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How to Download JW Player Videos on Windows and Mac

jwplayer downloader JW Player is a video player software designed to stream videos with HTML5 and Flash video format. JW Player was coded using JavaScript in a way that can reduce the size of the video. As an outcome, you will get an excellent viewing experience while surfing the internet. It has a good reputation for embedding video content directly into a website. Moreover, videos hosted by JW Player can be streamed on most major platforms like smartphones, tablets, and PC desktops. That's because of its versatile architecture and development. So if you need to download JW Player videos for offline viewing, we got you! Here we have outlined several practical ways to download your favorite JW Player videos.

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Download JW Player Video on Windows/Mac

You can use the help of AceThinker Video Keeper to download JW Player. This tool can get you HD videos ranging from 720p, 1080p, 4K, and 8K. Also, it supports downloading videos from other 100 websites. That includes YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Crunchyroll, and more. Another good thing about this tool is you can download multiple videos simultaneously. If you want to know how to use this tool, check the steps below.

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Step 1 Install Video Keeper

To begin, click one of the "Download" buttons above. After downloading, launch it and follow the setup installation to install the tool. Then, run it to get familiarized with the tool.

download jwplayer vk step1

Step 2 Download JW Player Videos

The following step is to go to JW Player and acquire the link to the video you desire to download. Copy the UR and go back to AceThinker Video Keeper. Paste the URL and hit enter on your keyboard to analyze the link. Once the process is complete, the tool will present you with a file that can be downloaded as MP4. Select the Download button to access a dropdown with a video quality list. Select the highest quality and tick the download button.

download jwplayer vk step2

Step 3 Play the Video

When done, go to the “Download” section and right-click on the video, and then choose “Play Video.” You can also select the “Open File Location” to open its download folder.

download jwplayer vk step3

Download JW Player Video Using View Page Info In FireFox

You can download JW Player videos using the view page method is Mozilla Firefox. It is one of the most popular browsers that you can use to search for almost anything and visit any website. This browser has its built-in file downloader where you can pause and resume the download without canceling or corrupting it. To start downloading JW Player Videos with Firefox, check the steps below.

download jw video using mozilla

User guide

  • Start the Mozilla Firefox and look for the JW Player Video that you wish to download.
  • Then, right-click the page itself and select the “View Page Info.”
  • Next, go to the “Media” within the dialogue box and look for the video file on the list.
  • After that, click “Save As…” on the dialogue box and wait for the video to finish downloading.

Download JW Player Video Using Inspect Element In Google Chrome

Google Chrome is another browser that can download JW Player Video using the View Page Info method. This web browser also has a built-in file downloader to download multiple files at once. You can also find almost anything within the Google Chrome browser. Although it differs from Firefox View Page Info's steps, it is simple, and non-techy users can do it. We are going to list down the steps below.

inspect element chrome

User guide

  • To start, open the JW Player Video using Google Chrome and look for the video you want to download.
  • Next, right-click on the page and select the "Inspect Element" or "Inspect" to open a dialogue at the right side of your screen.
  • Then, go to "Network," choose "Media," and let the video stream for a few seconds.
  • After that, look for the .mp4 file within its "Media list" and right-click on the file link.
  • Select "Open in new tab" from the drop-down menu to download the video.

Download JW Player Video Using Browser Extension

You can also opt to Flash Video Downloader if you want to download without installing any program on your PC. It is a well-known extension app compatible with Mozilla Firefox and Chrome Browser. Furthermore, the tool is designed to get videos from video hosting platforms. It supports JWPlayer videos, MP4 videos, Facebook videos, Fly video, and a lot more. You can also use it to download formats, including videos, audio, and flash. The tool does not require experience in downloading videos; even a non-computer savvy can easily acquire videos. Also, it can obtain video within a matter of seconds from any website you wish to download. Follow the instructions outlined below and get your favorite JWPlayer videos to use this program.

flash video downloader

How to use Flash Video Downloader

  • You need to install the plugin to your Mozilla or Chrome browser first. To do that, open a browser and visit the Chrome Store. Type in the exact name of the app on the search bar.
  • When the app shows up on the screen, click on "Add to Chrome" followed by "Add extension" from the pop-up.
  • Once the extension is added, you can now start downloading JWPlayer videos. Just go to the website where a video hosted by JWPlayer is embedded.
  • Initially, the icon of the Flash Video Downloader is greyed out. So, it should turn blue as soon as it detects video playing. This indicates that there are videos from the site that can be downloaded.
  • Next, click on the download icon associated with the video you are trying to download. The video should be downloaded instantly. If you want to check the playback, navigate to your download folder, where all downloaded browser files are located.

Save JW Player Video Using IDM

IDM is also a great yet simple solution for downloading videos from JW Player. This extension program needs to be integrated into a browser to work. It allows you to acquire JW Player videos embedded from web pages freely. You can also enjoy the privilege of downloading JW Player videos regardless of the platform and web browser you are using. Most of all, you can download any video without any cost. However, this may require a good and reliable internet connection to reduce downloading the video. Also, the tool has a 31-day trial, so you have to make downloads as early and as many as you can before the free trial expires. On the other hand, check out the following steps to download videos from JW Player.

idm video downloader

How to use IDM

  • At first, download IDM by visiting the program's official web page. Install the program and run it afterward.
  • The next step is integrating the program into the browser you want to use. It is recommended to use either Mozilla or Chrome Browser.
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of your browser. Hover your mouse to "More tools."
  • From the list of options, click on "Extensions," then toggle IDM Integration Module to on.
  • This time, relaunch your browser and then visit the site of JW Player. Select the JW Player video you are most interested in and click the "Download this video" attached to the video.
  • Select your desired format. Then from the new window that will appear, configure some settings (download location, category, description, etc.). After that, click the "Start Download" button to start. You can check the video by hitting the "Open" button or proceed by clicking "Close."


All programs featured above are guaranteed help when downloading videos from JW Player. Using these programs, you will enjoy the experience of watching JW Player videos. It also works even without an internet connection needed. Each app comes with an advantage of its own, yet choosing the best tool will still depend on your standards. If you want to download videos on the go, then you should pick the online downloaders. We also listed the best video downloader for Chrome, so that you can have many options. If you want to do more than just download videos, it's advisable to choose desktop programs. However, if you consider the screen recording, AceThinker Video Keeper is probably your best bet. This is something you can not only use for acquiring videos. It is also for recording important events on your desktop like online classes, making tutorials, and so much more.

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