10 Best Place to Torrent eBooks For Offline Reading

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Books still provide entertainment and information even with digitalization. You can read fiction and nonfiction texts as a pastime or as a serious well of information. The content of books is truly versatile and flexible. A problem with books, however, is the hassle of carrying them around. When you commute or have limited storage, you may find books inconvenient. eBooks are files found on the internet that act like books. eBooks fixes the problem of storage and the hassle of carrying around books. The convenience that eBooks provide is the reason why people gravitate to them. You can download eBooks to view offline. However, almost all eBooks are paid for. You can use torrent sites as a way to download your eBooks. When using torrent services, remember that it is a legal gray area. It is still best to use certified sites. You can read below to see the best torrent website for eBooks.

10 Best Place to Torrent eBooks

1. Torlock

Torlock is a general torrent site that has a vast number of eBook titles under its belt. The benefit of using general torrent sites is downloading different media files. More often than not, general torrent sites contain multiple eBook download links. The good thing about Torlock is its specific section for eBooks to navigate faster. You can see a health bar when choosing an eBook link to download. The healthier a link is, the more available it is. As a user of a torrent service, please do not put all your trust in any indicator, though they are helpful. Using a VPN when surfing torrent sites is recommended to protect your privacy.

torlock homepage


  • Users can view file size, seeds, and peers before downloading
  • You can choose from fast downloads, torrent downloads, and safe download links

  • The site may use pop-up ads to advertise, which can confuse certain users

2. Bookyards

If you want a fast download without logging in or signing up, try Bookyards. Bookyards have an extensive book selection covering 24,000 titles. You can use the site's filter system to navigate through books. Their filters or genre filters include arts, economics, education, and more. Users can view publishing members to check their published eBooks. If you want to publish, you can sign up as a publisher. When publishing, follow the site's rules, as the site is strictly moderated. You may experience minimal ad interruption as you navigate, but they come rarely. Bookyards is great for people looking for straightforward downloads.

bookyards homepage


  • The site provides embedded bookmarks for blog sites and more
  • You can see the latest update of the site on the "Latest Booyards Update" section

  • Most of the books are only downloadable via PDF format

3. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg offers a great library of historical books. The site has 70,000 free eBooks for you to discover. Their library has books from the past and near present from 1971 to 2021. You can view their latest eBooks in 24 hours, seven days, and 30 days. This site is rich with titles from other languages. You can find Chinese, Tagalog, Danish, Dutch, and 96 other languages. If you want background noise or are too busy to read, you can view their selection of audiobooks. The selection of audiobooks makes the site a decent audiobook torrenting sites. You can select related files to use to download. Before downloading it, you can see the size and choose where to download it.

project gutenberg homepage


  • You can see related literature that other users downloaded
  • Users can view a list of the people who worked on the book

  • The site's interface may feel and look outdated to some

4. Library Genesis

Library Genesis, known primarily as LibGen, is famous among ebook torrenting sites with Audiobooks. LibGen has a lot of domains to choose from, so users can use appropriate links. After entering a domain, you can immediately search your eBook in mind. Choose how many files are shown per webpage to optimize searching. Users can also tick boxes from the field, object, and topics bar search. The site will only show books related to the ticked box on the "Search in" bar. To save data, you can turn off Covers to minimize the data needed to load the site. The site also has an active forum page for users to voice issues and complaints. But if you think that Library Genesis is not for you, there are sites like Library Genesis that you can also check.

library genesis homepage


  • There are a lot of mirror links available
  • The site has thousands of books in its library

  • As with many torrent sites, it has a decent learning curve

5. FreeBookSpot

If you want a torrent site for nonfiction eBooks, consider FreeBookSpot. This site has great selections for nonfiction eBooks. You can search through their genres from Algorithms, Computer Science, Engineering, and more. You do not need to pay any amount or an account to download files. The site offers a premium version with faster downloads and other features. You can choose links to use for downloading. The links provided contain the size of the file as well as the type. You can navigate the site with no ad interruption. FreeBookSpot is great for brightening your knowledge about all things educational.

freebookspot homepage


  • You can join their active telegram group
  • Users can view the site's statistics

  • Some download links are limited to audiobooks

6. Free-Ebooks.net

Free-Ebooks.net is an online service that allows users to download five books for free. The site has an active community that frequently gives feedback. You can scroll down and read some feedback to analyze your eBooks. If you want to experience the book, you can use the preview feature. The preview function allows you to view the book to see a small portion of it. You can read the book online right away if it catches your attention. Click the author's name to see more works from the same writer. This site is an easygoing service that provides online and offline reading for everyone.

free-ebooks.net homepage


  • Use their rating system to give your thoughts and opinions
  • You can easily view their latest additions for ebooks and audiobooks

  • Users need to log in or sign up before being able to download

7. PirateBay

PirateBay is a famous general torrent site that provides decent eBook choices. PirateBay is not primarily used for downloading eBooks, though it has a decent selection. It has it if you want to download famous, trending, or highly-rated eBooks. The site utilizes magnet links, which have great benefits for torrent users. Magnet links allow serverless downloads, which makes torrent indexers free. PirateBay does a filter selection for audiobooks, making it one of the best torrent sites for audiobooks. The site provides a quick FAQ and some important information about torrenting. PirateBay is a good supplementary site for looking for popular and trending eBooks.

