Best Sites to Download Music Videos? Check Them Here

music video downloadMusic videos have been a significant part of popular culture since the 1980s when MTV first made them mainstream. Over the years, they have become an art form in their own right, with directors and artists using them to tell stories, convey messages, and create memorable visual experiences for viewers. Music videos can make a song more popular and sometimes even launch an artist's career. They can also help to create a certain image or aesthetic for an artist, which can be just as important as the music itself. In some cases, music videos have become iconic, with certain visuals or dance moves becoming instantly recognizable. So, if you are an enthusiast fascinated with music video sites, we listed the ten sites you should seek.

Top 10 Websites to Download Music Video

1. YouTube

Distinctive Feature: This platform dominates the video and music sharing platform all over the internet; even non-popular local music videos can be streamed within this app.
Pricing Plans: When you avail of its premium plans, it will cost $13.99/month.

YouTube is a popular platform for streaming music videos. With millions of music videos, users can easily find and watch their favorite artists and songs. YouTube's algorithm also recommends new and trending music videos based on users' past searches and viewing history. Additionally, YouTube has an extensive display of live music concerts, performance footage, and interviews with musicians, making it a go-to destination for music lovers. Whether you're looking for the latest music videos or want to explore the archives, YouTube makes it easy to discover and enjoy music videos from all genres and eras. In addition, there are sites like YouTube that can also provide music videos.

youtube streaming music video

With its premium access, users are eligible to download music videos within the app with 1080p quality. This feature will allow them to stream the music video offline.

2. Dailymotion

Distinctive Features: It has a new update where users can swipe on their screen to watch small clips similar to other streaming services like TikTok.
Pricing Plans: It is free to use, but you must wait for the ads to finish playing before you can stream the music video.

Dailymotion offers a variety of music videos that you can enjoy. Go to the Dailymotion website or app, search for the music video you want to watch, and start streaming. You can also make playlists of your favorite music videos and share them with your friends. Dailymotion's music video collection includes a wide range of genres, so you're sure to find something you like. Thanks to its advanced algorithm, this platform lets you easily discover and stream new music videos. What is more, Dailymotion is available as a mobile app, permitting users to access the streaming service on the go easily. Nevertheless, you can stream the platform using your web browsers.

dailymotion streaming music video

You can add a music video or song as a favorite to easily search for it when you need to stream it again within this platform

3. Vimeo

Distinctive Features: This platform can sort music videos that are the best of each year in categories and more.
Pricing Plans: Its premium plan starts at $12 per month.

When you need to stream a vast number of music videos, Vimeo is what you need. With this platform, you can search thousands of videos on demand. With its intuitive searching method, you can easily find the music video you need to stream. You can use its search filters to find the music you want. You can operate its video, on-demand, people, channel, and group search filters. You can also find live shows about the exact music you have input on its search bar. Moreover, you can add music videos to your collection so you can stream them once more.

vimeo streaming music video

You can also search for a cover video of the specific music video.

4. Music

Distinctive Features: It provides recommended music videos depending on your search query.
Pricing Plans: It is free to stream, but there is no option to download music.

From the name of this platform, you will surely know that it caters to most of the music videos and songs from the music industry. Music is an online platform that provides a wide spectrum of music genres, such as pop, rap, rock, ballad, and more. It comes with 360 reality audio, enabling users to listen to music with crips and better quality. This technology lets users hear the vocals, bass, piano, guitar, and live audience in a much clearer tune. It is like you are in a concert when you are listening to this platform.

music streaming music video

You can use headphones to experience the full capacity of its 360 reality audio.

5. Last.FM

Distinctive Features: It can provide metadata information on the track you are streaming.
Pricing Plans: Its premium plans are $3 per month. is a music streaming platform that allows users to listen to famous tracks, discover new music, and connect with other music enthusiasts. The platform has a unique recommendation system that suggests contemporary artists and songs based on a user's listening history and preferences. Additionally, it provides music videos for the specific track you will stream. You can play and preview sample music videos and watch them directly on the platform. Overall, is a great platform for music lovers to discover new music and connect with other fans.

lastfm streaming music video

You can communicate with other audio enthusiasts using its comment section.

6. Internet Archive

Distinctive Features: You can read reviews regarding the music video you are streaming.
Pricing Plans: It is free to access.

Internet Archive is another best site to download music videos since it contains an entire copy of any video published online. Suppose you want to indulge in its platform. In that case, you will see rare music videos and old videos created for different music streaming platforms. It means if you are looking for an old and rare video, Internet Archive is what you need. This platform has reliable sorting features that filter your searches and help you find the exact music video you need.

internet archive streaming music video

You can sort the videos by year to directly search for the music video you need to watch.

