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View Instagram without Account: 4 Easiest Ways to Try in 2022

feature view instagram without account Instagram is considered one of the most well-known social media platforms for professional and personal use. The platform gives people to post about their everyday lives, like vacation photos, photos of their belongings, and much more. Therefore, even if you did not participate in the Instagram trend, you may sometimes want to view Instagram without an account. If you'd prefer to view public profiles, photos with tags, and stories posted on Instagram, you can do that by following various simple methods and tools. These apps allow you to view all IG public profile photos and private profiles without registering or logging into an Instagram account. Let's look at how you can browse and view Instagram without logging in.

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Things You Can Actually Do on Instagram without Account

Accessing Instagram without an account is possible but not very easy. Here's how you can watch Instagram without an account.

Check Out Profile: If you know the profile's name, you can verify the user's profile details and look up any links they might include on their profile.

View Videos and Images: It's possible to click any image or video to view the contents.

View the Comments: It's possible to see comments written on the site by users who have registered.

Browse in Anonymity: Instagram's algorithm allows it to suggest accounts similar to what you've seen. If you're not signed in, you aren't able to have your activities traced.

4 Easy Ways to View Instagram without an Account

1). View an Instagram Profile without Account Using Instagram Website

Yes, you can view Instagram profiles and photos with no account. But, you must know the username of the account you'd like to look at. Here's how you can view Instagram without a profile.


  • On your smartphone or computer browser, type in, where the username is the profile you wish to view.
  • To view a photograph or video, click right-click on the image.
  • Click to open the image in a New Tab not to have to sign in or create an account.
  • You are now able to see the image. Click on the video to play it. You can also scroll down for you to read all comments.

view instagram without account with website

2). How to View Instagram without Account Using Imginn

Imginn is a great place to view Instagram stories without an account; you can quickly look at your favorite actor's posts. It lets you look through the profiles of your favorite actors and save their Instagram pictures, videos, and stories. It also allows you to look up comments in an Instagram post too.


  • Go to the website:
  • Enter the username, then hit the Search icon or press Enter. Enter key.
  • Select the profile name you are trying to find.
  • After that, you can browse every one of the Instagram content and watch Instagram stories without account. You can also download all the content you like.

view instagram without account with imginn

3). View Instagram without Account via Instagram Viewers

As previously discussed, you can browse Instagram profiles without having an account using Instagram viewers. These are third-party apps that let you view Instagram stories without account. Apart from Imginn, there are also a variety of other Instagram viewers you can pick from. A few of the most popular include Inflact, Dumpor, Anon IG Viewer, and GreatFon. In this part, we'll use GreatFon. It's completely free and lets you browse Instagram without having an account. Additionally, you can download pictures as well as videos and Stories. If you’re interested to download instagram videos on your PC, you can also visit this page.

Here's how you can view Instagram without a user account by using GreatFon:

  • Go to the GreatFon website using the URL:
  • You must enter the Instagram profile name, tags, and location and then select the search icon.
  • Now, you can browse Instagram content and download the required photos and videos.

view instagram without account with instagramviewer

4). Use Dumpor to View Instagram Profile without Account

Dumpor is an excellent Instagram profile viewer for Instagram. With it, you can look through others' Instagram posts, stories, reels, and other posts without signing up with an Instagram account. Not only can you see Instagram stories without account you can even download private instagram videos.

In addition, Dumpor displays the exact number of comments and likes to an Instagram post and how many followers and posts have been posted on an Instagram account.


  • Go to the Dumpor website (
  • Find an Instagram profile and then view it.
  • If you wish to download the image you like, tap the image and then click the download button below the photo.

view instagram without account with dumpor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I view private Instagram profiles?
The only way you can view the private Instagram profile is to make an invite to follow them, and they accept it. Only those who are accepted followers or who had already been following the account before the account was made private can access the account's content.
2. How can I access an Instagram Story without being identified?
You need to be logged in to view Instagram Stories. Certain websites and apps claim to allow you to download older Stories without logging in. However, you must be cautious about apps, particularly if they ask to know your username and password.

The Bottom Line

After going through all the steps on this post, we hope you know all the methods to look at Instagram without an account. You can anonymously browse and even save the content you view on posts, stories, and comment sections.

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