How to Troubleshoot Prime Video Black Screen Issue

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amazon prime video black screen Amazon Prime Video is a streaming video service with a paid membership and offers titles exclusive to Amazon. It offered unlimited Amazon Drive storage when you purchased their subscription. In addition, they give a free channel subscription to a video game, lots of discounts, and free in-game content that the users love the most. However, some subscribers of Amazon Prime Video complained about the Prime Video black screen issue. In this post, we will give you eight different solutions to troubleshoot the issue with Amazon. Plus, there is an application you can use to avoid this issue. For more information, read the full article.

Ways to Fix Amazon Prime Video Black Screen

Suppose you're experiencing a black screen while trying to watch Amazon Prime Video. In that case, you can take a few troubleshooting steps to fix the issue. These troubleshooting help you to resolve the issue on your App ultimately. You can also use these steps according to their order to remove the problem on your device. If one solution fails, you can proceed to the next option. Check them below to learn how to use these methods easily.

1. Restart or Reinstall - Uninstall the Amazon Prime Video app on your device. Install it again on your Play Store and try to watch the video again. This solution always solves an unexpected problem.

2. Lower the Video Resolution - If you are playing a video that has 4K UHD resolution, try to lower it to 1080p or lower since your graphics driver might not meet the minimal requirements. Also, try other movies to see if the black screen on Amazon Prime is due to its content issue. In addition, if you put the video in low resolution, you can avoid Amazon Prime video buffering.

3. Update Software - Some Smart TVs and devices don't support or are incompatible with the Amazon Prime Video app and other Amazon Prime server status. Try to update the software, graphics driver, disable hardware acceleration, or system when it is available.

4. Please ensure you use a different Amazon Prime video account on multiple devices to avoid the Amazon Prime black screen. You can only stream the same video/movie to two devices only at the same time.

5. Clear Prime Video Viewing History - Try to clear your viewing history in the app. It may also fix the Amazon video black screen with sound and blank screen issue. But you need to delete them one by one because it doesn't allow you to remove your history in one click.

6. Update Your Browser - If you are using web browsers like Google Chrome browser or Microsoft edge to watch a movie on Amazon Prime, try to update it. Also, clear the browser cache and remove add-ons to your browser or check your graphics driver. Another, try to use other browser on your Windows computer and Android phones, or other devices. Lastly, you can use a VPN service on your other devices.

7. Check Your Internet Connection - In playing a movie on Amazon Prime with 4K UHD resolution, the recommended internet connection is at least 15 Mbps. Another, try to restart your modem/router.

8. HDMI Cable Connection - If you are watching using a Smart TV, check the HDMI cables. Ensure it plug-ins correctly, or try to unplug and plug the HDMI cable again to also avoid blank screen issue if the HDMI port is the problem.

Download Amazon Content to Avoid the Issue - CleverGet

Another solution you can use to avoid the Amazon Prime black screen is to use a Prime video downloader. CleverGet Video Downloader is designed to download videos/movies on websites such as Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Discovery+, Vimeo, and more. This tool can download videos in higher resolutions, and the quality of the video doesn't lose when you download the video. It allows you to make multiple downloading processes in batches simultaneously for watching offline videos from different streaming services. Also, they will preserve the metadata information for future management.

Distinctive Feature: The ads from videos will automatically remove for peaceful watching.
Price: You can use its Free Version, which also has Paid Version that costs: Windows (All-in-one)- 1 year $134.95, Lifetime $209.95, and Mac (All-in-one)- 1 year $129.95 and Lifetime $199.95.

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Free DownloadWindows 8/10/11

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Step 1 Install CleverGet and Set Output Directory

Go to the official website of CleverGet and install the app on your Windows computer and Mac. Once installed, launch the app and set an output directory. Click the three-dot icon "..." and open settings. Under the "General" tab, go to the "Save Video To" or "Save Audio To" box to set the output directory. Click the "Save" button.

click the three dots, select settings, and set an output directory.

Step 2 Search The Video on Amazon

Get through to the Amazon Prime Video and put your account and password. Next, please search for your target video or copy the URL into the Amazon app and paste it to the address bar. Don't click the "Play" button to detect its downloadable options.

sign in amazon, search a video or put the url in the address bar.

Step 3 Download Your Target Video

Once you've found your target video, you can see the app's download icon in the lower-right corner. Click it, and Cleverget starts to detect available sources to download the video. After that, you can see the listed download options with different resolutions. After choosing, tick the "Download" button and wait for the process to be done. Check it by clicking the downloading icon on the right sidebar.

click the download button to detect the available sources, pick and click download.

Step 4 Check Downloaded Video

When the downloading process is done, check the downloaded file according to its file type. Click the "Play" button to preview the downloaded video or hit the "Open File" to locate the exact location of the video.

click play button to play or open file to know its exact location of the video.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Amazon Prime Video have a Free Trial?
Amazon Prime Video offers both free and paid membership. They give you a 30-day free trial when you create your account in Prime Video. After the 30-day trial, if you want to continue watching videos or streaming on Amazon, the Prime Video membership is $8.99 per month.
2. Why is my Amazon Prime showing a black screen?
This black screen is a common issue in Amazon Prime Video. It can happen on any device like Android phones, iPhone, etc. In most cases, check your Amazon Prime Video to see if it is updated. If not, update it to the latest version. You may try to disable hardware acceleration and clear browser cache to fix it.
3. How do I reset my Amazon Prime Video App on my TV?
First, open your TV; on the home screen, go to "Settings." Afterward, select "Apps and Notification" and look for Amazon Prime Video. Then, tap "Storage," under that tick "Click Data," then hit "OK."


Amazon Prime Video is a streaming video service that many users use. But there's a prevalent problem that they complain about: the Amazon Prime Video black screen issue. There are a lot of solutions like disable hardware acceleration that you can try to make your problem be solved. Last thing, if the issue continues, you can try a video downloader which is CleverGet. CleverGet is designed for downloading movies from Netflix, Amazon, and many more.

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