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free gospel music download sitesWhat is Gospel Music? Gospel music has been integral to religious and cultural heritage for centuries. The uplifting and inspiring lyrics and soulful melodies make gospel music a genre that transcends boundaries. For many, gospel music expresses their faith, finds solace, and connects with a higher power. With the advent of the internet, gospel music has become more accessible than ever. The appeal of gospel music lies in its ability to transcend cultural and religious barriers. The music and lyrics often speak to universal love, hope, and redemption themes. Gospel music uniquely connects with people on a deep emotional level, regardless of their background. The digital age has also revolutionized how we access music, and gospel music is no exception. Now, numerous free gospel music downloads sites offer a vast collection of gospel music from different eras and artists. These sites make accessing and downloading gospel music easier than ever, allowing listeners to enjoy their favorite songs anytime, anywhere. This article will explore some of the best free gospel music downloads sites.

Top 7 Sites to Download Gospel Songs

1. GospelChops

Top Feature: This site also offers bible verse and great number of gospels to aid users' spiritual journey.

GospelChops was originally developed as a platform for drummers, but it has now become a comprehensive resource for gospel music enthusiasts. It was started and created by California Video Director Gerald Forrest, whose goal is to make the platform a one-stop destination for all things gospel music and gospel musicians. This website provides an extensive range of content for gospel music enthusiasts. The platform offers a variety of inspiring content for all audiences interested in gospel music. Also, you can find the latest gospel music releases, interviews with gospel artists, and news updates related to the gospel music industry.

gospelchops interface

Verdict: GospelChops is a reliable website that offers a wide range of content for gospel music enthusiasts.


  • The website features tutorials, lessons, and performances by renowned gospel musicians, allowing users to learn and improve their skills.
  • You can find top gospel Songs on this site to download free gospel music.

  • Too complicated to navigate for beginners due to its complex design and organization.

2. BlackGospel

Top Feature: BlackGospel has a huge classic and contemporary gospel songs collection.

BlackGospel is a free music sharing website that offers a platform for gospel music enthusiasts to connect with others who share their passion for this genre. The platform features a variety of content related to BlackGospel music, including news, reviews, interviews, and exclusive performances by some of the most prominent artists in the industry. It also offers a section that features upcoming events and concerts related to gospel music, making it a great resource for anyone looking to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in the industry.

blackgospel interface

Verdict: BlackGospel is a reliable and comprehensive website that provides a vast collection of songs and up-to-date information on the gospel music industry.


  • The website is easy to navigate, where you can quickly find the content you are looking for.
  • They updated their website regularly with new releases, gospel songs free download, and news.

  • Not all gospel songs are available in specific countries like the Philippines, which could limit the accessibility for some users.

3. Gospel Music Association

Top Feature: You can find information about upcoming gospel music events and news and resources for fans on this site.

The Gospel Music Association (GMA) is a non-profit organization founded in 1964 dedicated to promoting and celebrating the gospel music genre and releases gospel audio songs free download. GMA's mission is to expose, promote, and celebrate the Gospel through music and to support and encourage the development of gospel music artists, songwriters, and industry professionals. Also, it has a huge collection of music with different genres and styles like traditional, contemporary, etc. This organization hosts the annual GMA Dove Awards, which recognizes excellence in gospel music and honors artists, songwriters, producers, and industry professionals in various categories.

gospel music association interface

Verdict: This website is dedicated to promoting gospel music and its artists.


  • They have live events, TV, radio, media engagement, and content creation to reach millions of people.
  • GMA also provides educational opportunities for aspiring gospel music artists and industry professionals through workshops, conferences, and seminars.

  • You must pay for a subscription to access its full resources and benefits.

4. PraiseCharts

Top Feature: PraiseCharts also offers Christmas and Thanksgiving songs for worship services.

PraiseCharts is a download free gospel music website that provides sheet music and resources for churches, worship leaders, and individual musicians. It was founded in 1998 by Ryan Dahl, who started it as a hobby and has grown it into a successful business. PraiseCharts offers a vast collection of contemporary Christian music, including popular songs from well-known worship artists and bands. It also provides chord charts, sheet music, lyrics, and audio tracks for download.

praisecharts interface

Verdict: Overall, this website is about worship songs with lyrics, audio tracks, and more.


  • PraiseCharts has an extensive music library with new releases added every week, making it easy to find and download free gospel music.
  • Users have a 7-day free trial to access their music.

  • Some users may find the subscription plans expensive, especially for small churches or individuals on a tight budget.

5. XclusiveGospel

Top Feature: It updates regularly the gospel news and events.

XclusiveGospel is an online platform that provides an extensive collection of gospel songs download. It originated in Nigeria and has since expanded to feature gospel music from different countries and genres. Also, this website became the number 1 hub for all things gospel music in the Nigerian music industry. It offers various downloadable music, including contemporary, traditional, and gospel rap.

xclusivegospel interface

Verdict: XclusiveGospel is a comprehensive source for gospel music downloads, catering to a global audience and featuring diverse artists and genres.