7. D.Tube

Distinctive Features: You can check trending music videos as they are listed out and categorize them.
Pricing Plans: Streaming a music video with this platform is free. is a decentralized video platform allowing users to upload, stream, and share videos without censorship or control from a central authority. It is based on blockchain technology and IPFS (InterPlanetary File System), which ensures that the content remains available and cannot be taken down by any central authority. YouTube mainly focuses on videos related to cryptocurrency, technology, and other topics not typically covered by mainstream media. However, if you search for certain types of artists, it can also be used to stream music videos with this platform. With its algorithm, other related videos will be presented once you have streamed a music video.

dtube streaming music video

This platform has no advertisement, unlike other music video sites.

8. Facebook

Distinctive Feature: This application contains a feature where you can watch music videos one at a time while browsing on your social media page.
Pricing Plans: It is free to watch music videos within this platform.

Facebook is another best site to download music videos as it contains the trendiest and most well-sought music videos online. If you have a Facebook account, you can easily browse your newsfeed and see a music video shared by your friends or followers. It can offer streaming music videos up to 720p. In addition, it provides tailored music video recommendations based on the searches and queries of a user. It For instance, if you are watching videos related to Eras Tour, music videos or other related content will be presented on your newsfeed. You can also extract audio from FB video online with proper tool and app.

facebook streaming music video

You can use its messaging app to quickly share a music video to your group chats, personal conversation, and to your friends.

9. IMVDb

Distinctive Feature: This streaming site includes categories such as Top New Music Videos, Music Video of All Time, and more.
Pricing Plans: Streaming on this platform is free.

IMVDb, which stands for Internet Music Video Database, is a platform that permits users to watch music videos one at a time while browsing through their social media pages. This unique feature is completely free to use to quickly share music videos with friends and family. With IMVDb, users can easily discover new music and share their favorite videos with others, all while enjoying a seamless browsing experience. As an extra tip, the messaging app can quickly share music videos in group chats, personal conversations, and with friends.

imvdb streaming music video

You can use its Browse tab's different search methods to acquire and stream your desired music videos.

10. TikTok

Distinctive Feature: This streaming website and app is suitable for streaming music videos as it only caters to video files with smaller duration.
Pricing Plans: Watching music videos and clips with this app or platform is free.

TikTok has become a popular platform for streaming music videos. Many artists and record labels have taken advantage of its popularity by using it as a way to promote their music. Users can create and share videos featuring their favorite songs, which has helped to boost the popularity of various artists and songs. TikTok's algorithm also helps promote new and emerging artists, making it a valuable tool for the music industry. Moreover, this platform has significantly impacted the music and entertainment industry. It will likely continue to be a necessary platform for promoting and discovering new music.

tiktok streaming music video

You can repost, favorite, and share music videos within this app.

Aqua Tune - Reliable Music Video Downloader

Since most platforms mentioned in the list above don't have the option to download music videos directly on your device, you need a reliable music video downloader. Aqua Tune is a refined music downloading software that enables users to acquire music videos and audio with greater quality and better bitrate. It comes with different ways to download a music video. Using the tool's built-in browser, you can use its link or access the main website. It can save music videos as a video file or convert it as an MP3 file. You can save the song with 320kbps or get it with 1556p HD. What is unique about this downloader is it comes with an inbuilt media player where users can preview and play the downloaded music video even without using other computer software.

Download for Free

Free DownloadWindows 8/10/11

Secure/Safe Download

Step 1 Download the Music Video Downloader

You need to perform a music video download on your computer to get Aqua Tune on your device. You can hit the Download icon above to acquire the app's installer. Then, access your output folder and run the file to install the tool on your device.

main interface

Step 2 Acquire Music Video

Next, go to any music video sites. For instance, you can easily search for your favorite music video on YouTube. Copy the link from the web address bar on your clipboard. Go back to the music video downloader and paste the URL on its search bar.

download music video

Step 3 Download and Preview the Music Video

The final stage of the process is to hit the Download icon beside the music video you have analyzed. A new set of video and audio quality will prompt. To download the music video as a file, hit the best quality under the video tab. However, select the highest possible quality in the audio tab if you need it as music. Then, hit the download option once more to save the file directly on your PC. Go to the downloaded folder to preview and play the music video.

preview music video

You can also use this app audio rupper for different platforms. Check this link to learn more.


After considering all the available options for downloading music videos, we have concluded that the best way to do it is by using a reputable video-downloading software or app. While many websites claim to offer free downloads, they often come with risks, such as malware, viruses, and low-quality videos. On the other hand, music video downloading software offers a safer and more reliable option with higher-quality videos and additional features. You must also check for reliable sources such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vevo, and more in this list that can offer legit music videos published or posted by different artists.

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