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Accurate OCR Technology
Our website uses advanced OCR technology that accurately recognizes text in images, even low-quality PNGs. This feature is efficient for converting scanned documents, receipts, and other text-heavy images to text.
Fast Processing
The Free PNG to Text Converter has a batch processing feature that converts multiple PNG images to text at once. Users can modify the format of the output text files, including font size, style, and color.
Easy-to-use Interface
The PNG to text converter software online has a straightforward and clean interface that is easy to navigate, even for non-technical users. The interface is designed to make it simple to upload PNG images.
Use Without Registration
Just access our online tool and start using it right away. There is no need to worry about registration or logging in, as you can convert without providing your ID.
Privacy and Safety Guaranteed
Your privacy and safety are guaranteed here. We use SSL encryption to keep online conversions secure, and our servers don't store or share your images for added security.
No Payment or Subscription
We will never ask you about your payment details or to buy a subscription for our online tool. It is free for everyone, and you can use it as many times as you need.

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FAQs About PNG to Text Converter

Why would someone need to convert a PNG image to text?

PNG images are typically used for graphics and contain no text. However, there may be instances when you need to extract text from an image, such as a scanned document or a screenshot of a webpage.

Is the conversion process always accurate?

The conversion process's accuracy depends on the image's quality and the software or website being used. OCR software may need help with low-resolution images, handwritten text, or images with complicated backgrounds. Reviewing the converted text for accuracy and making any necessary corrections is essential.

What are the limitations of using an online PNG-to-Text converter?

The limitation of using an online PNG to text converter is that it may not accurately convert all PNG images to text. The accuracy of the conversion process depends on the quality of the PNG image and the complexity of the text contained within it. Additionally, some online converters may have file size limitations or cannot handle certain image formats. It is always best to double-check the accuracy of the conversion and make any necessary edits before using the converted text.

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