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Best 4 Alternatives to Ant Video Downloader

featured-ant-video-downloader-alternative Ant Video Downloader is an easy-to-use extension for Firefox and Internet Explorer that allows you to download videos from online streaming websites with a single click. Almost all popular video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion are well supported. The Ant Video Downloader offers you different downloading options from low quality to the ultra-high definition when you play a video on your web browser. However, the developers haven't updated it for a long time, and currently, it's still blocked by Chrome and Safari. 4K videos are not supported, and sometimes the downloading is not stable even you can only download one video at a time. If you want to get an Ant Video Downloader alternative that works stably for all web browsers and enables you to download multiple videos simultaneously, here are some of the best options we can find below.

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Best Ant Video Downloader Alternative for Windows/Mac

Let us already talk about the best Ant Video Downloader alternative, which is AceThinker Video Keeper. This robust software allows you to save videos for up to 4K resolution, which is absent on Ant Video Downloader. Additionally, it will enable you to several videos at once. Like Ant Video Downloader, it can also grab clips from several websites, including YouTube, VK, Dailymotion, and more. In fact, Video Keeper even lets you catch all the videos included in a YouTube playlist. Although the software will require you to install it first, there is no doubt that it is packed with more features than a browser extension. To learn more about it, follow the easy instructions given below.

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Step 1 Save the Ant Video Downloader Alternative

Obtain a copy of the video downloader by clicking one of the "Download" button given above. Next, open the file to start the installation wizard and follow the guide correctly. When the tool installed, open it to access its main interface.

vk interface

Step 2 Grab a Video from your Preferred Site

Launch a browser using your PC to visit a streaming site you desire. From here, select a video that you wish to grab and get its video link from the address bar to continue. After that, you have to go back to the main window of the software to paste the link. After that, press "Enter" on your keyboard. Next, you can click "MP4" or "More" to choose video quality and hit "Download" to continue.

vk download video

Step 3 Play the Video

Once downloading is finished, the video automatically moves into the "Downloaded" panel located at the left corner of the interface. Watch the downloaded video by right-clicking from the file and hit "Play". Selecting "Open File Location" will open the output folder.

vk play video

Best Chrome Extension Alternative to Ant Video Downloader

Video Downloader Professional is a Chrome extension that allows you to download videos or collect video lists by storing them on its cloud storage. This tool can download online videos from 480p, 720p, and 1080p if the video supports it. Also, you can play the downloaded video via Google Chromecast on your smart TV. That is the reason why this Chrome add-on is one of the best alternatives to Ant Video Downloader.

alternative ant video downloader video downloader pro

Top-Rated Ant Video Downloader Alternative for Android

VidMate for Android is a reliable and remarkable video downloading-application on Android that allows users to download YouTube Videos. You can search for files on this app using the search bar, or look for files based on different categories like music, movies, or TV shows. VidMate offers fast downloads (downloading speed is top-notch). Users can also customize the download rate and choose a preferred download path/location within the app's download settings. Also, the app comes with a built-in music player and video player, and also lets users create a private space (encrypted) within the app where they get to hide videos.

check youtube

5-Star Alternative to Ant Video Downloader for iOS

Another useful video downloading app for iOS devices like iPhone or iPad is DownloadMate. This app gives users the ability to view, watch, and edit downloads directly from their device. This app comes with a web browser with tabs, bookmark manager, and basic authentication through HTTP integrated with Google Search. The app's download manager features a live progress bar for downloads. It shows the number of active downloads, and users can easily customize the download path/location. You can also resume interrupted file downloads inside the application. Using DownloadMate's file manager, users can carry out file-related operations within the app. You can use the app to import audio files and images from your device and also compress downloaded videos to a ZIP file.

download mate screenshots

video download vk videos

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