  • The site also has an application available on Android and iOS.
  • Each song has a detailed description and information about the artist.

  • Lack of curated playlists and personalized recommendations.

6. Christian Music Archive

Top Feature: Users can also create playlists, save their favorite songs, and share music with friends and family.

The Christian Music Archive website is one of the gospel music sites that offer Christian songs in different kinds of gospel music, like Quartet, Contemporary, etc., from various artists/bands. The site's primary focus is preserving and promoting Christian music and making it accessible to everyone for free. It provides a simple interface that allows users to browse and search for music easily. Moreover, the website features a podcast that interviews various artists and discusses the history of Christian music.

christian music archive

Verdict: Christian Music Archive is an excellent resource for discovering and downloading free Christian music.


  • The site is always updated on the new release of gospel songs.
  • Their songs are arranged by singers/bands.

  • You can't play the music on the website.

7. Vineyard Songs

Top Feature: Their worship songs are also available in different languages, such as Deutsch, Hungarian, Espanol, Swahili, and more.

Vineyard Songs is a website that provides a vast collection of Vineyard worship songs that are easy to learn and sing. The website features songs from various Vineyard churches and worship leaders worldwide. The site's primary focus is to make worship songs accessible for everyone, regardless of their musical abilities. Moreover, the gospel MP3 download site features a blog that provides insights into the Vineyard worship culture.

vineyard songs interface

Verdict: Vineyard Songs is an excellent resource if you're looking for worship songs that are easy to learn and sing.


  • Each gospel song contains lyrics so that everyone can sing.
  • This website also lets users download the Chord Chart and Number Chart.

  • The website lacks advanced search features.

Aqua Tune - Best Gospel Downloader

If you want to get your favorite gospel music without hassle and time-consuming, Aqua Tune is for you! This music downloader can download Gospel music from almost 1000+ music sites such as Soundcloud, Jamendo, gospel sites, etc., with high-quality output up to 320kbps. Aside from that, you have three options to find and save your favorite gospel songs. That includes searching with keywords (song title), pasting the URL, or searching the music playlists. Also, you don't need to worry about its download speeds because Aqua Tune has multi-threading technology, so it can easily optimize the download speeds. In addition, you can get multiple gospel music by initiating its batch download feature to save more time. You can check the written steps below this description to learn how to use it.

Try it for Free

Free DownloadWindows 8/10/11

Secure/Safe Download

Step 1 Install the Gospel Music Downloader

To begin with, get the software first and install it on your computer. You can acquire the given download button above to get its file. Afterward, run the installer file and pass by all the prompts. After installing, the program will automatically open.

aqua tune interface

Step 2 Choose the Download Option

On the gospel music site, find the song you prefer to download. Then, copy the link to the music on the address bar. Next, return to the Aqua Tune and paste the copied link on the paste bar. The tool will analyze the song and click the "Download" button to see the available download options. To begin the download process, choose the download option and click the "Download" button again.

select preferred download option

Step 3 Play the Downloaded Gospel Music

On the left side of the tool, you can see the "Downloading" tab., where you can check the downloading process. Next is the "Downloaded" tab, where the downloaded music is placed. Once the gospel song is downloaded, go to the "Downloaded" tab, right-click your mouse on the music, and hit the "Play Music" option to play the music.

go to downloaded tab and play music

Aqua Tune is available for Windows and Mac. So, if you want to download a song on a Mac computer, you can check the instructions in this article.

Comparison of the Gospel Music Sites

Gospel Websites Best For Users Rate Price
GospelChops It is best for users who are interested in learning about Gospel music, and getting updates on the Gospel music industry. 4.7 out of 5 Free
BlackGospel It is suitable for users who love listening to contemporary, traditional, and urban gospel songs. Not Found Free
Gospel Music Association This website is for people who love to watch live events about Gospel music. Not Found Premium
Associate Member - $50 | Professional Member - $100
PraiseCharts PraiseCharts is a great resource for worship leaders and musicians looking for contemporary Christian music and resources. Not Found Freemium
Membership Price: $9 - $35
Gospel Websites Best For Users Rate Price
XclusiveGospel XclusiveGospel is a great platform for Gospel music lovers. 4.6 out of 5 Free
Christian Music Archive It is a valuable platform for music enthusiasts and artists who want to explore and promote Christian music. Not Found Free
Vineyard Songs It is best for users who love listening to gospel songs in different languages. 4.6 out of 5 Free

To Sum Up

Free gospel music sites provide a gateway to inspiration for music lovers worldwide. The timeless beauty of gospel music is truly remarkable. It is a genre that people of all ages and backgrounds appreciate. If you are a lover of music, then you will find inspiration in gospel music. Whether you are looking for uplifting hymns or soulful gospel songs, there is something for everyone in the world of gospel music. By exploring these free download sites, readers can discover new artists and songs they may not have known existed. So why not take a moment to immerse yourself in the world of gospel music and experience the joy and inspiration it can bring?

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