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Thanks for this

This PDF converter free tool is a lifesaver. I've been using it for a month now and never disappoint me.
by Micky | 2023-11-15 02:05:48

Hassle-free usage

the PDF converter free is the best. It allows me to convert PDF for free quickly.
by Prince | 2023-11-07 03:55:31

Convinient tool

A fantastic tool to convert PDF for free. The PDF converter free by AceThinker is highly efficient.
by paul | 2023-10-30 15:42:45

Easy to use

Easy to use for beginners and seems reliable.
by Jenna | 2023-10-22 10:00:47

Decent tool

Does work with a lot of different formats but not all.
by Ashlyn | 2023-10-14 08:05:19

Free of charge

If you’re looking for a pdf converter free of charge then this should be on your list.
by Graham | 2023-10-06 13:10:56

I recommend it

Just gave it a try and my pdf was converted to a word without any issues.
by Amir | 2023-09-28 01:50:32

Converts in 80% of the cases

There’s a few sites I go to when I want to convert pdf for free and this is one of those. It worked in 80% of the cases which is pretty solid for one tool. I like to have options so I have a list of 4 that I use on rotation. Combined, nothing stands a chance.
by Jeffrey | 2023-09-20 22:34:09

PDFs are no match for it

No more copy-pasting – it's a true time-saver.
by Sophie | 2023-09-12 16:00:20

A must-own tool

Whether it's for work or personal use, it's a must-own tool. Once you’ve used it and seen it for yourself you’ll know why I love it.
by Landen | 2023-09-04 14:05:58

Always worked well.

I've used it for turning PDFs into editable documents and creating an ebook. Always worked well.
by Arianna | 2023-08-27 01:00:40

Who doesn’t like free?

Like to convert pdf for free? Who doesn’t, right? I know I do and this works nicely for doing just that.
by Mario | 2023-08-19 11:05:19


Such a great pdf converter free and easy and speedy as well!
by Silas | 2023-08-11 13:43:02

Free and sweet

A great pdf converter free of charge courtesy of AceThinker. Thanks bro!
by Rebecca | 2023-08-03 07:05:57

A good one for sure

If you're tired of wrestling with stubborn PDFs, give AceThinker's free pdf converter a whirl. I've used it for work reports and turning eBooks into a Word docs and there were no mistakes
by Juliana Richards | 2023-07-26 14:38:31

Why wouldn’t you use it?

No more copy-pasting from PDFs! Just upload, convert, and boom – it's done. Takes a few seconds so why wouldn’t you use it?
by Malachi | 2023-07-18 06:05:02

Unlocks it all

Whether it's for work or school, this thing will unlock it.
by Braxton | 2023-07-09 23:50:22

Convert pdf for free

Convert pdf for free - it turns those locked files into editable formats.
by Leonardo | 2023-07-02 07:00:52


I feel comfortable using this on my sensitive files. Plus, it has a small installation file, it barely takes up any space.
by Henry | 2023-06-24 11:05:26

Cool program

I’ve used it for school projects, for personal projects, for my mom’s work files, it worked every single time. This is a pdf converter free program that can work in a lot of scenarios.
by Matthew | 2023-06-16 00:55:04

Time saver

I can convert multiple PDFs at once, making it a good choice for bulk conversions.
by Evelyn | 2023-06-08 08:05:40

Best way to convert pdf for free

The converted files retain their quality, even after conversion. Texts remain clear, images sharp - it's like magic!
by William | 2023-05-31 17:05:00

Lightning fast conversions

It's fast, efficient, and incredibly easy to use.
by Allen | 2023-05-23 19:33:34

Pretty unknown gem if you ask me.

Wasn’t really expecting it to be this good considering it’s free of charge. Pretty unknown gem if you ask me.
by Vera | 2023-05-15 05:35:38

My preferred pdf converter

I appreciate the option to choose specific pages for conversion and the ability to preserve formatting during the process. It's my preferred pdf converter free tool.
by Joel | 2023-05-07 11:05:44



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