

How to Increase MP3 Volume Using AceThinker?

Step 1 Launch Program

Download, install and launch AceThinker. On the toolbar, click Add File. You can browse your computer and choose MP3 files.

launch program

Step 2 Edit the Mp3

To access the built-in media editor, click Edit at the top. Navigate to the Effect section. You can adjust the Volume slider in Audio Effect so that the MP3 file sounds louder. You can make mp3 louder without quality loss or distortion by switching to the Enhance subsection.

edit the mp3

Step 3 Adjust Output

To convert MP3 files to other formats, click Profile. You can choose from all formats and compatible devices. To adjust the audio output, you can click Settings and adjust the size of your MP3 file.

adjust output

Step 4 Trim and Convert Your File

It is possible to increase the volume of a specific audio clip rather than the whole MP3 file. To resolve the problem, click Trim first. After you have completed all customizations, click Convert and export your MP3 file to an increased volume.

trim and convert your file

The Final Verdict

After reading this write-up, it should now be easy to increase the volume of your MP3 audio files. There are many online tools that can boost the volume of your MP3 files. You can adjust the volume and background music, as well as your voice. However, AceThinker is a great choice if you need to modify audio in various ways.

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