Top 8 Free Music Sharing Sites

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feature free music sharing sitesAs a music artist, it is important to share your music on different platforms to reach more people and even earn revenue. However, it is not easy to share your music anywhere easily because most of the sites that allow music sharing are paid. Some sites still allow artists worldwide to share their audio in high quality and expand their reach. Some free music-sharing sites even let you sell your music to your fans or other people interested in it. This article has enlisted the best free music file-sharing sites and free MP3 music-sharing sites so that you can upload and promote your music through any of them.

Top 8 Free Music Sharing Sites

1. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the world-famous free music-sharing sites. It lets you upload unlimited music and also download some songs for free. People consider it as a good alternative to Spotify, which is a paid option.

Many popular musicians and local singers share their content on SoundCloud to help it reach the world. Today, this popular site has more than 76 million active users. With its free plan, you can share 3 hours long audio. However, in order to upload more content, you will have to buy its premium plan.

Besides songs, you can also share audiobooks and podcasts on SoundCloud. You can embed the uploaded song in your Twitter post to share the song directly on your Twitter account.

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2. Soundfry

Like SoundCloud, Soundfry is also one of the best-known free music file-sharing sites in the world. Compared to SoundCloud, Soundfry is new as it was founded in 2020 in India. As the site is new, most of its current users are from India.

This site is simple and elegant. You have to log in and create your profile in order to share music for free. Its free version has limited features, but you can still avail of them to upload your content. However, if you want to have more advanced features, then you will have to buy the premium plan.

soundfry interface

3. ReverbNation

ReverbNation is a USA-based free music-sharing website. It was launched in 2006, and so far, it has around 4 million monthly users. You can upload unlimited music on this website as it is also one of the free music file-sharing sites.

You can join it either as a fan or as an artist then earn money through your audios. Different musicians can communicate with each other through this extensive platform. You can sell your audio files through free music-sharing sites like ReverbNation. You can grow your ReverbNation profile more by embedding your audios on any site of your choice.

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4. Audiomack

Audiomack is one of the on-demand free MP3 music sharing sites or free music sharing sites that allow users to upload their unlimited music through the Audiomack website or even app. You can also use this to even download music for free.

Audiomack is a US-based website that was founded in 2012. It is one of the free music file-sharing sites that instantly became famous in the entertainment world. So far, it has nearly 7 million users, and chances are this number will keep growing as the site is free and provides many beneficial features.

This website has an easy interface that you can understand and use without any trouble.

audiomack interface

5. MixCloud

If you are looking for free music-sharing sites, then you must consider MixCloud. It is basically designed for the DJs to help them create, upload, and share their unique mixes. MixCloud is a well-known website, and its headquarter is in the United Kingdom.

This website was founded in 2008, and during these years, it has gained more than 12 million active users. Besides DJ mixes, you can also share podcasts and radio shows on MixCloud. This website also lets you come live telecast and interact with your target audience or fans. It also allows its users to earn through their audio.

mixcloud interface

6. Bandcamp

Free music file-sharing sites like SoundClick provide numerous career opportunities to artists. As an artist or musician, you can create unique content and then sell it to your fans on Bandcamp for any price you want.

This website has around 34 million active users. This number shows its value in the world. You can also conduct a live stream through Bandcamp to attract more people. Free MP3 music sharing sites like Bandcamp comes with a variety of opportunities for artists. They can sell their audio clips digitally as well as physically.

bandcamp interface

7. Jamendo

Jamendo is one of the Luxembourg-based free music file sharing sites that is liked globally. It was created in 2005, and it has more than 1.27 million users currently. These users can be artists or their fans.

This website is more commonly used to share no copyright issue music audios. It has thousands of free music audios available that are shared by singers from different parts of the world. Jamendo's website has a clean and simple interface that you can understand in no time.

It also lets you have live streaming. Most people get music from Jamendo and use it for commercial purposes.

jamendo interface


The headquarters of is located in Germany. This globally famous site was founded in 2013, and today more than 2.1 million people actively use it. It has 3 million-plus audio tracks. You can also stream your music on without any cost.

It has two versions. One is free while the other version is paid. A free version allows you to upload 400 MB in a week. If you want to have unlimited storage, then you will have to buy the premium package by

Its interface is good, but it is not as good as the interface of the above-mentioned free music file sharing sites or free MP3 music sharing sites.

hearthis at interface


Promoting and sharing your music is very important for new artists who are trying to make a name in the music industry. Use any of the above-mentioned free music sharing sites or free MP3 music sharing sites to stream your music and get fame!

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