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Convert MP3 to M4A Online For Free In 3 Easy Steps On Any Device
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How to Convert MP3 to M4A On Any Device

Upload the MP3 audio
Open the MP3 to M4A converter online free website and upload any MP3 file using the upload button. There is a limit of 500MB max size for files, so you must stay under that. You also have the choice to use drag-and-drop to upload files to change MP3 files to M4A.
Convert MP3 file to M4A format
There will be a dropdown on the right side on the MP3 format to M4A format converter online for free. Click on it and select M4A from the available options to convert audio M4A. Click on convert and see the progress bar to track the conversion progress.
Download M4A file
Once the converter online free website finishes the audio conversion progress, you can click on the download button, and the file will directly download to your device. You can use this process on any operating system and device with an internet connection.

Everything you need to know about MP3 and M4A Formats

File MP3 M4A
Information This file extension is based on MPEG1 and 2 audio layers 3. It is famous for being extremely small while offering good audio quality and supporting higher bit rates. It was not possible previously because of large file sizes. MP3 file format allows controlling audio parameters like sample rate, bit rate, joint, normal, or stereo for getting desired results. M4A is a binary audio file format that stores songs, audiobooks, and podcasts. The files are saved originally in MPEG-4 format and then encoded with Apple's ALAC or AAC codecs. It is different from the MP4 file format as that can support videos, subitizes, etc., while M4A only supports audio. M4A stands for MPEG 4 Audio.
Developer Moving Picture Experts Group Apple
Supported Applications Groove Music(Windows), etc. VLC Media Player, etc.
Media Type Audio Audio
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FAQS About MP3 to M4A Converter Online

What is M4A needed for?

M4A is the audio codec used by apple to differentiate it from the popular MP4 format that contains videos with several attributes and properties. So, if your device only supports M4A, you may need to change MP3 to M4A.

What is the best bitrate for the M4A format?

When it comes to bitrate, the higher numbers are always better. However, a higher bitrate can also increase the file size without significantly changing the audio quality. So, when you convert audio MP3 to M4A, you can choose 192kbps for the best results.

Do all devices support the MP3 format?

Almost all devices, operating systems, and music players support the MP3 file format. Because of its widespread support, MP3 works on Car multimedia units and TVs as well. However, if your device does not support MP3, you can change MP3 file to M4A.

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