piratebay homepage


  • The site has a limited ad interruption
  • Users can see the link publishers and view their discography

  • Some of the sections or tabs of the site may not work

8. Planet eBook

Planet eBook is a great site if you are looking for niche eBooks. This site has a limited but fun selection of eBooks. You can find fiction books on adventure, drama, action, and more. If you are a more artsy and conscious reader, you can view fiction books related to politics. The way that the titles are arranged in alphabetical order, like a dictionary. The alphabetical format provides an easy search without needing a filter system. The site uses banner ads that are manageable. The site provides different file formats when it comes to downloading. This site's ability to provide EPUB formats makes it among the best EPUB torrent sites. Planet eBooks offers a versatile download and an easygoing feel for its users.

planet ebook homepage


  • Users can sort through authors
  • You can print the PDF file directly from the site

  • The page design for the titles is confusing

9. Anna's Archive

Anna's Archive is a great site that holds a large selection of eBooks. This site contains over 25 million books and almost 100 million academic papers available for you. The site has mirror links from other eBook sites like LibGen, Z-Lib, and more. You can see a visual graph with the total download amount when selecting a book. You can see technical details about the file if you want to educate yourself. Users can access many download links for one book that has annotations to guide users. The site does have a membership that allows users to access faster download links.

annas archive homepage


  • The site has an alternative domain to secure consistent service
  • It has an LLM machine, which is great for literature review

  • Some eBook covers may load slower

10. Smashwords

If you want to browse free and paid eBooks, try using Smashwords. Smashwords creates a great market where authors can directly sell their works. You can sort books by price, including free books. If you want to sample the books, you can read sample pages. If you want to download eBooks, you have to log in or sign up. The filtering system is flexible for both fiction and nonfiction eBooks. Users can also sort eBooks by word count from under 20 thousand to over 100 thousand words. Essays, plays, poems, and screenplays are available on the site. Smashwords is a great service for those looking for an eBook to add to their "read later" list.

smashwords homepage


  • Users can buy eBooks as gifts for other users
  • You can spot discount offers for certain books

  • Some books can only be downloaded in EPUB file format

The Types of eBook Files and When to Use Them

To find the best eBook file type, you must understand them first. The most common eBook file types are PDF, EPUB, and MOBI. PDF files are made to be independent of the platform. Platform independence does not rely on operating systems or specific software to open files. PDF files are also generally lighter storage-wise. PDF is a great option to share eBooks quickly and save storage. EPUB files are made specifically for eBooks. EPUB files are written in XML and XHTML, which makes them compatible with most software. EPUB files are also reflowable. Reflowable files mean they can adjust to most screen sizes. EPUB files are best for readers who want the full eBook experience and good screen compatibility. The last common eBook file is MOBI. MOBI files are primarily used with the "Kindle" service. Kindle is a popular eBook and Audiobook market. MOBI is reflowable, which is great for mobile readers. Read more below if you want a quick summary of the file formats pros and cons.

Quick Summary of the Pros and Cons of the File Formats:

File Types Pros Cons
PDF PDF files are platform-independent
Lightweight in terms of storage
Allows faster sharing of files
Conversion to a web-friendly file type may be difficult
Limited reflowable ability
EPUB Written on XML and XHTML
EPUB is reflowable
MOBI is open-sourced
Creating EPUB files requires a decent knowledge of XML and XHTML
MOBI MOBI is reflowable
There are tools available for quick file conversion to MOBI
Kindle specific
MOBI is closed-sourced

How to Annotate or Edit your PDF eBooks?

To edit and annotate your files, you can use a PDF editor. PDF editors are great tools to beautify and expand your PDF files. A great example of a good PDF editor is AcePDF that allows the users to edit read only PDF files. AcePDF is a popular PDF tool that you can use to edit and annotate. AcePDF offers great features like adding text, images, backgrounds, watermarks, and more. This service is available for offline use. Having access to your favorite tools without the internet creates flexibility. You can add comments to your eBooks to annotate and express your feelings. Draw with no hassle to emphasize a point of criticism. For a simple guide on AcePDF, read more below.

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Step 1 Download and Open your PDF File

You can click the link provided or search "AcePDF" on your search bar. Once on the download site, click "Free Download" and complete the installation process. To open a file, click the "Open File" icon or the plus icon at the app's top left.

acepdf open pdf file

Step 2 Add a Text Box or Annotations

After you open your file, click the "Comment" tab to view commenting tools. You can choose the "Text Annotation" or "Text Box" icon to add text. If ready, click anywhere you would like to add your texts.

acepdf add comments

Step 3 Save and Locate your File

Once you are finished editing your files, you can click CTRL+S to save your files without creating a new one. To create a new file with the edit, find the "File" icon and select "Save as." You can check your files in the folder you saved them.

saving files on acepdf


This article provides readers with the best torrenting sites for ebooks. If you want general torrent sites, you can use PirateBay and Torlock. Consider Anna's Archive and LibGen for access sites with massive libraries. You can also read facts and information about eBooks and their file types. It is important to understand that it is a legal gray area when using services like torrents. As a consumer, you must know the responsibilities of acquiring products. You can always look for eBook sites that offer free deals to save money. Supporting authors and publishers is always a good call, as they are people. Authors and publishers put their hard work into a project to support themselves. As consumers, we must weigh the consequences of our actions and the people they can affect.

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