Best 6 Gospel Music Sites to Download Gospel Songs

download gospel musicIn the midst of pandemics, and chaos happening in our world, we, and people we hold most dear, are trying to survive and ease the tension and anxiety in our minds through music and faith in the Almighty God. Hence, the Gospel song is much in need at this time of the pandemic. And this article will provide you with a list of gospel music sites to download your desired gospel songs, and you will also discover different kinds of gospel music that are suitable for your taste. Check and start enjoying your favorite music online for free!

Best 6 Gospel Music Sites to Download Gospel Songs

1. Gospel Music Association

First, Gospel Music Association, its multi-media sites allow you to stream gospel songs and watch videos and awards facilitated by Gospel Music Association for the gospel music artists and creators. About 4,000 members registered on this site, and approximately 448 visitors and 1,345-page impressions per day. It has a membership fee that starts with $25 - $100, which will allow you to access all its features.

music downloader gospel music association


  • Eye-catching design interface.
  • It allows you to watch and get updated on your favorite gospel artists.

  • No free trial/ premium access is needed.

2. Black Gospel

Next up is the Black Gospel. Black Gospel or Black Gospel radio is a gospel music site that caters to different kinds of gospel music, includes Traditional, Contemporary, & Quartet gospel from gospel artists. "Black Gospel" refers not to the artists' ethnicity but rather the style of music perform or rendered. You can access or listen to Black Gospel radio on your computer and smartphone through your browser. Sign-up for free using an email account and fill-up the necessary information; then, you can listen to their radio stream or search your favorite gospel song through its search box. Black gospel radio doesn't allow users to download gospel music on your device storage. Still, it has a feature that will enable you to buy your selected artist's albums, and you will be redirected to Amazon to purchase them.

Interface of Black Gospel site


  • Provide News about your favorite gospel artists or songs.
  • You can make a song request.
  • Allows you to rate your favorite song (or least favorite)
  • Has radio station

  • Doesn't allow a user to download an Mp3 file for off-line usage.

3. Xclusive Gospel

Xclusive Gospel is one of the best sites to download gospel music. It was created last 2013 in Lagos, Nigeria, and has grown to become the no. 1 hub for gospel music in Africa. It brings gospel entertainment at its peak, catering to both savvy and trendy listeners worldwide. It has a feature where you can see the top 5 gospel music for the week. receives approximately 1.4K visitors and 5,180-page impressions per day, and people located in Nigeria, the United States, and Ghana mostly visit the site. It's an easy-to-use site wherein you can stream gospel songs for free and download them on your storage device. They also have an app for their radio station to download on Google Play for Android and Apple Store for IOS.

 Interface of Xclusive Gospel site.


  • Easy to download mp3 file.
  • Easy to access the audio, video, or entertainment news.
  • It provides lyrics for every gospel song you've searched.

  • No option to change the Quality of the Gospel song.

4. Gospel Hotspot

Gospel hotspot is a gospel music site that caters mostly to African countries such as Nigeria, South Africa, and Ghana. People in Africa most widely use it, and it has approximately 5.9K visitors and 31,359-page impressions per day. It has a distinctive feature that provides a list of Top gospel songs for every country in Africa. This site is accessible in any browser of your computer or your mobile device, and you can download gospel songs for free. Since African countries are mostly the listeners of this site, it also has a feature to discover new gospel songs created by different intentional gospel singers. Unlike most of the sites mentioned above, Gospel Hotspot doesn't have any radio station features.

Interface of Gospel Hotspot site.


  • Gospel songs free download.
  • Attractive design and simplicity to use.

  • Most of the international gospel songs created by other singers are not available.

5. Gospel Minds

Gospel mind is a free site where you can download gospel songs. It doesn't need online registration and download plug-ins. It is considered one of the fastest-growing gospel music sites in Lagos State, Nigeria. It has a special feature that provides charts for the top 10 gospel songs every week. It uploads music videos of gospel songs and allows you to download gospel songs to mp3 for free, and it provides for every song that you will look upon its search box. The site is not currently listed as suspicious on Google safe browsing to guarantee your device's safety.

Interface of Gospel Minds site


  • Most Gospel songs are accessible (Local or intentional gospel songs)

  • When downloading, you will redirect on other blogs/sites to download gospel songs.

6. Godly Christian Music

Last on our list is Godly Christian Music. Godly Christian Music is a free gospel music site that you can stream and download your preferred gospel songs. The site is safe and easy to use. It was created last 2005 and provides beautifully harmonized gospel songs ever composed. It receives approximately 1K visitors and 1,972-page impressions per day. You can download your desired gospel song by clicking the download button at the right corner of your song choice. It also has a special feature that you can view the lyrics and chords of your chosen song while streaming/downloading it.

Interface of Christian Music site


  • Free gospel music downloads.
  • Provide lyrics and chords.

  • Songs are not up to date.
  • Limited songs

Different Types of Gospel Songs

Over the years, music has been developed from ceremonies, rituals, and religious activities to become artistic communication and the foundation of our cultural aspects. With the new technology and a new taste of harmony, gospel music has been widely adopting these changes and co-exists with modern-day rhythms and sounds. With that, here are some types of gospel songs that you can choose from and listen to replenish your spiritual aspect.

Contemporary Christian Music

Is a gospel song genre that revolves or is mostly influenced by modern sounds or present-day harmony. It is a widely used term for another gospel music genre such as Pop, Rock, and praise and Worship.

Christian Country Music

Christian country music is very similar to country music, in which usually the songs and harmonies are accompanied by string instruments such as guitar, fiddle, banjo, etc.

Celtic Gospel

Is a type of Gospel music inspired or heavily influenced by the Celtic church. Black gospel-influenced the genre, but the arrangement is usually distinctly Celtic. The Celtic gospel is prevalent in Ireland.

Southern Gospel

The genre of Christian music originated in the South-eastern united states, mostly all male singers. It was established as a distinctive genre in 1910 due to the formation of professional quartets. This genre was created and written to express personal or communal faith regarding biblical teachings or Christian life. It is mostly a cappella, but sometimes singers can accompany their piece with piano or guitar.

Bluegrass Gospel

Is often associated with Southern Gospel and country music, but it has more jazz sounds. These songs often feature complex four-part harmonies and are sometimes performed acapella.

Urban Contemporary Gospel

Is a type of gospel music heavily influenced by rap and modern R&B with a Christian message. It is characterized by dominant vocals, usually performed by a soloist. The format is usually pitched primarily for African-Americans.

Christian Rock

From its name, the Rock genre influenced this kind of gospel music from beat and rhythm, but the lyrics and the music's content praise the creator above.

Praise and Worship

It is a kind of gospel music that has intimacy on committing and respecting the way of life of Christ through music and songs.

Classic Hymns

This kind of gospel music genre came from the Greek word "hymnos," which means "a song of praise." Some verses sometimes accompany it in the Bible, and it has traditional sounds.

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