Review of the Best ARD Downloader


CleverGet ARD Downloader

Straightforward tool that can download ARD video with great speed

Best for: Download multiple videos simultaneously to save time and effort.

Top Feature: Intuitive interface with easy-to-navigate features for easy video download.

CleverGet ARD Downloader is designed by carefully considering ARD websites with different content, such as videos, news, media, and audio. Thus, the CleverGet ARD Downloader can download video, audio, and images with 1080p quality resolution and great speed. Moreover, it has a built-in browser that allows users to access the website directly through the tool and select the content to download without any hassle. It also works with different operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS, for a wider range of users who can access the tool while allowing users to download the contents in various formats.



A forthright online tool specialized for ARD download

Best for: Universal tool that supports a vast range of platforms.

Top Feature: Clear interface free of annoying advertisements.

Keepvid is an online tool that supports many streaming platforms and allows downloading MP3 and MP4. Moreover, it is a hassle-free tool that allows users to download videos with simple steps. Thus, the users just need to copy the video's address link and paste it into the URL box on KeepVid. Then, click the button, and the tool will fetch the video.



A robust tool built to download great-quality contents

Best for: Supports a wide range of devices and players.

Top Feature: Download audio and video up to 10x spee.

Bigasoft lets you download all ARD online content, including music videos, movies, streaming news, and audio, directly without losing quality. It also can download multiple videos at once through its batch download feature. Moreover, the file formats it supports for both video and audio download are vast, including MP4, AVI, MP3, M4A, MOV, MKV, and more that users can enjoy even using different devices.

Key Features of the Best ARD Downloader?

Supports MP4/MKV Format

The CleverGet ARD Downloader always keeps you from going down. With no compromise of image or audio quality, this ARD video downloader allows you to download ARD Mediatheck HD videos in up to 1080P resolution. It will also enable you to download ARD HD videos and view ARD Mediathek videos on almost all players and devices by converting ARD videos to MP4 or MKV files.

Multiple Downloads Available

With just a few clicks, this CleverGet ARD video downloader will download videos and episodes of the ARD Methiathek series in bulk. After parsing a video, it may identify all related films and episodes. You can also add more downloads to the task loading for batch downloading. This ARD video downloader could parse the video while loading, adding the freshly parsed download without interfering with the other activities.

High-quality Download

With its amazing feature of downloading files with amazing video and audio quality, CleverGet has revolutionized video downloads. This software lets us download music files in the excellent 320 KBPS format and films with qualities up to 8K. It is genuinely unique. This implies you can experience your favorite ARD videos in the best possible audio and visual quality when using CleverGet ARD Downloader.

How to Download Videos from ARD

Detailed User Manual of CleverGet

Step 1

Visit the ARD Website

First, access the downloader and the ARD website to select the video you desire to download. You can also collect ARD video URLs and use them directly.
Step 2

Select the Format and Quality

Click the download button which is at the left bottom part to download the desired video, set the desired quality and output format, and click download.
Step 3

Watch the Downloaded Video

Lastly, once the video is downloaded, you can visit the download library to check all the downloaded videos and click the play button to preview the video.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7/8 and higher / macOS 10,12 and higher are recommended
  • 3GB of RAM is recommended for smooth functionality
  • At least 12OOMB of hard disk space is recommended
  • An uninterrupted internet connection is required

User Review for CleverGet ARD Downloader

I recently used the CleverGet ARD Downloader to download some of my favorite shows from ARD. It is a great tool that allows me to download videos at high speed and quality, and overall, the experience is great.


I used to watch directly on ARD before my favorite shows, but sometimes it deletes some shows on the platform. It’s good that I have this CleverGet ARD Downloader because I can now watch every show I want anytime.


I was hesitant to try this CleverGet ARD Downloader at first, but I’m glad I tried it because it was really great. I was able to download some shows I badly want to watch when I have free time, and they are of great quality.


I’ve tried some other downloaders in the past, but this CleverGet ARD Downloader exceeded my expectations because the speed of the download is at least 5x faster than the other downloaders, and the quality of the downloaded videos is great.


Frequently Asked Questions About ARD Downloader

What does ARD mean?

The German public broadcasting association, known by its abbreviation ARD, is an acronym for Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. News, entertainment, sports, and more genres are all included in their extensive programming.

Is ARD available to other countries?

Germany's ARD is a public-service broadcaster. However, ARD Mediathek, the broadcaster's online media collection, offers part of its programming in foreign countries. Furthermore, ARD might be available as part of the channel list on some cable and satellite providers outside Germany.

Does ARD have an application?

Indeed, ARD offers a program known as "ARD Mediathek." The broadcaster's online media library, which includes TV series, news, documentaries, and more, is accessible to users through the app. The app can be downloaded cost-free on several platforms, including game consoles, smart TVs, iOS, and Android.