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Get Text from Image in Same Layout Without Missing Any Information Online.

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Enjoy improved functionality from AcePDF with top-notch performance and advanced features. Its user-friendly interface with added features creates a better experience for every image-to-text conversion. Meanwhile, you can use it to convert images to editable PDF, freely edit PDF files, etc.

How to Convert Image to Text Online for Free

1. Choose Your File
Go to our online Image to Text converter and upload the image you want to convert by clicking “Choose Files” and selecting an image.

2. Scan the Image Text
Once the image is uploaded, this free online app will start to scan the content on it immediately and extract.

3. Save the Text Content
Lastly, you can copy the text content from the pop-up Result page or directly print it as PDF as you wish.

Discover the Decent Image to Text Converter Online

Have you ever come across a situation where you quickly take an image of text to save it? Now if you need to reuse that text somewhere else you will need to type that again. However, our Image to Text online converter can improve your efficiency significantly. It takes images as input and processes them with OCR technology to convert them to text immediately with the best quality and reliability. We offer multiple features and benefits including:

advanced converterOptimal Conversion Speed

With fast processing, our image to text converter is built to convert your images quickly but without sacrificing accuracy. This major advantage is vital for users who work under tight deadlines or require rapid delivery of information trapped within images, in milliseconds. It is all because of our highly powerful backend behind this converter.

fast processingNo Waiting Times or Queues

Enjoy uninterrupted working with zero wait times and lines expected. Our converter is designed to process image conversions immediately. It makes every user receive instant attention and fast conversion. This quality is very helpful when quick turnarounds are required in a bustling environment.

completely free100% Free

Our free converter provides high-quality conversion of images to text without any charge. This free access promise guarantees that no financial limitations prevent one from using our OCR technology. Hence, our tool makes an amazing choice in daily personal, academic, or even professional life.

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FAQs About Online Image to Text Converter

Are my picture files saved on your converter?

Yes, our converter does not save your photo files. Your data remains private and secure, as the images you upload are processed with privacy. They are only temporarily processed for their conversion before being immediately and permanently deleted.

Do I lose any information when converting images to text?

Our converter ensures preservation of the information contained in an original image. On the other hand, text-extraction accuracy is based on image quality and clarity. Usually, the content is well-extracted; however, irregularly designed fonts or low-resolution images can be problematic.

How to convert images to text for free online?

Just upload your image file on our converter webpage for free conversion of images to text. Our tool then makes use of OCR technology and extracts the text, which can be easily viewed, edited, and downloaded by you. This is a user-friendly, fast, and most importantly free procedure.

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